The last couple of days have been a little bit mad. My ability to avoid shopping has hit the point of impossibility and I am instituting a shopping ban come Monday. The goal is to avoid buying anything related to make up, skincare, clothes, accessories and shoes for a month because I have all of these in abundant quantities and need to stop the madness.

Now, the sale for Merdeka have been insanely awesome and I haven't been able to resist. Most of them are on till around the 1st of September, so you still have time to run out and get this stuff if you are so inclined! Trust me, you will be. Also, a little hint for the upcoming give away...some of the stuff here will be in it.

Most of this stuff was acquired in 1Utama, but not everything. And we'll go in order of the insanity.

First off, iwannagohome!. I hate this store. Everytime I go in, I leave with an abundance of stuff I really shouldn't be leaving with!


On the bright side, iwannagohome! is having a 15% off everything sale until the 4th of September, so definitely go take a look!


What are those black thingys? SHOWER CAPS! They are too adorable!

[Shower Cap (RM29)]

After discount, this was RM24.65. It's of pretty good quality and I don't own a shower cap, but I feel like I need one in my life.

[Tweezers (RM14/pc) and Pill Case (RM5)]

After discount, the tweezers were RM11.90 each. If the trend hasn't been noted by now, I LOVE polka dots. Couldn't be resisted! I don't take drugs regularly, so the pill case is actually for earrings. You know...those studs which tend to go missing. Perfect! It was RM4.25 and it couldn't be passed up! Who knows...some doctor may choose to prescribe me morphine pills in the future and then I'll have jewellery AND morphine in here. It would be the best case ever! I would feel like I was in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas!

Then...there were 3 separate trips to Guardian. Publika, 1Utama and Ikano. There is a reason for it. Firstly, until tomorrow, they're giving away RM5 vouchers for every RM50 spent (there is an offer for RHB Card Members where they give you RM5 for every RM30 spent on Fridays till December), AND they were having an absolutely insane sale on Maybelline. But this came here. First, there were blotters! And containers! 

So, on Wednesday, I went to Publika for "Taste the Difference", and I got there early, so naturally I went to all the pharmacies there. I got some extremely awesome stuff!

We all need oil blotters! Why not have the cutest oil blotters in the world?!

[Minnie Mouse Oil Blotting Sheets (RM6.99)]

They also have this in roll form!

[Minnie Mouse Oil Blotting Rolls (RM7.99)]

I've only ever seen these roll-form blotters on YouTube...and even then, only once, but it is a brilliant idea because you can tear off however much you need. 

Apparently these blotters contain something called "Virgin Pulp", and with the way Minnie treated Mickey, that better be what it contains!

And how could I resist these?

[Minnie Mouse 50ml Bottles (RM6.99)]

Firstly, no I couldn't resist. Secondly, this is perfect for the milk of magnesia. The bottle it comes in is ridiculous and I don't really want to leave bottle of laxatives lying around for obvious reasons. 

I picked up a couple of other things, among which were Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm (review upcoming) and unexciting stuff like wet wipes, etc. and the total hit RM50, so I got a RM5 voucher which I promptly spent on Friday in 1Utama.

So, I went into Guardian by chance. Just because I can't walk past a pharmacy without perusing the make up. And they had a ridiculous Merdeka sale on going for Maybelline products including their Hyper Sharp Liner which I've heard very good things about, and their Rocket Volume mascara which I've heard even more amazing things about! BUT! Everything was sold out and my soul died a little. But, I did notice that their Color Tattoos were on sale so I picked one up.

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (RM19.90)]

I've already tried one of these out and I LOVE IT! There will be no more paint pots and/or Estee Lauder products of this nature in my purchases because these are amazing. Full review will be done in due time. These were on sale for RM17.91, and I had RM5 off so they became absurdly cheap a RM12.91. Very happy times in my life.

