[Origins' VitaZing BB Cream]

This is definitely one that I couldn't wait to try out. When I initially tested it on my hand, it blended in quite nicely, so I had very high hopes. It's oil-free, has mangosteen in it and is SPF 35. Also known as, perfect.

How did my high hopes pan out?

DAY 1:

I'm slowly learning that testing out BB Creams work well with flaws, and therein lie the perks of having large pores and horrifying dark circles and fine lines under your eyes. They put the effectiveness of a product into perspective. If you had perfect skin, makeup wouldn't be necessary would it? And then where would the fun in life be?

Fine, I'm consoling myself. Another night of severe lack of sleep, another set of dark circles and tired skin to cover up.

[Morning Problems...]

I really need to stop being so heavy handed with the BB Cream. It's all too easy to forget that it isn't foundation. Really, start with a light hand and a pea sized amount, and add on as required. Do not do what I did.

[Way too much...]

As is quite clearly visible from the demarcation between my neck and decollete, and my forehead and hairline (I draw the line at blending BB Cream into my hair) this was way too light for me. It looked all right when I tested it on my hand, so I'm a little bit sad.

[BB Cream On...]

This wasn't the runniest of BB creams, but still relatively runny if you use too much of it (as I did), and as such it doesn't blend as easily as a runnier cream would. What was a little strange was the fact that it went a little powdery after blending it in. I suppose that's because you need to blend as you go. It's not something that you can dot all over your face, then blend because it sinks in and sets quite quickly. I did attempt tapping it in, but it was too thick to allow progress on that front. Still, powdery. Very weird.

When you put it on, it sets as a matte finish cream with medium coverage. I did try blotting it with tissue to try to dissipate the absurdly white finish it left on my face, to no avail. 

[Concealed and Powdered]

For today, I used MAC's Mineralised Skinfinish Natural to powder it down very lightly, and concealer was only used under my eyes.

[10:25 am]

By 1:50 pm,  the colour still hadn't settled into my skin tone completely, indicating that it never would. It was still a couple of shades to light for me and there was a slight sheen on my nose. Not too bad though, definitely didn't really require blotting.

At 3:55 pm, my T-Zone had distinct signs of oil breaking through, but again, nothing too terrible. Didn't require blotting as yet. The colour was still terrible for me.

[3:55 pm]

At 6:15 pm, I decided to do some  damage control since I had plans to go out, and as there was quite a bit of oil pervading my T-Zone, I blotted that off. By this point, there was definitely quite a bit of creasing under my eye area (as is always the case). Just saying, that this isn't one of those miracle products that prevents it.

[6:15 pm]

[6:20 pm]

By 10:30 pm, my T-Zone had a slight sheen once again. This was the end of the night and the conclusion is that this is not a colour that will ever suit my skin. 

[10:30 pm]

DAY 2:

Another morning sans adequate sleep where my hair decided to rebel against my iron fists as well.

[Is it morning again?]

I used less than I did the previous day, but the BB cream did not leave any less of a stark impression in terms of its colour suitability.

[BB Cream On...]

[Concealer & Powder]

I used Rimmel's Stay Matte today to lightly powder the BB cream into place. Look at my neck on your right...can you see the absurd colour difference? OMG.

[11:40 am]

By 12:15 pm I was getting very annoyed by the little sediments of powder on my skin even though I tried blending and tapping it into my skin as I went. So, I sprayed my face with a little Fix+ in hopes that they would dissipate somewhat. They did, but not enough for them not to be present. Very distressing. 

Ironically, my T-Zone seemed to be worse off with the use of Stay Matte than without, which has never been the case. Very, very odd. I'm pegging it to the addition of Fix+. By 3:30 pm, I blotted my T-Zone area to stop the madness.

I had dinner plans, so something needed to be done. At 6:45 pm, I had to blot again. My nose, in particular, was prominently oil-invaded.

[6:45 pm]

[6:50 pm]

At 10:00 pm, the end of the night, my T-Zone had somewhat of a sheen to it, but nothing too terrible. It was still powdery through to the end of the day, as it was the day before. 

[10:00 pm...Very frazzled!]

Overall, it's not a bad product, but definitely not the best either. The consistency isn't conducive to adequate blending, and I'm not at all pleased with the colour range and match. While it's staying power is definitely very decent, it's not a product which lends itself to effortless wearing. 

I'm trying to keep these reviews as fuss free as possible, and this BB cream definitely doesn't roll with that ideology. Therefore, I won't be purchasing this in the future. It may definitely work for you, though, so let me know if you do try it out. Origins does stock sample sachets of their BB Cream, and if you use just a little as you should, 1 sachet could last you at least 3 uses. Worth the shot if your skin tone is even 1-2 shades lighter than mine. 


  1. How much do I love your posts, Arpita! You're all tongue-in-chic and have me in stitches.
    I actually don't mind this lighter BB on you - it makes you glow and after a dusting of the MAC powder, appears to add an angelic sheen to you which I think is really very flattering. I agree, the Rimmel Stay Matte is a little too chalky.
    I'm not sure how I feel about Origins products. I've sampled a few of their lotions but think they take the origins a little too literally in some products - they were very 'mushroomy'.

    1. I've realised after the current BB Cream I'm trying out that this colour wasn't too bad. I can live with it, but I can't deal with the powdery aspects of it which come with using too much. This is decent but not good enough to purchase in full size. I'm beginning to see a trend where skincare companies don't do a good job of BB Creams. What a shame.
      What have you tried? I'm in the midst of testing out some of their masks and creams as well, and so far I'm liking most of it. Definitely some misses in there sadly.