So, this happened.

The Lilac Box collaborated with Tongue in Chic to produce a box to be sold at the Good Vibes Festival last weekend, and while I didn't go for it, I still felt like I needed it badly. 

Prior to the event, they released a picture of what would be in the box, which made my refusal to go for the festival much more depressing. Basically, Good Vibes is an attempt to replicate Woodstock, but a failed attempt. So, I refused to go. Luckily, my pleas on FB were heard and a friend who was attending offered to pick the box up for me.

And on Friday...ta-dah!

[The Lilac Box + Tongue in Chic]

The box retailed for RM50, and it was well beyond worth it too! Even though I knew what was in it, the excitement I felt couldn't be contained!

[Product Description Sheet]

[Contents of the Box]

[Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners Hand Therapy]

I love this! I'm currently using their Gardeners Moisturising Hand Sanitiser and it's awesome! This smells exactly like it. It's not the most pleasant smell ever, it smells medicinal in a very nice way though...unlike Dettol which makes me want to die a little. The fact that it's Limited Edition always helps. I completely adore the container it came in!

[Phyto's Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm]

I've heard absolutely amazing things about this and it's been on my to-try list. What better way to get on the Phyto bandwagon? So much love! It's also a good size to travel with and my hair gets quite dry on planes so it is a terrific option for that.

[Lierac's Luminescence Serum]

I received this in Bag of Love's August bag this month as well, so now I have enough to keep me happy for a bit. Really hope it's a good product and that this is not going to go down the route of L'Oreal's Liss Ultime shampoo and hair mask. Kill me now if it is.

[Nuxe's Multi-Purpose Dry Oil]

Just look at this! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it feels amazing! I love! So much! I'm still undecided about whether I love this more than my Caudalie Divine Oil though. It's a tough fight and we shall have to see.

[Crabtree & Evelyn's La Source Body Lotion]

Need I say it? I adore La Source more than any other range at Crabtree! It's by far the most exquisite and this made me quite excited. I'm starting to see a difference when I do use body lotion because the skin on my body is extremely dry, so I'm quite pleased with that. Hopefully, the diligence will continue. 

[Lanvin's Jeanne EDT]

The scent on this is not bad, and is actually good for stuff like concerts because it's not particularly subtle, but the packaging! Look at the gorgeous bottle! I love!!! 

[nuBAR's Cherry Cordial]

Nail Polish!!!! I've heard nuBAR does good polishes, but I've never actually tried them out. When I saw this, it reminded me a little of a colour which was already in my collection because of the slightly duo-chrome effect it had.

[nuBAR's Cherry Cordial & Revlon's Blackberry]

Yes, I really am beginning to think I'm colour blind too.

Looking at it in the bottle, I thought I wouldn't like it, but it's actually quite a nice bronze shade. It went on very smoothly and it didn't streak. Am I happy? Extremely! 

[Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup in Medium]

This is something I've actually been eyeing for a while, and I'm so happy I got it in this box so that I can try it out. Bobbi Brown is difficult these days and no longer drams stuff for testing out. A review is definitely upcoming!

All in all, this is an absolutely fabulous box! For RM50, it's a ton of stuff that I'm ecstatic with and can't wait to slather on myself! Another amazing success from The Lilac Box. They sold some boxes online after the event, and they were out within 5 minutes. Well done guys!

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  1. Wow, some very clever manoeuvrings, Arpita! This looks to be a much better box than Box 4. Regret not trying harder to get my hands on one but happy to have you review it.

    1. It had to be done! And I completely agree. I'm much more pleased with this than with Box 4 too. I did order one online for my cousin though so you definitely should have given it a shot. A real shame this wasn't Box 4 instead of a very limited box. Hopefully more of these become the norm.

  2. when the lilac team open The Lilac Box's Outdoor Survival Kit through on9 .i hope i could try something from BOBBI BROWN . it selling too fast and i unable to get it. too sad. i hope i could try something from BOBBI BROWN . Maybe next time hehe

    1. It is a shame you couldn't get hold of this! They really should have sold this online as a proper box as well. It's one of The Lilac Boxes I've been most pleased with!