[Ginvera's Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream (RM29.90)]

Let me first discuss the premise of this post. Today, I've started a series of BB Cream reviews in order to determine preference and differences. While there are close to 15 BB Creams which I have acquired through samples and purchases, there is going to be a method to the madness.

Of course, the basic skincare regime will still continue, i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturising.

While most of these products are made with moisturising properties inbuilt, moisturiser will only be omitted where it is suggested as much.

All BB Creams will be reviewed in 2 ways:
1) With a regular setting powder (MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Henceforth referred to as MSF)
2) With a mattifying setting powder (Rimmel's Stay Matte)

While this review may seem slightly biased towards those with oily skin, it's not because I'm prejudiced, it's because my T-Zone hates me and if I don't have any powder on it, I might turn into a vat of oil during the day.

Now, back to the review!

So, Ginvera makes an impressive number of claims with this BB Cream. What really interested me were the claims of a "natural matte finish", "all day hydration", "SPF30" and "reduces the formation of fine lines". I know! 

It is suggested on the box that this be applied after your regular skin care routine and so there was moisturiser applied prior to it.

So, how did it fare?

DAY 1:

To give you a better idea of how this foundation would fare on me, let's discuss my facial issues. It's a plethora of dark eye circles, uneven skintone and extremely tired looking skin. For some reason, I suddenly got a few bumps on my face and I suspect it has to do with the myriad of products I'm testing out. Time to form a routine and my skin will settle down. Nothing that requires concealer outside of the eye area, however.

I'm also not one to "build-up" products because if you do that with BB Creams, it sort of defeats the purpose. I'm not really buying into the skincare benefits claim of any of them, so I'm not going to slather layer after layer of stuff onto my face. It takes too much energy! 

Now, on to the progression of the day.

I woke up at 8 a.m. after getting only 4 hours of sleep. Insomnia doesn't take account of the fact that you need to test makeup out the following day apparently!

[The Blank Canvas - Sans Makeup]

[This may have been too much...]

So, the moment I opened the top of the BB Cream, the stuff started leaking out of the spout. Hence the ridiculous amount that I kicked off with! When I left it on its side, the same thing happened. It leaked onto the table. Clearly, this needs to be stored in a counter-intuitive manner.

I used my fingers to dot and spread it over my face. The instructions state that you should tap it in, which I did after a lot of spreading because I had too much on my hands. Tapping the product it helps it to sink into your skin and look more natural. It's the way these products should be applied so that the heat from your fingers melts it into your skin, and at the same time the tapping motion helps it to fill your pores and fine lines so that you have a much more flawless finish. It's almost like the prehistoric version of stippling.

The product really did sink in quite nicely and easily without much work, however, it is unfortunate that it comes in only one colour because this is around 25 shades too light for my skin when it first goes on (as seen below).

[BB Cream On - Colour Blocked Skin!]

After letting it sink in for about a minute and a half (I'm just making these time frames up. I didn't actually count), I applied a VERY light layer of MAC's MSF to the entire face, concentrating a tad bit extra on the T-Zone. I actually used a powder brush, which is something I haven't used in years! My modus operandi is to use a kabuki brush and buff any setting powder in to help create a nice finish. We're definitely going au naturale in this series!

[MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark]

While the pictures definitely show a semi-matte finish, my notes run contrary to the effect. It's definitely more dewy than matte in person. Also, the coverage is extremely light, which one could guess from the "Nude Cover" bit on the label. It definitely evens out skin tone and looks reasonably natural (if you are the right shade). This won't cover any pores and blemishes though, so if you want a flawless finish, a concealer is necessary, as is a pore minimising base.

[Good To Go - 10:45 am]

By noon, the colour had a settled a little more, and it looked a little less awkward against my chest, but it was still definitely too light for me. 

Tip: If you are having this issue, you could actually buff a skin toned powder into your skin to even the colour out quite nicely and naturally. A kabuki brush is perfect for this! 

As expected, my T-Zone was already beginning to get oily, but mostly just a misty look on my nose and chin which wasn't too bad. 