Of course, because I NEEDED the stuff that was on sale, I figured my best bet was Guardian in Ikano because it's so non-descript that people tend to forget it's even there. After work, I promptly headed over and was well rewarded for my efforts. Almost sold out, but not quite. Note that there is a 3-piece limit on the Rocket Volume mascaras. It's good to know I'm reasonably sane in that I didn't need to be held to such a limit.

Of course, the mascara was first on my list!

[Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express (RM39.90)]

This was 56% off! Seriously! I have never seen such an awesome thing in my life! It came down to RM17.55! That is ridiculous!!!! So, so happy! Mind you, this is touted as one of the best things to happen to your lashes ever so you need this too!

And then, there were the liners!

[Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner (RM23.90)]

This too was 56% off and came down to RM10.51. THAT'S CRAZY! I haven't used it yet, but I will review it. It's a liquid liner with an incredibly fine tip which allows you to get a very precise and thin line, or a line which you can build up with accuracy. Alternatively, as the advert shows, you can use it to create "eyeliner art". Maybe it will eventually become a thing, but for now I'm quite happy with it's regular abilities!

Their Colorsensational lippies were on sale too! How awesome is this sale? Seriously!

I picked up 2 of them:

[Maybelline's Colorsensational Lipstick in Hooked on Pink (RM29.90)]

Are you looking at that colour?! ARE YOU?! It's not even a good swatch. It's just me lightly swatching it. It's insane! And it was only RM13.15 after the 56% discount! This is not even normal! 

[Maybelline's Colorsensational Lipstick in Summer Sunset (RM29.90)]

Again, absolutely gorgeous! And again, RM13.15! The only reason I didn't get more was because I don't even want to touch the testers. They look so absolutely disgusting and 98% of them are always missing! These are amazing though! I already have one or two, but I need more and there is no better time to get them! Maybe there will be a 57% off sale next year!

Of course, after the panic of the possibility of not getting these items subsided, I perused the rest of the make up and there were more sales! 

[Rimmel's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompus (RM11.90)]

Rimmel does amazing polishes and they are so incredibly decently priced! This had a 10% (I think) sale on it and cost RM10.71! Very, very worthwhile for both the quality and the absolutely gorgeous colour! I haven't seen their Scandal Eyes pencils here though and that makes me very sad! If anyone's come across them anywhere, do let me know!

[Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balms (RM12.90/pc)]

As I've mentioned, I purchased a couple of these prior and I absolutely loved them! These are for other purposes! They are really quite amazing and at RM9.81 and RM8.91 per piece, they're really decently priced. What's really great is that you get to choose between tinted and regular lip balms! So much love! SO MUCH!!!!

The last thing I picked up from Guardian was from Revlon.

[Revlon's Lash Potion Mascara with Free Eyelash Curler (RM32.90)]

I'm not even sure if this is cheaper than the mascara on its own because I was too excited by this free eyelash curler situation to notice, but how can anyone resist this? Now, not only is this meant to be an absolutely brilliant mascara, but Revlon is the only non-high end company to do decent curlers. This is a double win all round! If you need either of these, you need both of them. Go get this! INCREDIBLE!

It took a while, but I eventually left Guardian. The lady at the counter really lovely and rang up 2 RM5 vouchers for me even though you technically can't use them cumulatively so I got an additional RM10 off on top of all the discounts already present. But there's more! They're having a thing where spending RM100 on assorted make up products gets you a free cosmetic case and I vaguely saw the flyer for it but it didn't even strike me that I was running amok in a pharmacy. But she was a fabulous person and told me there was a gift which I wasn't allowed to open till I left the store hehe. 

[Free Jewellery Case]

I thought it would be quite terrible, but it's really not bad. I don't have a jewellery organiser, so this might be a good first! 

Later that evening, I was back in Publika for coffee and the Enabler made me go to Daiso (we're just going to pretend I wasn't perfectly willing). Would you believe me if I said I left with nothing? Nah, me neither!


This is all stuff I need, so it doesn't count as shopping. Shhh...don't argue. Shhhh....

