I came home to this! I wasn't expecting it because, as usual, I was stalking their page today and they mentioned that the first batch went out yesterday. Excitement promptly ensued and I ran to my room to rip it open and avoid the questions about why I need so many cosmetics and skincare products. People just don't understand that there is no such as thing as too much of a good thing. This is a lie perpetuated by Indian people who want to hoard their money for a lavish funeral.

[WonderBox - July 2013]

The theme for this month is summer! I know it shouldn't be this exciting since I live in Malaysia and this is a tropical country and it's always summer, but to me summer means hydration and coral! Love!

I also need to mention that I adore the fact that the colour of the ribbon is different from last month (when it was purple). I do hope this is a thing with them where they give you a different coloured ribbon every month.

[Product Description Sheet]

[WonderBox - July 2013]

[Ginvera's Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away]

Yay! For those of you who don't know this, I have a penchant for eye creams. And now I think I've tried everything in Ginvera's Green Tea line. I was standing in Caring there other day when I promptly ran over (my workplace is in the building office) after reading the amazing reviews on the BB Cream, and contemplating purchasing this. So glad I didn't. So, so glad to have received this! I did, however, purchase the BB Cream and a review is forthcoming during my BB Cream trial month starting 1st of August.

When I saw the next few products, my excitement died a little because I'm neither a teenager nor acne riddled.

[Nu Teen's Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser]

This really annoyed the hell out of me. Not only do I really not like this product, but it was leaky and had messed up the rest of the box which I had to clean before taking the remaining pictures. 

[Nu Teen's Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask, Acne Away Gel, Blackheads Away Gel]

[Nu Teen's Acne Away Gel & Blackheads Away Gel]

No words for how annoyed I am by all of this. I don't understand the purpose of filling in the beauty survey when you join WonderBox's site if they don't give you stuff that's appropriate to your age range or skin concerns. Pshhh

If anyone is interested in the Nu Teen stuff, just let me know and it's all yours! 

Le Scenteur's Whitening Hand & Body Lotion]

I have 5 million and 1 lotions at the moment and this doesn't really inspire much excitement in me. I'll give it a shot. Might be worth travelling with, I suppose?

[Bloop's Lip Liner Pencil]

This I'm really quite happy with! There's no colour code on it so I can't really tell you what colour it is, but it's definitely a very pretty shade and it says that it's waterproof and contains vitamin E and aloe vera on the packaging. Both of those are supposed to be very soothing so this seems promising for a long-wearing, non-drying liner. Can't wait to test it out!

[Ma Cherie's Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner]

For those who don't know, this is one of Shiseido's cheaper brands and though I've never actually tried anything from this line, I do love everything I've ever tried out from Shiseido so I have high hopes for this! It's also a pretty decently sized sample bag of both items so no complaints on my end.

[b.liv's Stem Cell Revival Mask]

As I've mentioned previously, I've recently been trying to be more diligent in masking, so this is definitely a good thing. In fact, I was in SaSa the other day and looking at this range. I like how the universe is rewarding me for restraining myself from buying everything that I want. It says on the packaging that this is made from apple stem cells and it's got anti-aging properties. I'm really stoked to try this out! 

All in all, I'm reasonably happy with this box. I did renew my subscription after receiving my first box last month and I bought a quarterly subscription, so two more boxes to go. I genuinely hope they start accounting for the beauty survey you take and stop sending me stuff that's for spotty teenagers. 

However, on the whole, I can't really complain. The other stuff is just grand and I'm very pumped to try it all out. Reasonably well done this July, WonderBox! More makeup please! <3

This box costs RM45 and Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual subscription plans are available. 


  1. Hi, I got my Wonderbox today too and the contents exactly the same as yours. This is my first beauty box ever and I must say I am pretty disappointed. Value wise, this box does not seem to justify my RM45 and like you, I was super annoyed with the NuTeen samples, being a matured and non acne prone lady !
    I already possess 2 of the eye roll ons from a buy 1 free 1 offer some time back and am not a fan of cheap overfragrant body lotions :(
    Oh well, I am stuck for 2 more months and hopefully August will be better.

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one disappointed by this fact. Last month's box was definitely much better, and I'm hoping next month will be too.

      Here's a link to last month's box:

      Although the stuff is worth more than RM45, it's not what I have come to expect from beauty boxes. For a lower price, Bag of Love is the subscription that has never disappointed me.

    2. Yeah, I saw your reviews of previous boxes and that's why I decided to go for Wonderbox as my first try. Was actually contemplating Bag of Love and regretted going with Wonderbox greatly after seeing both July boxes.
      By the way, I am a relatively new follower to yr blog and am enjoying your candid humorous way of reviewing :)

    3. Really a shame. Hopefully they take all this into account and come back with a bang next month! You never know huh?
      I'm so glad to hear that! Please stay tuned as there are some exciting reviews coming up!

  2. I'm a WonderBox fence-sitter. I can't seem to convince myself to order one although I am guilty of stalking their FB like nobody's business. I am looking for that one thing that will encourage me to take THAT leap. It's a shame because they have such promising packaging but I find the samples are rather eclectic and they don't seem to be connecting with their market as intimately as the others. Hope they will change my mind.

    1. I was on the fence after June's box, but I took the leap and quite somewhat regretted it after receiving this box. It's possible that they are trying to deal with the issues they've gotten criticism for such as repetition of items by introducing new brands, but haven't managed to snag anyone that really clinches an audience. Whatever it is, they need to shape up a little to compete. Definitely hoping the next two months won't leave me as disappointed.

  3. I'm laughing when seeing the Nuteen products in this edition. Yes I'm still a teenager so some of my friends were using this products previously but now no one is currently using them anymore. Nuteen products are really not good products actually. All my friends gave me so many bad reviews as this products gave them more and more acne after using it. I think Wonderbox didn't survey about this product.. Too bad I think.

    1. That's even worse! Not only is it unsuitable for a large number of subscribers, but it's bad too? Thanks for letting me know. Now I can safely dispose of the stuff instead of hanging on to it for someone it would work for.