By 1:15pm, however, blotting the entire T-Zone was necessary, which was repeated at 5pm. I am actually using blotting papers in this series, instead of just using a tissue as I tend to do. 

At 6:45pm, I needed a bit of a touch up because I was going out for dinner with Babi No. 2:

[6:45 pm]

All I did was to blot my face and apply a dusting of powder over my T-Zone and a fresh coat of tinted lip balm. What's interesting is that by this time, the product was a lot more decently matched to my skin tone.

[Post-Touch Up - 6:50 pm]

Between the time I went out and got home, I did nothing to my face. 

[12 Hours Later...10:30 pm]

All in all, the makeup held up pretty well. After the touch-up, my skin looked fresher and less oily. I'm quite impressed that for something this light-wearing, it lasted for almost 12 hours without looking like it was going anywhere till the wipes came off. First thoughts are that it's definitely a decent product. While the colour eventually blended in to match my skin tone a lot more, it's still a shade too light for me. 

DAY 2:

[Severely lacking sleep again...]

Today I followed instructions! I used an appropriate amount, and I TAPPED the product in after dotting it on my face, as opposed to rubbing it into my skin.

[BB Cream tapped in...]

I also stuck with lightly powdering, focusing on my T-Zone, but I used Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder for that purpose.

[Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 006 Warm Beige]

[Concealer & Powder On!]

The finish was definitely more matte today, even without powder, perhaps because I tapped it in. However, once the powder went on, the effect was far better. It definitely met the hopes I had upon seeing "matte finish" on the packaging of this BB Cream. However, tapping the product did nothing to ensure the colour wasn't too light for me...apparently I can't just will these things to happen.

[10:20 am]

As the day progressed, I did get slightly shiny, primarily across my T-Zone. This was how it looked less than 2 hours later.

[12:15 pm]

Not too bad. It had settled in a little and it had just a slightly misty look to it. Not really oily, per se. More of a dewy finish. I did, however, blot at 12:45 pm just to ensure that it didn't get out of hand.

That seemed to do the trick because the finish was similar around 3:10 pm. There was a slight sheen, but nothing which required me to blot my face. The result was similar when I checked on my face at 5:04 pm. 

At 7:30 pm, the oil was showing through a little more, so I blotted my face. This was mainly an issue for my oiliest bits such as my nose, chin, sides of the nose and forehead (yes, the T-Zone primarily). 

And at the end of the day, it wasn't too bad.

[10:00 pm - End of the day]

All in all, this is a pretty good BB cream. It's staying powder is quite fantastic and it does a good job of ensuring your skin tone is more even without looking like you have an obscene amount of makeup on. It does blend better with you skin colour as the day goes on. For me, it took around 3 hours for the disjointed head look to go away, which isn't really an appropriate amount of time. I like knowing that when I walk out the door and get into my car, I will arrive at my destination with the skin on my face matching the rest of the my body. 

However, if you have oily or combination skin, you definitely need a mattifier under or over the BB Cream. It's definitely not a matte enough finish for an extended period on its own. It's also highly recommended that you tap, not rub the cream into your skin because it blends so much better when you do.

Am I unhappy with this product? Not at all. I just wish it came in more shades. For something with SPF 30, it doesn't leave a white cast in pictures which I'm quite happy about. It gives you a nice, dewy finish as the day wears on and is definitely something which looks more natural over time. 

It's also not a product which would work for someone who wants medium coverage even. It's extremely light and just beyond sheer. It will even out your complexion and skin tone, but my pores were all too visible up close. You could always use a pore minimiser (e.g. Benefit's Porefessional) under it if need be. For the price, you really can't go wrong. The staying power is downright impressive. Even with almost 12 hours of wear, my blush was still somewhat there at the end of the day, and it wasn't patchy at all. It had settled into the lines under my eyes a little, but everything does that and it might be moreso the fault of the concealer than the BB Cream. The lines are incorrigible! I've yet to find a concealer that doesn't settle into them.