[My Very Intriguing Parcel]

This was definitely not expected as Mimi posted earlier in the week that her grandmother had passed away and there would be a week-long delay in the posting of the parcel. This came just 4 days after she posted it. That's efficiency and dedication right there. 

Now, Mimi mentioned in an update just after the July bags went out that RM1 from each bag sold hereon would go to charity, and that she wanted to spread the love of reading by including a book with her bags. Can you love her any more? 

A post today confirms that RM1 from each bag sold will go to buying books for a children's library. If there's a better cause, I haven't heard it. Reading is the pathway to many fundamentally invaluable things. 

So, what came in my parcel?

[Bag of Love's August 2013 Contents]

First of, there couldn't be a more appropriate book. This was the book that kicked off my affair with chick lit, and for all the right reasons. Also, someone "borrowed" it around 9 years (man do I feel old) back and never returned it. Such people will die from very painful illnesses. I haven't started the book review segment of my blog yet, but it's definitely upcoming. There's only so long I can contain my love affair with books for. And the first book is one you need to read, or regret for life. 

[Mystery Gifts: Crabtree & Evelyn's Avocado Hand Care Therapy (2 Sachets) & Murad's Oil-Free Sunscreen with SPF50]

As I renewed my quarterly subscription from this bag on, I received these as additional gifts. I have so much hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn at this point that I can start up a little stall next to their store and sell their stuff at a cheaper price. But I won't! I've started religiously using the stuff. My July Bag of Love lies snugly on my bedside table full of hand cream and lip balm for me to use before going to bed. A very neat arrangement indeed. 

And there's Oil-Free Sunscreen with SPF50 from Murad too! Definitely two very wonderful additional gifts.

[Bag of Love - August 2013]

By far my favourite bag to date. It's absolute gorgeous and as always, of amazing quality. Not to mention the adorably placed Bag of Love logo! I couldn't love this more! The little pouches never disappoint!

[Bag of Love's August 2013 Contents]

[Product Description Sheet and a JuiceWorks Voucher]

I love Juice Works! I know it's a little obscene to pay RM6+ for juice, but the RM5 more that you pay instead of drinking a soft drink will be worth it in the long run. And this is 1 for 1, so yay!

[Lierac's Luminescence Serum]

I'm really happy with this! I've been reading up on Lierac and lusting after their stuff, so this couldn't come at a better time. Especially since I have entered my Serum Obsession Phase. This is not going to bode well for me. So excited to try this out! 

[Himalaya's Neem Face Pack]

For those not familiar with neem, it's a plant which has amazing skin properties for your skin. I used their cleanser for a bit to good results, but unfortunately your skin has the tendency to become immune to neem after a while so you can't use it continuously. This is in mask form so I'm quite curious to test it out. It says on the packaging that it's for oily and/or acne-prone skin. Yes, it does wonders for oil control. Definitely something I'm very happy to be trying out!

[Saxby's Nail Lacquer in No. 35]

There's no name on this, but it's a very pretty shade. On my nail was just one coat of it which is very impressive, and it dries extremely quickly too. Though I've never heard of Saxby prior to this, I'm loving the frosted glass packaging and the formula so far. That's two months in a row that we've gotten nail polish, and I do hope this trend carries on! 

[L'Oreal's Liss Ultime Hair Mask]

I can't even talk about this anymore. It's killing bits of my soul at a time. It's a good product, but I'm so tired of receiving it in beauty boxes that I don't even feel like reviewing it. L'Oreal! Your insistence on giving out the same product multiple times is ensuring that I never spend my money on it! STOP THE MADNESS!!! STOP IT NOW! 

[Johnson's Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion]

It has been an incredible number of years since I've used anything from Johnson's, and this looks nice enough. They definitely don't disappoint in the use of their products, and since this is a gel lotion, it would be perfect for daytime use without taking too long to sink in. Really happy with it!

[Perfume Samples]

Not a fan of perfume vials, but it never hurts to have them handy.

All in all, this bag was phenomenal from the addition of a book, to the bag, to the generosity and sizing of the samples in there. So much love! I can't reiterate how awesome Bag of Love is compared to the majority of the beauty boxes out there. Most of them are really quite terrible, which is such a shame. Yay for consistent awesomeness!

If you're interested in Bag of Love, they provide monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions. More information can be found below:


  1. I can't believe I've never read Confessions of a Shopaholic! Or seen the movie? Where was I?! Probably out shopping...
    I just started reading it and it's SO me haha I totally understand you, Rebecca Bloomwood! From the scarf right down to the lottery ticket haha
    I love what you said about the L'Oreal Liss Ultime. I don't even have 5 sets like you but am already bored of this relationship. What I wish I could find is more Clairol Radiance shampoo. Have you tried it? I love it and am down to my last dregs and will need to find the full size soon if I don't get another sample.
    Arpita honey, you are such a diligent, wonderful blogger - I can barely keep up with comments but don't you dare stop! I love reading your posts - they are really as good as getting a beauty box. Honest!

    1. Definitely better to live it than you read about it and yes, the sentiments are similar on my end. I don't think a month has gone by that "pay day" doesn't mean "splurge day" in all actuality. Her problems truly mirror my own, and there's no better way it could have been epitomised. And honestly, until you meet a guy who will enable your madness, he isn't the right one for you hahahaha.
      I did try the Clairol shampoo and it is absolutely fabulous! It's definitely on my full-sized purchase list. An abundance better than the L'Oreal stuff, even though it's far from bad. Let's hope they heed the warning signs of frustrating us bloggers!
      I'm so happy to hear that because it comes from someone whose blog is equally as addictive!

  2. You know, when first heard you mention The Enabler I honestly thought it meant you had hit shopaholic Pay Dirt i.e the person who signed the credit card AND paid it off.
    LOL, I have been quietly stalking your archives to uncover the mysterious origins of this handle. You could, however, save me some time and spill the beans here in the comments :D

    1. The day I meet that man, I'll be married within 24 hours! Till then I will have to live in hope!
      The Enabler is actually my cousin who pretends she is going shopping with me to stop me but ends up telling me I need the stuff I am lusting after because she wants it too! She's the other girl in the Raffles High Tea Picture.