A few weeks ago, much to my surprise, I got an e-mail from Ky-Gan of The Lilac Box saying that I had won their Aveda post-a-pic contest along with a few other lovely ladies! It was definitely one of the more exciting e-mails I've received in my life. I never win stuff!

So, today I popped by Aveda's store in 1Utama to claim the spoils of victory. The guy who was manning the counter was really, REALLY nice and he sat me down to explain the products to me.

[Aveda's Invati Shampoo & Conditioner (RM216)]

This range is for controlling hair loss. I am well aware that my hair is, for some reason, trying to escape the clutches of my scalp and I don't doubt it has plenty to do with lack of sleep, getting older and some nutrient deficiency or another. We could all use some help in this department!

These products are actually just 2 in a set of 3. The shampoo has exfoliating properties. While I've heard of clarifying shampoos, I've never heard of an exfoliating shampoo...and I'm really curious. If you read my blog, you know I have an undying love affair with exfoliators, so this is just another step in the direction of hoarding and obsession. It's meant to be used a maximum of every alternate shampoo so that you don't over-exfoliate your scalp...yes, over-exfoliating brings a host of problems all its own. 

The conditioner works in quite a counter-intuitive manner to regular conditioners, which I find remarkably exciting. It's meant to be used on your scalp to moisturise it post-exfoliation. How exciting is this?! You're meant to leave it on between 2-5 minutes, and use your regular conditioner on the rest of your hair (since you're not supposed to use regular conditioner on your scalp). 

The final step in this series (which I'm a little heartbroken about not getting right now - in line with my attempt not to make impulse purchases) is a scalp toner. I never knew they had such a product! I need it! It's a leave-in treatment for your scalp. It retails at RM252.

Over time, the system is supposed to thicken and strengthen your hair, thus preventing further hair loss. Definitely necessary.

I really am quite intrigued by this system and I can't wait to try it out. If these work nicely for me, it seems quite inevitable that I will end up getting the third step. It feels incomplete. 

Again, thank you three lovely men from The Lilac Box and the wonderfully generous lot at Aveda! You are definitely luring me into obsession and this is not good!

Random Announcement: In other news, my 100th post is upcoming and there will be major gifting to celebrate! Stay tuned and there will be hints and cheats posted in the next few posts leading up to it!


  1. Congrats on this most fantastic win! I don't believe in competitions unless someone I know wins them and you have restored my faith. I have heard great things about Aveda but am too ashamed to bring them anywhere near the seaweedy mass that I call my hair.

    1. I'm always sceptical about them too but TLB has reinforced my belief in meritocracy!
      Why? What's wrong with your hair?? Did you try the shampoo we were given in one of the beauty boxes (I forget which)?