Receiving mail is one of my favourite events ever, and this is especially so when you know you're going to get a box full of goodies which has you on tenterhooks...just waiting...and biding your time...

I've been waiting...and waiting...and waiting. It's definitely late for a July box, but they had a shipment delay, so they tried to get this out in time for Raya. 

[CosmoBox - July 2013]

Look at the casing! So pretty! 

[Almost there...]

And I still don't know how to get across how good the quality of the box is. It's amazing!  It truly is the perfect box to store letters in. Yes, no one writes to me often enough anymore, but one can hope!

[So pretty!]

[Product Description Sheet]

[My new stuff!]

[Aveda's be curly Shampoo & Conditioner and damage repair Leave-In Treatment]

I'm so happy with these! I got a sample of the be curly conditioner when I went for The Lilac Box's Aveda consultation, and it really is a brilliant conditioner. It defines curls and smooths out frizz so well that I was contemplating another purchase. I can't wait to try the shampoo and leave-in treatment!

[Nuxe Products]

[There were two of these packages...]

[Nuxe's Brightening Cleansing Foam]

[Nuxe's Brightening Extreme Lotion]

[Nuxe's Whitening Concentrated Serum]

This stuff certainly looks interesting enough and I will give them a shot. Nuxe has really good much so that SaSa has replaced Caudalie with them! I know! How horrifying! But yes, it's the best possible way to get an introduction to the brand.

[Nuxe's Brightening BB Cream]

BB CREAM!!!! Need I really say more?! 

[Nuxe's Multi-Usage Dry Oil]

I've been hearing about this for a while now and it's something I've been itching to check out. Who would have thought I would be so into oils one day? Not my mother, that's for sure! I do wish I had listened as a child.

[Toe Separators]

Always, always need these! If you don't do your own toes, these are great for storing nail polish upside down with. Just put them at the bottom of the holder and stick the handles of the polish brush into them, then pull these up to the middle so that you have the names of the polishes sticking upwards. 

[Worthy Book - Ladies Edition 2013-2014]

This is absolutely amazing! I'm a little bit said that I already bought myself this, so if anyone wants it, let me know and it's all yours! The stuff in here is well worth the entire price of the box, and it retails for around RM29 if I'm not wrong. You get a bunch of vouchers for free stuff, cheaper treatments, etc. Such a brilliant collection of vouchers. An amazing addition to the box for sure.

I can't describe how happy I am with this! After the consecutive disappointment with the last two boxes, I feel vindicated for having hope! Since this was late, the next box will arrive in two weeks hehehe. I like it! You need to get some Box Culture in your life! You really do! This is my second box and I have only gotten happier, so it feels like it's an exponential increment. CosmoBox offers 3-month (RM99), 6-month (RM188) and 12-month (RM366) subscriptions, so they get cheaper for the longer periods. I'm hoping the August box is even more awesome...a girl must have aspirations right?

If you're interested in the CosmoBox by Box Culture, head over to either of the following:


  1. Hello there. i'm interested with that stuff which you want to let go. How to get it?

    1. You've sent me an e-mail right? I'll get back to you there :D

  2. is the worthy book available? how to get it? can u email me at

  3. Hi! Is the Worthy Book still available?

    1. Hello! Nope, someone's already taken it.