[Yes, it happened again...]

Sephora...This is truly becoming a love-hate relationship. It's bordering on an abusive union which I need external extrication from.

Just over a week ago, Sephora sent out messages to its members letting them know that if they brought a new member in who purchased something, both parties would receive a RM30 voucher. So, I dragged Babi No. 2 with me. As there always seems to be with Sephora, there were problems.

I called them this morning to check if the voucher was still available and they assured me it was and so I went through almost an hour of ridiculous traffic this evening to meet him in Paradigm Mall to make him sign up for a card. Mind you, he was extremely supportive of this plan! This is the true meaning of friendship!

So, you can imagine my ire when I got there and the Beauty Advisor informed me that the vouchers had run out of stock last night. Yes, I was absolutely livid, so I had a word with someone at the counter and because I quite possibly looked like I was going to burn their store down, she told me that she would make an exception if I spend the RM30 today. Sadly, spending money is not something I seem to have control over, but I tried to keep it to a minimum!

[Absolute Necessities]

[Sephora's Waterproof Eye Pencil in Baby Blues - No. 28 (RM26)]

I need this! I've been eyeing something similar from Chanel, and this was an attempt at not spending almost RM100 on an eye pencil. It's absolutely gorgeous! My plan for this is to use it on my waterline. Let's hope it works out. I shall post a picture tomorrow. It might be a little frosty, but look at it! I think it might be more complementary to my skintone as an inner corner shade instead of a white too. We shall see! 

[Sephora's Dual-Effect Sponge (RM25)]

This, I actually needed. I got one around two years ago and it was REALLY good purely because you are able to get light and heavy applications with one sponge. As the name states, in enormous letters no less, it has a dual-effect. 

[For heavy application...]

[For light application...]

[Sephora's Dual-Effect Sponge]

Why do I need this? For my MAC Studio Perfect Foundation. It works fabulously!

[Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette (RM98)]

I think I'm the last person in the world who loves make up to get an Urban Decay Naked Palette...and for good reason too. I have an absolutely obscene amount of eyeshadow and I'm reasonably positive that I have every colour in the Naked & Naked 2 palette in some form or another in my collection. This, however, is just plain convenient. 

The palette is tiny as it almost fits in the palm of your hand, which means that it's perfect for taking with you on a short trip. Especially a business trip! There are 4 exclusive shades which aren't available in the other palettes (though I'm sure there are extremely similar colours), and there's a mixture of mattes and satins. I really love it quite a bit. I'll do a detailed review of this, including any similar shades I might have in my collection at some point over the weekend.

Now, I did get RM30 off the total, even though I should really have gotten an additional RM30 off because Babi No. 2 signed up for it as well. I'm really ticked off at Sephora right now, and while I'm happy with the stuff, I don't really know what to say about their service standards.

I know what you're thinking. If I'm upset, why do I still keep going back and why did I even buy stuff today? There are three reasons for this:

1) I cannot help myself
2) I'm convinced there are addictive pheromones in Sephora, the same way casinos put it in the air
3) A misplaced faith in humanity

I'm kidding! I have no faith in humanity! 

It's actually because I've probably sent them 6 e-mails just this year regarding their horrifying service and I'm hoping they've sorted their shit out. Apparently not. Might be a good time to put my addiction to rest and stop going to Sephora in Malaysia? As good a reason as any, no?

On to less depressing things, before I left Paradigm Mall, I saw a huge "Sale!" sign in Elianto, and I just had to take a look. It's a miracle I left with just one item!

[Elianto's Nail Colour in 03 Kissy Pink (RM6)]

It's quite a coral-based pink and very pretty indeed! Unfortunately, it's a little sheer, and I had to put on 3 coats to get a colour which was reasonably true to the bottle. What a shame!