[Boots' Bergamot Overnight Skin Cream]

One of the things that really depresses me in life is that fact that Boots isn't in Malaysia. They are in Bangkok, however, which is where I bought this.

I love Boots. Not only are their house brand products absolutely fantastic, but they carry an absolutely divine selection of skin care and makeup. Half the reason I want to move to London is because Boots is amazing. 

The product aside, the packaging is unbelievably luxurious and a throwback to the Victorian era. I wish I had kept the box it came in, and I don't even remember the price of this, but it was very inexpensive. 

When you screw off the lid, all you smell is pure Bergamot. Which I absolutely love. Because it reminds me of Earl Grey Tea, it immediately soothes my soul and makes me feel like the world is a better place.

Mind you, though, that this is quite a thick cream, so I only used this at night. It definitely felt like I was pampering my skin and the scent lingered for a bit to aid in calming you into sleep. 

This would be good during the day if you have dry skin, but that definitely wouldn't be appropriate for me. I did enjoy this product (which is clear from the bottom of the container), but I don't think I'll be buying it again. It's a good product, but I have found other loves which are better. 

Worth a shot? Definitely. It wouldn't be a pricey shot.


  1. Now you have me fantasising about Boots. I always fancied setting up a little home apothecary.

    1. Oh my! Please do! Make little concoctions in glass jars. They always make things seem a lot more special. This kind of makes me feel like I'm one of those debutantes haha.