[Clinique's Age Defense BB Cream]

So, I got a little sample of this from Sephora. It's enough for multiple uses in all honesty. 

This is what the actual packaging looks like and it boasts anti-aging properties and a broad spectrum SPF of 30. Definitely a good start.

DAY 1:

[Morning dark circles...To match my mood]

Lack of Sleep - Check!
Dark Undereye Circles - Check!
Hating Mornings - Check!
Want to Murder People - Check! 

I really need to learn from my mistakes and go easy on the BB Cream. The result was not pleasant. 

[Ahhhh! Ghost!]

The BB Cream itself has a gel-like texture, and it is rather thick. It doesn't really blend into the skin all too easily, and you have to work quickly in order to get it to blend nicely. Sadly, this too sat on my skin in a somewhat chalky texture, which I hate! It's not a cream you can tap into your skin either. Rub it in, and rub it quickly (That's what she said!)

Even if I hadn't used so much (accidentally...I don't function well sans caffeine), the colour is unmistakably wrong. Look at my hairline! Good God. No way was I going out this way.

What's the solution? Pack on the powder! 

[Concealed & Powdered]

For today, I used MAC's Mineralised Skinfinish Natural over it and I really worked it in there. I've been using a light hand on the powder to try to see how the BB Creams function on their own, but this couldn't be helped. The Michael Jackson syndrome doesn't really work for me.

[11:40 am]

By 2:50 pm, my nose had a sheen to it, but everything else was reasonably in tact. I didn't really need to blot though...or rather, I was too busy/lazy to.

At 3:30 pm, there wasn't much of a change to it. The colour hadn't settled in all that much and while the powder helped to tone the deathly pallor down a bit, you can still the madness of the colour difference along my hairline. If I had worked too much powder into that, it probably would have looked like dandruff, so in the cost-benefit analysis, looking diseased won out.

[3:30 pm]

It was an early end to the day, and while the issue with an oily T-Zone wasn't mitigated by this BB Cream, it wasn't out of control either. It did a decent job of making sure just some bits and bobs were oily, but still maintained it's integrity. The colour, however, never settled in well enough for me to be happy. I understand that Clinique has several shades, but Sephora carried only 2 so I didn't have much of a choice. Even so, there is the issue with the powdery residue on my skin. I have no idea what on earth this is, but I don't like it. I experienced the same with the Origins' BB Cream. Perhaps it's the method of application. 

[7:45 pm]

DAY 2:

This is going to be 2 reviews in 1 because I switched up my make up during the day.

[Rise & Shine...Yes, the oily kind of shine...]

So, today I tried to restrain myself from my enthusiasm for BB Creams, and kicked things off with 1 dot. Literally one dot which barely covered the top of my index finger. That was definitely enough for my entire face. I kid you not.

[BB Cream and Undereye Concealer]

Even with just that tiny bit, it's still too light, but nowhere near as awful as yesterday. The thing with this is that you know you're wearing something. It feels very heavy on the skin, and that feeling never really goes away. It's there. Supposedly abusing your skin into submission, but it's there.


I used a very light dusting of Rimmel's Stay Matte today. I didn't use any BB Cream or powder down my chin and neck because I was wearing a white shirt. If there's anything that doesn't need make up on it, it's a white shirt.

[11:50 am]

As the day wore on, I realised that there was just the requisite shine down the bridge of my nose mostly, but nothing too drastic. I presume that the oil-free formula in this aids in not exacerbating the issue, which I appreciate. For that reason, I didn't really blot all day.

[5:20 pm]

As you can see, the colour never really settled into my skin completely. It wasn't as bad as the thick layer I had on yesterday, but it definitely didn't match my neck. Shine-wise, it held up pretty well. By 6 pm, I was oily, but not horribly so, and my make up was still very much in tact. My blush hadn't disappeared, and while there was the standard creasing under my eyes, there wasn't an issue with the powdery finish I had been getting over the last few days. If you have that, it's the result of using too much. Starting with a dot is the best advice I can give you.