[Hair Ties (RM5)]

I really do need these! I've been looking for them and I'm so happy! I have rather thick and heavy hair, so it tends to stretch out rubbers very quickly which is extremely problematic because having to tie too many rounds with them holds my hair too tightly and I get a headache. Definitely a tautological problem only someone with no real problems faces. These are perfect! Because they ridge into each other, you don't need them to be too tight, and because they're not like those terrible ones I own, they don't loose their shape as easily or quickly. Love! You can't imagine how hard it's been for me to find these! Where do I get bigger ones?!

[Hedgehog Microfibre Mitt (RM5)]

You know I couldn't say no to this. For those of you who don't know, I have a pet hedgehog, and she is nowhere near as friendly looking as this thing is! I should really get another for her to burrow into. She will love it since it's so soft! It also does a really nice job of picking up all the dust and dirt on your laptop and between your keys. Love!

[Organisational Boxes (RM5/pc)]

I've already got 2 of these and they are amazing! They come in various sizes as well so you can customise your storage needs. So pretty! For the record, something that is exactly the same is RM30+ in iwannagohome! 

[Organisational Containers (RM5/pc)]

So much love for these! I have 2 of these as well, and there is no doubt that more is in order. Organising is one of my favourite things ever. I'm pretty sure my subconscious motivates me not to clean for months on end so that I have an organisational project to get on with. DAMN YOU SUBCONSCIENCE!

Finally, we come to The Body Shop! This happened by accident. I was walking by when I came across a display for deodorants (everyone needs this stuff!), and I glanced in store and saw one of the true loves my body has: Chocolate Shower Cream!

A couple of years ago, a friend gave me a bottle of this for Christmas. It is usually only released during Valentines' Day, for very good reason, but it looks like it's becoming a permanent feature which I am completely stoked about. First of all, this smells like straight up chocolate. I cannot explain to you how many times I've been tempted to taste it because my brain doesn't understand how to separate senses from sense! I'm happy to report that thus far, I have stopped myself! Secondly, this has cocoa butter, which means it is incredibly moisturising! Which I definitely need! Thirdly, while I do love the smell of chocolate, I don't want random children chewing on my arms or legs, so I do appreciate the fact that the scent on this doesn't linger all day. It lasts for maybe an hour or two. However, if you would like it to last, that's what the body butter is for! 

Also important to note, they are currently having a promotion where it's 10% every 3 items, 20% off every 5 items and 30% off every 7 products.

So, I had to do it!

[The Body Shop's Chocomania Shower Cream (RM24.90)]

Just go and smell these! You need to! If you don't like the smell of chocolate, you are defective and shouldn't be making this go out of stock anyway. Fiend.

Favourite shower product ever. EVER! If this truly is permanent (which the sales assistant was non-committal about), this is the end of my shower cream/gel purchase line!

[The Body Shop's Deluxe Limited Edition Body Butter (RM25)]

You know I had to! They do have a body lotion as well, but body butter is always so much better! I have REALLY dry skin on my body, so butter it is! And the smell. OMG! I wish I could put this on pancakes and eat them! Maybe it's time to experiment with making edible chocolate butter!

[The Body Shop's Chocomania Lip Butter (RM28)]

I couldn't resist! I need this in my life! 

Moving away from chocolate for now, I've been eyeing this for a while now:

[The Body Shop's Leona Lewis Collection Powder Kabuki Brush (RM70)]

This is made of deer hair, which I completely approve of! It's so incredibly soft! It's like using Bambi's mother to powder my face! I LOVE IT! And it's gorgeous to boot! SO MUCH LOVE! It's actually reasonably dense, but not stiffly so, which is lovely. I'm curious as to whether it will shed and/or the colour will run upon washing, so it remains to be seen. I have absolutely no regrets on this! 

That's the end of the makeup/skincare bits. There is a little something extra today. Accessories! Diva (I love!) was having a sale and I popped in!

[The girlie girl in me loves everything about this bag!]

