As part of BB Review month, I stole the Enabler's BB Cream (among many other things...I think half her make up collection is with me). This has gotten great reviews for an extremely light coverage BB Cream, so how does it fair?

First up, the extremely sleek packaging:

So pretty! And it's extremely slim so you could definitely carry this around with you if you wanted to touch up throughout the day. This seems to be the trend with BB Creams...since they have a tendency to wear off due to their light coverage, and because they do contain SPF (mostly), touch ups shouldn't be unexpected.

As is quite clear, the ingredients' list is short and sweet which is quite a change from most other products. However, don't be fooled. Those are just the active products, so there's a whole lot of other stuff in there that I can't tell you about because I don't have the box. 

If, however, you feel that this tube is too big for you, or you want a BB Cream on a flight with you, they do sell a travel size of it in Sephora for RM40 or RM50. That's not too bad and is worth looking into if you need some light coverage while on holiday. 

This is also an oil-free product, which I love, and it has broad-spectrum SPF of 30 which is quite high. However, if you are using this as a thin layer, as I do, you can negate any SPF content in BB Creams because you're not wearing enough for it to have an effect. In any event, I don't hang out in the Sun, so it's all good. 

On both days, this was the amount I started off with, and then I added a little more as I went:

Something of note is that this BB Cream only comes in one colour, and it doesn't have a grey tinge to it. Surprisingly, the one colour issue isn't really an issue because it oxidises quite quickly and suits quite a broad range of human skin.

DAY 1:

[Pre-Make Up]

I didn't use a primer under this, just moisturiser. 

[BB Cream On...]

The BB cream went on quite smoothly, though it's one of those that you need to blend quickly so it's recommended that you blend as you go. What I did was to dot it on section, then spread it a little. Once the whole face was blotchy-ly covered, I tapped the rest of the product in. It's very much a light coverage BB cream, so not for those with serious issues. However, it sinks in quite nicely, even though it is a shade or so too light when you first put it on.

[Concealed & Powdered...]

For Day 1, I used it with MAC's Mineralised Skinfinish Natural to set the product. I concealed under my eyes, and because I used too much concealer, I ended up concealing the redness on my nose as well. Problems with being heavy handed with concealer!

[12:30 pm: All Set for the Day!]

It took far less, but by 2:30 pm, the colour had settled in nicely as there wasn't really a discrepancy. For a BB Cream which comes in only one shade, I'm quite impressed by this. My T-zone, primarily my nose and the middle of my forehead were a bit misty by this point, but nothing that was motivation enough to get the blotters out.

[2:30 pm]

By 4:45 pm, a sheen on my T-Zone was definitely present, but again, it wasn't really too terrible and I was lazy, so I didn't bother blotting it. By this point, the need for coffee has overwhelmed my existence, so everything else was secondary.

[4:45 pm]

I got home at around 7:30 pm, and while there was definitely some oiliness across my T-Zone, I was home and I didn't feel the need to blot to be presentable. Plus, it's always nice to test out how it holds up without blotting for a full day, no?

By the end of the day, around 9 hours later, the result wasn't bad at all. My T-Zone was oily, but it didn't look like a disaster zone. My blush was still perfectly in tact and there was no real wearing off of the BB cream. It has worn off a little on my chin and upper lip, but it wasn't blotchy or particularly noticeable because the colour wasn't exaggerated in its difference. 

Overall, for a very light misting of powder that wasn't meant for oil control, the BB Cream held up really well.

[9:30 pm]

DAY 2:

[This is what dying from lack of sleep looks like...]

[BB Cream On...1 Up!]

I used a second layer on the BB Cream on my cheeks today to test to ability to add coverage and it isn't really something which will ever layer up to medium/full coverage. You're trapped with light coverage if this is your choice. Definitely not a bad thing though. 

[Concealer, Powder & Blush On...2 More Lives Added!]

For Day 2 I used Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder and my hypothesis was that the decent lack of shine would last for quite an impressive amount of time.

[12:30 pm...All set!]

I checked on my make up not too long after, and by 12:45 pm, the colour had settled in to suit me more. 

At 3:08 pm (yes, let's be specific about it since we no longer use sundials), there was absolutely no disturbance to the makeup which is bloody impressive. By no disturbance, I mean absolutely no issue with oil showing on T-Zone. I was rather shocked and pleased with this. My makeup was completely in tact! 

By 4:30 pm though, there was slight sheen on my T-Zone, but nothing that required me to blot my face, so I left it alone.

I had a dinner to attend tonight, so at 6:30 pm, when I checked on the face situation, there was still just a slight sheen across my T-Zone, so I blotted it and reapplied some eyeliner and lipstick to pretend to be presentable.

[6:30 pm - Pre-Touch Up]

[6:35 pm - Post-Touch Up]

Ignore the hair. It's too much work to try to make it behave.

By the end of the night, 11 pm, when I got home, my T-Zone had some shine to it, but nothing horrifying. My makeup was mostly in tact, except for the requisite creasing of my eyeshadow (I was too lazy to wear a primer) and undereye concealer.

[11:00 pm - End of the Day]

Overall, this is a very decent light coverage BB Cream. I quite like how well it controls oil, even without a mattifier, and then it does a brilliant job with one, so if you just need something to even out your skin tone this might be a good option. Definitely not for you if you're looking for more than light coverage though. 


  1. A great ' Day in the Life of a BB Cream' post! I do LOVE BB Cream. I possibly might even love it more than clotted cream and that's saying something.
    In the first photo I thought you had already applied your BB cream which goes to show that your pre-madeup skin is actually in great condition - how I envy you! I think the BB Cream is just the icing on top.
    Personally, a bevy of wild horses could not drag me into a photo without the proper coverage.

    1. Thank you, but it's a testament to Canon's forgiving nature that the horrible potholes for pores on my skin aren't visible. They're the result of spending my teens picking at blackheads without proper care on a daily basis with one of those metal extractors/torture devices. The perils of youth!
      And I've yet to find a concealer that doesn't emphasise my fine lines, so there are some issues. I'm actually very much a fan of the Bare Minerals Ready Foundation for all these issues. For something so lightweight and actually reasonably healthy for your skin, the coverage is quite amazing.
      I understand your enthusiasm for BB Creams all too well. I have acquired so many in the form of samples and purchases in the last couple of months that I shouldn't be allowed near foundations for a while.
      Many, many more reviews to come!