[Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser]

As is evident from the price tag, I bought this while I was in the States...from CVS. Which is what really ticks me off about Burt's Bees here. They charge an obscene amount of money for stuff that doesn't cost half that much in the States. Robbery. 

Outrage aside, I really like this product. It definitely smelled quite soothing so I used it in the morning as a light cleanser. Since I use a foaming cleanser at night because I use a thicker moisturiser, a very light cleanse in the morning is all that's necessary. And this was perfect for that purpose.

It has a somewhat thicker consistency, and it doesn't foam up at all which means that you're not stripping your skin of any of the nutrients from the stuff you put on it overnight. Definitely a winner.

Definitely a winner. From the calming scent to the way it softens, but not strips your skin, it really is quite lovely to wake up to.

Get it? Yes! 

Maybe not in KL, though. 


  1. I know, I am constantly bemoaning the extortionate prices in this country. Everything is cheaper overseas. I only travel with empty suitcases.
    Ironically, I recently met a couple of Londoners who asked me where all the cheap stuff was here in Asia - I curtly told them there was NONE.
    The rule to living in Asia is Earn Less but Pay More.

    1. Definitely. Such an abysmal shame really. It's not like we don't appreciate the products just as much, either! It's unreasonable. Lately I have been bemoaning the fact that Wet & Wild eye shadows aren't available here. They're so cheap that our pharmacies shouldn't have a problem stocking them.
      I travel with empty suitcases too! And I'm lucky to have a brother who does the same but really doesn't shop, so when we go to the States together, I technically get 2 suitcases hehehe.