[Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette (RM99)]

As I mentioned in the post on purchasing this palette, I am doing a comparison of the colours in my collection against this palette. Why?

1) I like playing with eyeshadow
2) I honestly feel that you don't actually need any of Urban Decay's Naked palettes 

So, do you?

First off, this is what the palette looks like:

Here's a close up of the shades so that you can see some semblance of their finish:

[Venus & Foxy]

[Naked 2 & Faint]

[Faint & Crave]

Yes, upon uploading this, I realised that I missed up a close up of W.O.S. This is what happens when you try to text with eyeshadow all over yourself, while you are trying to take photographs of said eyeshadow. 

They are all very much neutral shades and there is no shimmer in any of them. They are either matte or have a slight sheen to them. The packaging is fantastic though. It's very small and sleek, plus it has a HUGE mirror, which means that it's perfect for taking with you on the go for touch ups. What's also really good is that the shade at the very end (Crave) would double nicely as a liner. But do you really want to carry Fix+ or something to that effect with you for day to day use? I feel that they could have made this palette very slightly larger and slotted a 24/7 Liner in with it. I have the mini versions, and had the palette been just a tiny bit larger, a liner could fit quite comfortably in it. I suppose they went really basic with the basics...but I feel like liner is far more basic than eyeshadow will ever be! 

Let me first show you the other palettes/shades which will be used in the comparison.

[Estee Lauder's Palette]

I recently acquired this and it too is quite a neutral palette, but a neutral with a kick to it! The colours are lovely, and the texture of the shadows amazing. It isn't without flaws however! This is one of those absurd palettes which strips of eyeshadow that makes it difficult for brushes to fit in as well. Bad planning, Estee Lauder, bad planning! They did provide a sponge tip applicator but I haven't used one of those since I became all fancy and stopped using my fingers when I was 14. 

[MAC's Blanc Type & Brulee]

These are my go-to brow highlight shades. Blanc Type is for occasions when I want a more stark brow highlight, and Brulee is for days when I want my brow area to be a little less conspicuous. 

[MAC's Espresso]

This is quite a fabulous crease shade. It has a very tiny bit of a shimmer, but it never really shows up. It's not the easiest shade in the world to blend, but that doesn't stop me from loving it! 

[Physician's Formula's Baked Sands Palette]

This palette is indescribably amazing. I bought it YEARS ago when I was in the States. By years ago, I do mean years...the kind you don't want to think about. The colours are incredibly pigmented, very soft and a breeze to blend. So, so much love. They have such a lovely sheen to them that they could just as easily pass into a night-natural look, as well as a day-natural look. 

[Kat Von D's Ludwig Palette]

[Kat Von D's Leather (Last Shade on the Right)]

I can't recall if I bought this at the same time as the Physician's Formula trio, but I'm reasonably sure that's the case. In any event, it was before Kat Von D became unbelievably annoying in more ways than dating Nikki Sixx. T'was also the point at which she first launched her makeup line. Nevertheless, her shadows are flawless. They are a million times more pigmented than anything I have ever owned by MAC, and far easier to blend than any of their shades. This palette is quite spectacular as an all rounder and I will do a separate post on why you need to get your hands on this if you ever get the chance to. It truly is a shame that Sephora Malaysia and Singapore don't carry her brand of stuff. I cannot vouch for anything else from her makeup line, but it's certainly a line I wouldn't hesitate to try if something caught my eye.

[Sephora's Medium Shopping Bag Palette (First Black Shade on the Left)]

I've mentioned this before and all I can say is that if you see it, buy it! You definitely need this palette. It's so lovely! 

Now, on to business! The swatches! Let me just express that not all of these will be exactly dupes, but some shades will border on comparable so that if you are lusting after a shade or two only in this palette, you could opt for something else instead.

[Estee Lauder's Moons; Urban Decay's Venus; MAC's Blanc Type]

[MAC's Blanc Type; Urban Decay's Venus; Estee Lauder's Moons]

Between the three shades, Blanc Type is the least similar, and a little chalkier than the other two, primarily because the Estee Lauder and Urban Decay shades have a slight sheen to them. Blanc Type is more of a matte version of Venus. As for the comparison between the Estee Shade and Venus, I'd opt for the Estee shade primarily because it isn't as chalky, and far silkier in terms of blending. 

