Just looking at the bag has me all excited about this all over again. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I received a voucher from Laura Mercier worth RM50 for purchases of RM200 and above for dining at Botanical on a Wednesday, and that I knew exactly what I wanted to get. Well, I motivated my lecturer to end class early on Tuesday so that I could run by Bangsar Village II to get hold of it. I cannot explain the trauma and sleepless nights associated with the thought that it might sell out because it's limited edition here in KL. Evil...I know. So, evil. I think I may have grounds to sue for emotional distress. Let me look into it.

Anyway, I had been eyeing this for a while after seeing it on YouTube and dying a little inside that I couldn't have it. I did contemplate ordering it from the States since my Sister-in-Law was there, but then thought I didn't need it that badly, but when I received the voucher, it became cheaper than buying it in the States. Definitely a sign from the capitalist Gods that I had no choice in the matter.

I present you with the newest love of my life:

[Laura Mercier's Custom Artist's Portfolio - Petite (RM259)]

As you can see from the name, this is the smaller version. They don't have the bigger version here in KL, and I definitely don't need it either. This is still a convenient, reasonably portable size, while the bigger version is just overdoing it and being a douchebag...unless you're actually a make up artist. Then you're excused.

First off, let's talk about the outer casing. It's light yet durable which means that if you happen to drop this, your stuff will be safely tucked away and unharmed. More importantly, this is perfect for travelling. PERFECT! I always have anxiety issues over where my brushes will snap in their rolls while travelling, and this is worth it just for the fact that I don't need tranquilisers to deal with my paranoia issues. 

[Perfectly Functional Zippers]

Yes, I zipped and unzipped it several times just to test whether it is ADHD-proof, and I am happy to report that it is.

Up to now, you will be thinking that this is just a clutch-like make up storage product. YOU ARE WRONG! SO WRONG! GO STAND IN THE NAUGHTY CORNER!


Okay. Back to the non-emotional part of the review.

The inside. OMG the inside. My heart overfloweth with emotion...and emoticons...

Just look at it!!! 

Okay, I need to mention this, and I can't describe how mindblowing it is, but just try to imagine it. The pouches in there are magnetically attached. Yes, magnetically. Which means 2 things: First, your pouches aren't going to move around, and second, you can pull them out and throw them into your daily bag for use. 

Cannot describe my excitement, love and devotion to this. CANNOT HANDLE THE OBSCENE LOVE!

[Magnets are awesome! Because science...]

The pouches really are of extremely high quality and because the entire case is quite rationally coloured, it's not going to stain and piss you off. It also helps that there is a flap for your brushes so that you don't have to worry about shadow sediments getting all over your case. Perfect planning! 

It also comes with a complimentary Laura Mercier palette which you can customise with 3 colours of your choice. Definitely helpful, but I will not succumb to this marketing gimmick! (I HOPE!)

What can I say? I love this beyond the amount that this post entails. It's the perfect make up case for anyone who loves make up like I do. In fact, it's perfect for Brides. You should be getting your Maid of Honour to carry one of these around with you Wedding Day Essentials in it! Everyone needs one!

If you feel the uncontrollable need to get one of these, they're still available, and I strongly suggest you head over to Botanical for even just a light snack on a Wednesday (if you're female) to get hold of the voucher. Thist cost me RM209 instead of RM259 with it, and it's worth every penny. 

If you spend RM350 at Laura Mercier in a single receipt, you gain membership. Yes, I held back.

On a mildly irrelevant note, they do amazing brow shaping as well.