So, as Sephora fans may know (yes, I have resolved my issues with them), Benefit is having a "makeupper" offer every Friday from 5-7 pm and I went to their outlet in KLCC to attend it. It really wasn't a biggie, just a promotional thing for their Stay Flawless range. 

Basically when she was removing my make up, she told me that my skin was oily...because I'm blind apparently. Then she proceeded to put on Porefessional and the Stay Flawless primer while informing me that they would both control the oil. This was such a lie. Within an hour my nose was no longer even remotely shine-free.

She used the following products on me:

Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation
Hello Flawless SPF 15 Powder


On your left is the makeup she did on my face, on my right was my undone face because she removed my make up. Without a doubt, you can see that the POREfessional minimises the appearance of pores, and the foundation gifts quite a lift and glow to the skin.

[Benefit Makeupper]

I will admit quite readily that the foundation did feel very light and fresh on the skin. It's oil-free and contains oxygen (what doesn't?) so it's not supposed to clog your pores. 

[11:20 pm]

Oil Control? Scarcely an hour in, my face was not much better than what you see above. As you can see from the undereye area (where she removed my concealer and didn't replace it), this is quite a lightweight foundation as well. While it felt quite nice, I don't think it's something I need to invest in considering the amount of stuff I already have. 

If you're interested, you can give Sephora in KLCC a call to make an appointment for the Makeupper which will be scheduled for a Friday between 5-7 pm. Alternatively, you could head over to Pavilion until Sunday (18/08) where they have a set up with goodies and sessions of this sort ongoing. 

Now, back to Clinique's BB Cream. I'm definitely not a fan. Not only is the colour far too light for me, it feels heavy on the skin which defeats the entire purpose of a BB Cream. It's decent for oil control, which is definitely a plus, and it has medium coverage, which a lot of us could definitely use, but there's better stuff out there. It feels like a foundation, and I have foundations with a better colour match, so there's no reason for me to even consider this product. 

Maybe I need to wait for some Indian company to create BB Cream for a better colour match. Lakme! Get on with it!


  1. Loving this series of posts, Arpita. Personally, I lean towards the Asian BB formulas. Foundations and BB creams are so shade-specific that I just think the Asian brands understand our Asian skin better.
    Is it politically correct to say this ?!

    I do think your MAC Mineralised Powder did a great job in fixing up the tonal difference and was very noticeably superior in performance to the Rimmel product. You rock, I'm going to take your tips to the grave with me.

    1. I know you're the only person who understands the extent of my love for BB creams and the rationale of the search for the perfect one. I tried Skin79 quite a while back, but it was too thick for me to really enjoy it and the colour wasn't a good match for me either. I think I really am looking for the tinted moisturiser style of Western BB creams, but then again, I might as well stick with a tinted moisturiser? But this is fun nonetheless. But I understand you're saying and it's definitely politically correct. For what BB creams were meant to be, the Asian ones are far superior.

      MAC's Mineralised Skinfinish is my favourite thing MAC has ever come out with. It provides additional coverage as well because you could use it wet on its own, and it works as a lightweight foundation.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying this. It's truly wonderful to have someone who can understand my deep seated obsessions :D

  2. How come I find this post way too funny yet very useful at the same time? LOL!

    I am still struggling to find the time to conceal my blemishes and facial imperfections while being a mommy to an 18-month old.
    So... I still haven't used any BB creams or CC creams just yet.

    But now that I am beginning to really hate those blemishes, I think I am going to take your advice and try them BBs or CCs.

    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. That's quite the compliment! I'm glad you found this useful and entertaining!

      For a busy mum/person, BB and CC creams are perfect because they're meant to be an easy and quick means of giving you some coverage. Definitely a better option than foundation daily. The trick is to find your perfect BB/CC cream though. I know I've yet to find one I would repurchase.