[St. Ives' Mineral Therapy Moisturizing Body Wash]

This was around RM20, under if I'm not wrong. I bought it a while back so I don't recall exactly. Right off the bat, I would buy this again! It's great because it really does hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it much softer than when you started off. 

It has a very creamy, not over liquid-y texture which helps to coat and moisturise your skin, which I absolutely love! If you scrub, use this, then moisturise, you will be left with delectable skin!

The scent is quite lovely as well. It smells the way minerals should smell, and isn't really perfumed. It's light and doesn't stick to the skin.

This isn't a product which foams up which is what you want if you have dry skin on your body (as I do). Just a tip, anything which foams up with dry you out. This applies to face wash as well. I have recently discovered that when I use a cleanser which foams up less, my skin isn't as oily! This is purely because the foam tends to strip your skin of all oils which in turn causes your skin to produce more to compensate. It works the same way for your body. If it foams up too much, it's going to strip your skin of moisture. Therefore, if you have dry skin on your body, you may want to use a cream body wash instead of a gel. 

[Body Wash with Water]

All in all, a really nice, inexpensive product. A little goes a long way, so it will last you for quite a while. I used it only in the evenings while I was trying to finish off the absurd Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash, and it lasted me for around 5 months even though I have the tendency to use excessive amounts of stuff, so that should give you a decent idea. If you use a loofah, it will extend its life even more! 


  1. I have this too long with the Shea Butter and not only are they absolutely wonderful but they smell lovely too... Definitely a bargain for the quality provided :)

    1. They are so underrated! Don't know why more people don't get excited over these.