This is not my fault! They lured me there with an e-mail offering 15% off selected brands! How was I to refuse?! I am only human!!! 

Actually, my initial strategy was to tell myself that I didn't need to go because the brand selection would be terrible. But the night before I stayed at the Enabler's house and she and her sister had gone to Sephora. I saw their stuff, and she told me about the brands and I almost died. Everything! EVERYTHING!

So, of course, the very next day I went over to Sephora in Starhill and they handed me the sheet with the brand listing and I was in heaven! I did go with a pre-conceived list in my head of what I wanted, and I stuck to it quite reasonably.

[See! Not bad in terms of restraint, no?]

[Sephora Purchases]

[Sephora's Bath Flower (RM5)]

The receipt states that this is "Yellow", but even though my nail polish matching has been off recently, I'm positive that this is more of an ochre or orange. Mustard at a stretch. In any event, this amounted to RM4.25. I needed it. My Soap & Glory loofah is quite painful to use and this was soft and cuddly. 

[Sephora's Exfoliating Face Disc (RM22)]

Do I need this? Yes. I'm thinking that it might be a means of escaping the purchase of the Olay Pro Clairsonic type thinga-majiga. Worth a shot, no? What is it? It's a silicone thingy which helps to reach into your pores and clean your skin the way the Clairsonic does. It provides mild exfoliation which is also a good thing in skin care. Am I happy? Yes. Do I like it? To be seen. I haven't used it yet! Tomorrow is a good day to start. For people who aren't made of rubber, it is recommended that you use stuff that's exfoliating once a day, as opposed to twice. Post-discount, this cost RM18.70.

[Sephora's Express Nail Polish Remover (RM39)]

This we are blaming the Enabler for. She has been expounding on its virtues everytime we meet and I absolutely despise the butter London remove I am currently using. It needs to be banned from existence. However, this is only to be used after that is through with. New rules Arpita has set for herself. 

What's so special about this? There's a sponge in it with the remover solution which you can stick your fingers between and it basically scrubs your polish off. Epic? Yes! Not a new concept though. Years ago I used the Sally Hansen product of this sort and it was lovely but I got a bit traumatised after a while because the sponge was white and it looked very gross with the multitude of colour staining it. I believe the sponge in this is black so that it doesn't look as manky and emit as much trauma. This cost RM33.15 after discount.

[fresh Purchases]

I've been eyeing both of these for A LONG TIME. When the Enabler told me that fresh was on the list of brands, I was beyond sold. In fact, I believe my soul had travelled to Sephora and waited there overnight till I turned up. 

[fresh's Soy Face Cleanser (RM50)]

This is the small sized version of it. See? I'm being good. Not only is it a decent size for trying the cleanser out, it's also perfect for travelling with. Post-discount, it cost RM42.50. I'm so excited about this! Can't wait to try it out!

[fresh's Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum (RM129)]

I don't think I need to explain this. I am too stoked for words. However, I'm only going to start using it once my BB Cream reviews are over so that the results are not affected. 

[Stila's Countless Color Pigments in Tie Dye (RM71)]

I wasn't even aware of the existence of this until the Enabler's sister showed me how it works. Basically you can get 9 different shades out of this product! Seriously. Not just 9 random half-assed shades either. 9 gorgeous, very pigmented shades. The picture of the swatches is upcoming. She swatched them all and I didn't because I'm lazy. But look how gorgeous it is! OMG! After discount, this was RM60.35.

On a side note: If you are reading this, I am not calling you my friend because you got married and ran away to Bangkok. 

[NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze (RM19)]

I can't tell you how happy I am that Sephora brought NYX in! Not only did they bring them in, they are reasonably well priced too! I bought another of their pencils recently and it is too amazing for words, so I had to get one more at least. I need it! After discount, this was  RM16.15. 

All in all, I saved over RM50 so I think that was quite a good spread of stuff and a reasonable amount to purchase. I'm very happy and have no regrets on this whatsoever!

On another note that I am very ecstatic about, Sephora now carries Caudalie! I know! I almost started hyperventilating when I saw it. But, it wasn't on the list so there was no reason for me to run amok on that front. 


  1. As always, an excellent post! Am in love with your writing.
    As for Sephora brand products - I am still mildly traumatised by my last purchase there - a Sephora brand lipstick that snapped clean in two on first application. Hate when that happens.
    I don't know if it's me or the lipsticks but it's the the fifth time it has happened to me over various brands - I think it's me :(
    I still love playing there and it's my playground even if it makes me cry sometimes.

    1. I'm so glad you do, and you know the feeling in mutual!
      Sephora actually does pretty amazing products. Their eye shadows are incredible, as are their fact, I've yet to try something that I don't like from them. Such an underrated brand. Did it really snap? I've never tried their lippies so I can't comment on them regarding this issue, but that's definitely grounds for trauma. Did you try returning them?
      Lipsticks are quite fragile, though thankfully only one has ever melted in my experience. Thanks for the insight on this. I'll definitely keep it in mind. You know how these makeup companies are...they make you feel sad so that you use retail therapy to curb the depression. It's like an unending cycle of abuse! The case of my relationship with Sephora is evidence of this.

  2. hi what does swatch mean?

    1. Hello! The word "swatch" is used when you run the colour on your skin to see how it looks.

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