So, I tried to be good over the weekend and avoid shopping even though I was running around picking up all sorts of make up related items. Yes, I ran amok, but in a budget-friendly manner. 

For those of you who are subscribed to beauty boxes and/or on Aupres' FB page, you would be aware of the fact that they had the launch of their make up line last Saturday (17/08/2013) at their counter in Parkson, Pavilion. Of course, upon seeing it pop up, I called to RSVP. I know I have issues. Don't beat me with the DSM. 

During the week leading up to the launch, Benefit posted on their FB page that they would be having a roadshow at Pavilion over the weekend, and that there were exclusive offers on, including a gift for BonusLink and Parkson members. I know that you know that I'm both of those. 

And so I headed over on Saturday afternoon, ditching all and sundry much to a lot of complaining from people who don't understand how addiction functions, and decided to go check out the Benefit roadshow anyway. After my completely unconvincing session in Sephora a few days prior to it, I really wasn't inclined to purchase anything. So I browsed a bit then asked about the offer for BonusLink members. She took my card and promptly handed me a pretty little bag.

[Benefit's Roadshow Goodies]

First off, there was an invitation for a free make-up lesson. But, due to my terrible luck with makeovers (which was due to continue), I don't think I'll be attending this. 

[Free Make Up Lesson]

Then there was a little sample of their perfume Laugh With Me Lee Lee. It smells quite fresh and wonderful. But, the best part of it? It has a lid over the nozzle, ensuring that it's secure. Perfume is nice in moderation, not so nice when it's permeated your entire bag to the point of saturation.

[Benefit's Laugh With Me Lee Lee]

There were some samples...

[Benefit's Porefessional & It's Potent Eye Cream]

I've tried both of these, and while they are decent, I'm not terribly into them. If anyone would like this, do let me know.

I then headed over to the Aupres counter. My appointment was actually scheduled for 5:30 pm, but I got there early and headed over prior to visiting Benefit to request it be pulled forward, and they gave me the 2-3 pm slot. 

The entire set up was really quite lovely. They had stations efficiently set up, and the atmosphere was generally very decadent and pampering. 

[Aupres' Counter]

[Macarons and Sweets]

First off, I was sat down at the consultation counter in order to have my skin assessed for its needs. Upon asking me to fill in a questionnaire and feeling my skin, the consultant recommended the anti-aging series for me which she tested on my hand. 

[Aupres' Cleansing Foam]

[Aupres' Anti-Aging Series]

Thereafter, because I mentioned that one of my concerns was my undereye area, she led me over to the next counter where they used a UV device to help the products penetrate your skin better just to show that it makes a difference. It really did. The pervasive dark circles under my eyes we less prominent and spanned a smaller area when she showed me the difference between my eyes once she has done the right side. Definitely an interesting experience. 

Thereafter, it was time for a flash manicure. This was definitely a quickie, and because I was in an evaluative mood, I told the manicurist to pick the colour for me. Please note that I am 28 years old this year when you see the colour she decided on.

[Manicure Station]

[Bubblegum Pink with Sparkles]

They used OPI polishes, and she managed to pick the most unsuitable colour ever invented for me. I'm positive that I don't resemble anything that screams "Paint me bubblegum pink!", but apparently she got that from my vibes. She may have been possessed.

Colour blindness aside, she did a really good job of the manicure in just 15 minutes. She filed down my nails to their natural shape (squarish), applied a base coat, two coats of the polish and a top coat. She was very nice as well, so I don't begrudge her the need to make me more feminine. 

Then, it was over to the make up counter for a makeover. 

[Makeup Display]

I am really quite appalled about what occurred. I was seated there and told to wait, and while I was waiting I was watching the Aupres representative doing a really good job of applying the whole array of make up from foundation to eye shadow on the girl she was working on. 

Then they sent someone over to me who looked completely lost. She asked me what I'd like and I said I just wanted to try their makeup. Then she fiddled with some stuff, watched the other representative, and decided (and proclaimed) that she would put powder on me. Mind you, I went there with no make up at all on so that I could test out their stuff. 

