Around March or April, Bare Minerals launched their Ready Foundation here in KL, and Sephora had an ongoing offer where a purchase of the foundation would come with trial skincare. I'm not sure when companies decided that sachets were an adequate means of testing out a product, but this decision seems to have become the norm.

Anyway, they provided 2 cleanser samples, 1 moisturiser sample and 2 night gel samples. I do despise odd numbers, and this random figure shuffling truly distresses me. If it makes sense to you, please explain it to me.

[Bare Minerals' Skincare System Samples]

[2, 1, 2]

I've finally gotten around to trying it, and I must say that for its initial foray into the skin care arena, they definitely did a pretty good job. 

[Bare Minerals' Hydrating Milk Cleanser]

As it is a milk cleanser, it doesn't foam up all that much and it leaves your skin feeling very hydrated and clean, but not tight at all. It's especially lovely in the morning because it is quite gentle and it smells fresh and soothing. 

[Bare Minerals' Hydrate & Nourish Moisturiser]

There is no mention of a toner on this, so I'm assuming this is a 2-in-1 product which is a good thing, I suppose, unless you have a distinct love for toners, as I do. This has a very light consistency, and it definitely didn't leave me feeling greasy or oily throughout the day. I wouldn't say it's oil-controlling, but it doesn't make your oil problems any worse. It also sinks into the skin quite easily and quickly, which is a definite plus. 

[Bare Minerals' Active Cell Renewal Night Gel]

As this is a gel, you don't wake up feeling greasy, but rather, it leaves your skin feeling quite well rested. If there were one product from this system I would purchase, It would be this gel.

Overall, the sachet-based nonsense isn't enough to make a complete judgement call on the product, but from what I could tell, it's decent, but there are better products out there for the price you would pay for these. It definitely would suit oily and sensitive skin more than dry skin, I would think, simply because the Cell Renewal Night Gel is off too thin and light a consistency to really do it for dry skin. 

For me, this is a pass for now. Hopefully they come up with something more exciting in the near future.