Dupe 1 - 0 Urban Decay

[Urban Decay's Foxy; Physican's Formula's Highlight Shade]

[Physician's Formula's Highlight Shade; Urban Decay's Foxy]

Foxy is more of a matte shade than the Physician's Formula shade, and while they aren't really dupes, if I weren't using this as a brow highlight, I'd opt for the Physician's Formula shade because Foxy, as well, is rather chalky.

Dupe 2 - 0 Urban Decay

[Urban Decay's W.O.S.; MAC's Brulee]

[MAC's Brulee; Urban Decay's W.O.S.]

These are definitely comparable shades. They're both matte and meant to be quite versatile. No, I did not swatch them in a biased manner! They were swatched at the same time, with equal vigour. Here, you can see how chalky the shade is, which means it will be a little more difficult to blend and will have quite a bit more fallout than Brulee. 

Dupe 3 - 0 Urban Decay

[Urban Decay's Naked 2; Estee Lauder's Vanilla Pods]

[Estee Lauder's Vanilla Pods; Urban Decay's Naked 2]

While these are not exact dupes as well, purely because the Estee shade has a bit of shimmer to it where Naked 2 is a matte shade, it's once again quite chalky and not quite the consistency one would hope for when blending it into the crease. However, since I don't have a similar shade, I can't really complain. 

Dupe 3 - 1 Urban Decay

[Kat Von D's Leather; Urban Decay's Faint; MAC's Espresso]

[MAC's Espresso; Urban Decay's Faint; Kat Von D's Leather]

While Espresso has quite a bit more of a sheen to it than the other two, Leather is quite a perfect match for this shade. It's matte, but much prettier and easier to blend. It's also infinitely more pigmented than either of the two. So much fail on both MAC and Urban Decay's parts! But, she's a tattoo artist, so I suppose pigmentation is a matter of great importance to her...which makes lot of sense.

Dupe 4 - 1 Urban Decay

[Estee Lauder's Moons; Urban Decay's Crave; Sephora]

[Sephora; Urban Decay's Crave; Estee Lauder's Moons]

Crave isn't quite a black shade, though it would appear so at first glance. It's more of an extremely dark brown. If it had been black, it would have lost hands down to the Kat Von D palette because that is the blackest eyeshadow in the world. MAC's Carbon has nothing on it. Seriously. It makes Carbon look like a grey shade. But, I digress.

While the Estee shade is not quite as pigmented, the shade from the Sephora palette is quite a good match, except that the consistency and texture are far better. You can see the chalkiness of Crave in comparison. The Sephora shade (That which has no name...) is extremely smooth and easy to blend while Crave requires you to do your face all over again if you don't tap the brush off. 

Dupe 5 - 1 Urban Decay

Clearly, Urban Decay has a long way to go where their shadows are concerned. Their popularity, in my opinion is purely based on convenience and branding. They have beautiful palettes, but the quality of the shadows are quite disappointing. No one needs this palette, or any of their other palettes. I'm angling to get hold of The Balm's Nude-Tude which looks so very exciting! From the swatches I've done in SaSa, the quality seems far better than Urban Decay too. It's also in the tens of Ringgits cheaper. If I'm not wrong, it's around RM160+. Not a big difference, but Urban Decay's Naked palettes simply aren't worth the price they're at. You can find things out there which are infinitely better in quality and will give you far nicer results. Further, too many reviews I've read have said that the shadows crack and fall out of the palette over time. What sort of madness is this? 

Am I disappointed? Quite. It's not that they are bad shadows...they just don't live up to the hype. If I had a shade similar enough to Naked 2, this would have been a complete and other shame. Not that the shade I have is all that different, unless you are a nitpicker. At some point, I shall steal the Naked palette from the Enabler (I know you're reading this, and you have been warned), and actually test those shades out to see how they fare. I definitely don't have high hopes.

I'll still be using this palette though, don't get me wrong. It's just far below my expectations. If you're looking for something similar to the Naked palette though, I strongly suggest taking a look at The Balm's Nude-Tude. The packaging is absolutely to-die-for, and the shades are a fantastic mix of mattes and lightly-shimmery. It's really quite a shame that The Balm doesn't really feature in Asian blogs much. They have fantastic stuff!