So, she powdered my face. Then after fiddling for a while more, decided she would use blush, but asked the other representative which brush to use. She then settled on one of those absurd blush brushes that comes in compacts that no one can use effectively, while there was a full set of decent-looking brushes less than a foot away from her.

I was already highly annoyed by this point, but I was curious as to what her next move would be, so when she asked me to pick a lipgloss, I picked something that wouldn't be too glaring if it went wrong. So, she began putting it on me, and I could feel it going outside my lip line quite drastically, she wiped the misalignment with a cotton bud, reapplied more gloss to the same area, wiped it off, reapplied to the same area and then told me there was some gloss outside the line and handed me a cotton bud to wipe it off. 

Then she looked at me questioningly, presumably as to why I was still there, and asked whether I would like to try the eyeliner. I refused politely and left. 

[My Makeover]

I couldn't run quickly enough, but they stopped me to hand me door gifts, which always helps, I suppose.

[Aupres' Time Lock Solution Eye Cream]

This was a little weird because during the skin consultation, she told me that she would be giving me the softening lotion since it's something I had never tried. So, when I asked why I got eye cream, she said it's because it had already been written down. Very odd indeed. 




I haven't eaten the macarons as yet, but I fully intend to devour them. They look quite yum and I do love macarons. 

The sweets are so adorable. They're beautifully packaged in a glass jar, with "Aupres" printed on each individual sweet. Lovely!

I must say that they were exceptionally nice and polite throughout the event. It's just unfortunate that the main purpose of the event was such a disappointment. I really do love make up, and this has just put me off even trying their stuff again. For the record, their lipgloss is like a liquid lipstick. It's really quite nice. It's quite pigmented and not drying at all. I'd suggest you go check it out.

I'm also really sad that I didn't get to try out the eye shadows. They did have some pretty colours, but as tempting as it was, I think it may have been a bit much to tell her to let me apply my own make up. What an unfortunate situation.

Well, that was Saturday.

On Sunday, I went over to Bangsar Village II to collect a gift from Laura Mercier. For those who aren't aware, Botanical in Bangsar Village II (which is a vegetarian restaurant under the "BIG" group) are having an ongoing promotion till the end of this month. Every Wednesday, ladies who dine-in get a Laura Mercier gift. Since I hadn't collected it on the day, I went in to get it. For the record, it's one set per female, so if 3 of you are lunching there, all 3 of you are entitled to a set. So, they presented me with a little card to take over to Laura Mercier's set-up on the Ground Floor.

We were told to fill in a form, and were promptly presented with gifts.

[Laura Mercier's Gifts]

How exciting is this?! The RM50 voucher is valid for purchases over RM200, and only applicable to the BVII store. I've been eyeing something from them for ages, and this is the perfect reason to give in to temptation. An updating is upcoming which I'm sure you've guessed. 

[Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer]

I've heard fabulous things about this, and I'm really excited to try it out. It's a deluxe sample size, so it will last for a reasonable number of uses. Perfect for travelling with! 

[Laura Mercier's Ambre Vanilla Souffle Body Cream]

This really does smell like vanilla, but not in the sickly manner that faux vanilla reeks. It's quite luxuriously lovely.

I think this is a fabulous offer. For the record, I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've eaten in Botanical. It's a little pricey, but the food is of fabulous quality. Though I'm quite a carnivore, I can definitely appreciate a good vegetarian meal as well. Give it a shot if you're looking for something new. And definitely go on a Wednesday.


  1. The manicurist at Aupres must have picked up your Lolita vibe - that or she could have been on a sugar high after sniffing fairy floss.
    I hear you on makeovers. They are scary - I often choose the dental appointments over a makeover.
    You know what though, I think it was totally worth it for the macs and candies. Darn, I should've signed up for this.

    1. Hahaha that's probably the only reason I didn't have a fit! Macarons truly do make the world so much better.