Saturday (24/08) was the event for the launch of Origins' foray into CC Creams at their outlet in The Gardens. It was open to the public for a fee of RM50 which would be fully redeemable against products at the end of the event. You know I had to go. It's not like I had a choice.

It was meant to start at 11 am, but by 10:45 am I was through the door and had paid for my reservation made over the phone. I wish I were this efficient at arriving on time for work. 

[CC Cream Display]

There were refreshments from Delifrance available. I do love pastries, so this was just an added boon to my happiness.


As much as I would have liked to, I did not drag a chair up to the pastries and start shovelling them into my face.

[Special Promotion]

[Origins' CC Cream]

The CC Cream comes in 1 colour, so I was a little sceptical about how well it would suit my skin. As has been evidenced in the past, I don't have luck with products of a single colour.

Since I was extremely curious about trying it out, I volunteered to be the person they test it out on in front of all and sundry. 

Prior to putting the CC Cream on, one of the lovely ladies in-store cleansed, scrubbed, toned, serumed and moisturised my face. Yes, you need a moisturiser with this one. It's definitely within the range of skin care, but it isn't a replacement for appropriate moisturising. It's also extremely light coverage so it would make a good base if you prefer a higher level of coverage.

[12:30 pm]

So, let's talk about the CC Cream. 

First off, the colour was a hit which I was rather impressed with. Clearly there is nothing on my undereye area...yes, the horror...because it contains Salicylic Acid which irritates the eye area for some people so she just didn't put it on me. 

It's also oil-free and contains SPF 20. 

Let's backtrack a bit. I asked Pat why cleansing before exfoliating was necessary, and she said it's due to the fact that exfoliating alone would only remove the layer of oil, grime and product you had on. By cleansing first, you will actually be sloughing off the dead skin cells when it comes to exfoliating. Finally, a response which makes sense. 

Back to the CC Cream. 

It's three primary claims are that it colour corrects, controls oil and reduces fine lines and wrinkles over time. Also, it's rather interesting that they have harnessed a very rare species of algae in this product which converts pollutants in the air to water so that you remain hydrated and pollution doesn't age your skin as much. It also contains green and white tea...tea always makes things better! 

All in all, it really is quite a nice product. It feels fresh and very lightweight. It definitely colour corrects, but the oil-control portion is questionable.

[3 pm]

By 3 pm, my face had oil along the T-Zone, so without a doubt this isn't something you can depend on as a barrier against oil, so keep that in mind.

It is, however, a rather nice product. Would I recommend it? Definitely. It felt lovely on and didn't really upset my skin in any way or manner. Definitely worth a shot. 

More fun facts about SPF protection. Pat mentioned that those "+" signs next to the SPF coverage were indicators of how high the coverage actually was. + = Low, ++ = Medium, +++ = High. Also, anything above SPF 25 contains artificial ingredients to aid in sun protection. For the record, caffeine is a natural sunscreen, so perhaps tossing some green tea in there helps to boost the SPF properties of this?

It's also not a waterproof product, so while it would be tempting to wear something this light for exercise or to the beach, it's definitely not recommended. 

The Origins CC Cream retails at RM140 and you need roughly the size of 1.5 peas to cover the surface area of a face like mine. Not bad at all. It's also recommended that you rub this product into your skin in order to activate the pigmentation inherent within the product. 

If you're interested, definitely go try it out. Any of the lovely ladies at any Origins counter would be more than happy to put some on you. 

Of course, I couldn't just leave Origins without buying something. More excitingly, though, I left with a number of goodies for (1) answering a question, (2) volunteering & (3) as a door gift.

[Origins Haul]

[Prize for Answering a Question Correctly]

I'm a little baffled by this. The question was what one of the primary reasons for aging was right after Pat had discussed it and apparently no one was listening. 

So, what did I get for being a smartypanties?

[Origins' Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Serum & Starting Over Age-erasing Moisturiser]

As I've mentioned, my current mode of hoarding is focused on serums, so while their "Make A Difference" series is targeted to general skin types, it's a very exciting product to have received. As for the moisturiser, I was just about to do a review on my less than stellar experience with it. It's still coming, but I might wait a little longer to try out the product more, for reasons you are about to uncover.

[Gift for Volunteering]

I do love gorgeously wrapped stuff and it has been years since I've received a present which was wrapped in wrapping paper and a bow. I can't express how nostalgic this feeling was! 

[Origins' GinZing Eye Cream & Moisturiser and Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturiser]

Yes, I will definitely have to take a little more time to review the Starting Over Moisturiser. I desperately need to like it.

[What did I buy?]


Yes, I held myself back quite a bit this time. I had one purchase in mind and I stuck to it. I'm so proud of myself!

[Origins' Modern Friction Scrub]

I've been trying this out, both at counters and with a little sample dram of the stuff and I love it. It is by far my favourite scrub to date. The Enabler is trying it out now and she has extremely sensitive skin which goes mental if something is too rough, so once she gives me feedback on that, a review on this will be up.

[Origins' Smartyplant CC Cream Sample]

I adore the fact that they have a special lid for samples of their CC Cream. It's so adorable! 

[Origins' Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum Samples]

Each of these sachets can be used twice so this is quite a decent amount to sample. Yay for more serum! 

Not done yet? Of course not!

[Door Gift]

I do love these pouches. They are the perfect size for my laptop actually which makes me unspeakably happy.

[Origins' Ginger Rush Body Cream, Make A Difference Serum and Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask]

I love all of these! Have I ever mentioned how much I love ginger? The amount isn't even normal anymore. The body cream smells very gingery and lovely. So happy! It helps that it feels delightful as well. More serum! More masks! I'm quite the happy camper!

If you'd like to attend future events with Origins, stay tuned to their FB page: