First of all, I had no idea Parkson in Pavilion had a Personal Shopper room. What madness is this?! I like it!

Secondly, this event was fantastic, right up till the end when the sales assistant made me want to slap her. More on that later.

For those who haven't heard of Eve Lom, you are missing out. They make absolutely fantastic products and I want them all. They fall within the "high end" category of skin case, but their stuff is quite wonderful and definitely worth what you're paying. 

[The Set Up]

I love the individual table set ups because it made want everything. I'm reasonably positive that all the stuff was from Muji too. I need.

What a comprehensive set of stuff. I really do need this exact set up at home!

So, the event was meant as a hands on workshop, and before it kicked off, refreshments were served.

[Very refreshing juice]

[So yum!]

After I placated the fat child in me, the event kicked off and they went through the history of Eve Lom. It seems that in the 80's when people were still using bar soap to wash their faces, Eve Lom was the first to invent a balm cleanser, the same cleanser which is their best selling product today. 

[Eve Lom Cleaner]

This cleanser has mineral oils in it which it has taken quite a bit of flack for, but people are a little dramatic about such things. It also comes with a muslin cloth which you need to soak in hot water to remove it with. This is the primary reason for why I wouldn't buy it. I don't have hot water running through my bathroom sink which would make it reasonably redundant a purchase. I suppose it could be used in the shower, but this seems like too much work. Fine, I'm convincing myself that I don't need it. But I think I just might!

Okay, I need to detract from the topic a little. Before we used the cleanser, the girl sitting in front of me refused to use to the products on her face because she didn't want to remove her makeup. I don't understand people of this sort...honestly. Why would you come for an event like this if you were too vain to get your make up off? Not only that, but she made a fuss about the cuticle cream we tried towards the end messing her manicure up. Sometimes I wish I carried a taser around.

So why is this so spectacular? It covers your 5 primary needs in a cleanser: Makeup removal, cleansing, gentle exfoliation, brightening and toning. That is insane, but it's actually true. Even with just the single use, it brighened my skin visibly and softened it to boot. It also comes with a muslin cloth. Who doesn't love muslin cloths? Also, Eve Lom advocates facial massage and their brochure provides the method of doing so, but we were instructed in how to do it for ourselves to drain our lymphathic system. It was incredibly relaxing and the scent of the cleanser worked to calm me quite a bit as well. 

They gave us a bowl of hot water with a muslin cloth in it to wash the cleanser off our faces. They were incredibly wonderful about ensuring the water was always hot enough and replacing it as necessary.

We were then given some of the Moisture Mask to put on our faces. I love that brushes were provided for this purpose. What's awesome about the mask? Everything! I need it! It's a wipe off mask, as opposed to a wash off mask, so it's recommended for you to sleep with it on, and it's brilliant for travelling with. I was previously eyeing the Chanel Hydramaxx mask, but this might actually be something I want more. The only unfortunate bit about this is that it doesn't come in a tube/travel size. It's purely in tub form. Eve Lom! Travel sized tube please! 

While the mask was on, we were given some of the Kiss Mix which is a menthol-based lip treatment. Without a doubt, my lips were softer when I wiped it off a couple of hours later. 

We were also given a little of the Rescue Mask to test out on the backs of our hands. What is this? AMAZING! It's a kaolin-based mask (kaolin is China clay) which contains honey and almond to prevent drying and gently exfoliate respectively. The coolest thing about this is that you can water it down and use it on your eye area to de-puff and it won't be drying because it contains honey. How awesome is that? The second coolest thing is that it comes in a travel size, in a tube! So why doesn't the Moisture Mask?! As for the almond bit, they are literally bits of almonds which will gently exfoliate your skin when you circulate it after the 10-15 minutes of use to draw out toxins. I love this mask. I need it in my life. She did mention that for the first few uses, it would break you out, but that is normal for any clay or charcoal mask because they are drawing out toxins.

Once we had wiped the Rescue Mask off the backs of our hands, we were exposed to the Hydrating Serum. In order to demonstrate its effectiveness at holding water, it was put onto one hand and the other was left without. Thereafter water was sprayed onto both hands and I kid you not when I tell you that the water was literally stuck to the hand with the serum! What sorcery is this?! It was amazing! I felt a bit like Jesus! Quite an effective demonstration, I must admit!

Then, it was time to remove the Moisture Mask from our faces and we used the muslin cloth and warm water to do so. It's not an issue to remove it with cool water though. The hot water is only mandatory for the Cleanser. My skin was definitely brighter and softer. It felt absolute lovely, clean and hydrated as well. We were given some of the Hydrating Serum for our face, and some of the TLC Cream, followed by some of the Eye Lift which is an eye cream with lifting properties (I know that's rather obvious). It's a product you can use under a thicker eye cream if you choose to as well. 

All in all, their stuff was absolutely fantastic and I really wanted it all. I kid you not when I tell you that this morning my skin looked quite wonderful. The workshop cost RM50, and that amount was fully redeemable against products. So why didn't I buy anything?

Firstly, I'm trying not to buy products on the spur of the moment because I don't know if I'll be as excited about them the next day, and I wasn't sure if they would suit me because I had never used their products before. However, I really wanted the Rescue Mask, and the lady attending to me kept trying to force me to buy more stuff even though I told her I wanted to wait and see if it suited my skin. She made a horrible face at that and kept telling me to talk to the lady running the workshop. Then she brought out a set of stuff worth RM405 and I really wanted it until she kept insisting I take more stuff which just really pissed me off so I told her I didn't want anything (yes, I was throwing tantrums), after which she told the lady running the workshop that I wanted to talk to her. What?! So she came and sat down in front of me and asked if she could help. So I told her I wanted to wait to see if the stuff suited my skin and she said of course and was incredibly pleasant about it. The pushy one continued to make a cow of a face and walked me out, handing me a door gift begrudgingly. I really wanted to beat her with a stick. She literally lost a RM355 sale because she was too much of a cow to listen and take cues. 

For the record, the set had almost everything we tried in it in travel sizes. I still really, really want it. Even more so after seeing my skin this morning. 

So, what came in the door gift?

[Eve Lom's Rescue Mask]

I know that you know how excited I am about this!

[Eve Lom's Intensive Firming Serum]


[Eve Lom's Morning Time Cleanser]

This is their alternative cleanser which doesn't require a muslin cloth. Definitely something I'm excited about trying!

[Eve Lom's Cleanser]

This is a sample of their cleanser with a muslin cloth! The Lilac Box had a promotion where you could get one of these by printing out a sheet and taking it over to an Eve Lom counter which I did and I already have one of these. Now that I have two, I can actually try this out on my own. Very exciting! The lady from the Parkson, 1Utama counter recognised me, and she could tell I was getting extremely annoyed so she told me to come by her counter if I was interested in anything. It won't be long before I do that it seems. I suspect I am going to need the masks.

Am I going to buy this stuff? You know I am. But give it time. I have a whole hoard of stuff to get through before this can even be contemplated. I am trying to be good! The caveat to this is that if I come across the set for RM405, I will buy it. It won't be my fault.

If you're interested in Eve Lom, you should definitely check them out. Their products are of amazing quality and well worth the price tag. 


  1. I love your recap. Great write-up! I agree, hard selling is so evil. It should be against the law. Shame to have an otherwise wonderful event spoilt by one or two oddballs. Muslin cloths are all the rage, aren't they? Thry make me feel all artisan and provincial and they're great for making diy mascarpone too.

    1. Thank you!
      It absolutely should! I am a compulsive shopper and stuff like this puts me off. No one really needs to tell me I should be buying stuff because I'm capable of convincing myself to purchase everything in sight all on my own. Between this and sales assistants following you around the store, shopping online looks increasingly more attractive everyday.