[Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Night Concentrate (RM58)]

I received this (2 in fact) in a beauty box(es) last month, and I was quite interested in trying it out. There has been a recent influx into the market of sleeping masks, whereby you put it on the way you would a mask (after cleansing and exfoliating), and just go to sleep. If you're leaving stuff on overnight, you don't need a very thick layer of it, and while it's easy to get carried away, if you do just leave it on for half an hour, then lightly dab a tissue over your face to pick up the excess so that your bedding doesn't become a sleeping mask as well. 

Anyway, a ton of these have been flooding the market and they're available at all price ranges. They've always been around in some form or another, but the industry has recently latched on to it wholesale. 

This is quite a big tub of the stuff, and it smells quite nice and light...definitely something that smells fresh and calm so that it can help lull you to sleep. It's a translucent, gel-like consistency with little beads of intense hydration mixed into the product.

So you're supposed to take some of the product out (if you are conscientious you would use an implement, if you are not, you would use your CLEAN fingers...if you want to have incorrigible skin problems, you would use the fingers you use fed cookies to your pet with...both of you are in trouble!

So remove some of the product with the method of choice, and dab it all over your face and neck, then lightly massage it into your skin until it has been soaked up (at least a little) and/or the beads have dissolved. Then, go to bed and you should wake up with hydrated skin.

[Gel-consistency with blue hydration beads]

Well, in theory at least. 

I've used this a few times now and I really don't like this product. Not only does it refuse to absorb into the skin, I tried it with a lot of product, a little product, and a decent amount of product, but it feels greasy after a while. Both times, when I woke up, my face just felt greasy and I was shiny in a way that no one ever wants to be. The product was still sitting on my skin, but not in a pleasant way. 

Overall, I feel like it really does nothing for my skin. I wake up feeling greasy, and when I wash it off there's no difference to it at all. It doesn't look or feel any different. It's not even softer to the touch or plumped up with hydration in any way. 

Honestly, don't buy it. It could just be me, but I don't think so. I like to be positive about things in my possession so I tend to justify their flaws a lot, but this just had no saving. I used to love Neutrogena's sheet hydration masks, and I was hoping that these would mimic the effect those had, but I am sorely disappointed. 

It does state somewhere on the packaging that it is suitable for nightly use, so maybe if I use it for a few nights, it might have an effect but the journey to that point doesn't seem worth it. I like feeling as though my skin and I are friends when I wake up. I don't want it in a spitting rage at me going, "Look what you've done! I am not your science project! Stop it now! Or I will break you out! You've been warned!" You see now why I need to buy so many products to keep it happy. It's a tyrant! 

If you want to try this product out and see for yourself, I have an extra, unopened tub of it which I would be happy to give you. 

I am currently in the midsts of testing out a few sleep masks and a few reviews are on their way!