They had some really fantastic deals going and here's what I picked up:

[Earrings (RM13)]

[Bracelet (RM13)]

I have a shirt that's this exact colour combination and yes, I'm going to be all matchy-matchy and wear them together even though I'm too old to be doing stuff like this! 

And they had a 3 items for RM20 sale!

[3 for RM20]

Love! The sale is still ongoing so definitely go check it out if you're into accessories! 

And lastly, a book!

I rarely buy books these days because I'm reading ridiculous amounts of stuff for school and work which leaves me little time for indulgent reading. Very sad, but very true. In keeping with my aim to start doing book reviews, let me just kick things off by proving that I can, in fact, read. While this is a book I'm meant to be reading for my course, and I don't think anyone else would be interested in a review, here it is nonetheless!

[All The Devils Are Here - Bethany McLean & Joe Nocera]

I've only read some of it so far and it's well written and quite descriptive. So happy! 

I'm quite a happy camper right now, but come Monday depression is going to set in as No Shopping month kicks in! STOP IT, ARPITA! 

It's just a month! So it will be a month full of reviews! For example, I have been woefully lacking diligence regarding the BB Cream reviews, primarily because my sleep patterns don't condone early rising. I am usually anything but swimming in time in the mornings so most days I'm just in glasses and participating in the drug-seeking behaviour of caffeine acquisition. Maybe I can use the pill box for caffeine pills...hmmmmm...

Anyway...yes, more BB Cream & CC Cream reviews to come! Among other products! 

And of course, the big give away is upcoming when I hit my 100th post (which is about 5 posts away)!

Hint Repetition: Some of the stuff here will be part of the give away. 

The Body Shop is currently having an online sale on various items and that includes 30% off the Leona Lewis collection which I am direly unhappy about because the brush I purchased is now RM49 there!


  1. I like the way you 'restrain' yourself - a girl after my own heart.
    Guardian, Watsons and Daiso are dens of sin. No one can leave without something they don't need. Particularly Daiso - I know everything's RM5 but that's why I haul - because it's all five crazy dollars until it comes time to pay and then it magically all adds up to RM500. How does this happen?!
    Oh, I wanted to talk about your hedgehog - I think I spied her on your banner when I first found your blog. Too cute! Please consider a post on your hedgehog one day if you haven't already.

    1. Let's just pretend it doesn't count because some it is going into the give away?
      Daiso never ceases to induce a need for things I never knew I needed. It's quite terrible! How can so little square footage contain so much desire?!
      I'd love to do a dedicated post on Puffy! Thank you for requesting it so that I can pretend that I'm not gushing about her voluntarily :D

  2. you went to iwannagohome?? I didn't know this and I have that shower cap too!! and you told me body shop had the chocolate collection not that you bought it :@ you are banned from 1u bye

    1. Don't be judgmental. I saw your Sephora purchases okay.

  3. OMG.. was just going through your posts and you really know how to shop... Shop/ Oniomania does indeed suit you.. I reckoned myself as a hauler but my purchases are quite paltry in comparison to yours.

    On that note..I also learned a new word today.. i always thought the love for shopping was 'Shop O Mania' and have been duly corrected by google :
    Oniomania (from Greek ὤνιος onios "for sale" and μανία mania "insanity"[1]) is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping, shopping addiction, shopaholism, compulsive buying or CBD or Sushma Syndrome.

    Now I suppose I'll have to read up on Sushma Syndrome and find who was the lovely person who inspired that

    1. Definitely overboard on the shopping, which is why September has been a month of enforcing a ban on shopping! It's quite terrible.

      I did try writing a paper on oniomania once but it wasn't generally accepted at that point. I'm all too happy to admit it was motivated by a need to provide an excuse for my behavour!

      I've never heard of Sushma Syndrome! Very exciting! I like having a legion of obsessive shoppers that I can identify with!

  4. Hope you have better luck than me... a quick google on Sushma Syndrome brought me back to Oniomania which is quite a shame really as I was wondering who was the Sushma who inspired the Syndrome..

    1. No luck for me either. People like to make stuff up and hope it catches on!