I was cleaning my room yesterday and there were so many Sephora bags that my mum asked me if I could return them to Sephora for recycling. I think this is a clear indicator that there might be a problem. Damn you, nucleus accumbens!

Anyway...Sephora! I landed up there not long after I got back from London...well, because I had to. My initial response to their e-mail on a Percy & Reed offer was to turn a blind eye in an attempt at restraint. Then, they sent out an e-mail stating that the first 30 people in store during a certain period would receive a free Dior makeover. I've been itching to try out more Dior stuff, so what better time to go ahead with that? Following that decision, they also sent out an e-mail stating that there would Porefessional samples available. I love samples and offers. I am the perfect consumer. What can I say...I'm Indian!

So, what did I do? I woke up bright and early and went to Sephora in Paradigm Mall. I was early, and they hadn't opened yet so I was literally sitting there waiting for them to open. Don't judge. Some people camp out for concert tickets...some camp out for makeup. The world is a complicated place. Naturally, I was the first person that...which was somewhat surprising, and yet not.

When I approached the counter to redeem the Dior offer, they told me it was only available in KLCC, and even the beauty advisor was a bit shocked that it wasn't stated on the e-mail. The same goes for the Porefessional offer. I was slightly livid by this point...and so all my resolve not to buy anything from Percy & Reed promptly melted away and I ended up buying stuff I had been eyeing. It's not my fault!

[Percy & Reed Stuff]

While I was there, in a bid to amass more BB & CC creams (because I need them), I got drams of Peter Thomas Roth and Clinique samples, as well. 

[Percy & Reed Purchases]

[Percy & Reed's Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask (RM105)]

I've actually been eyeing this since London, and I figured what better time to get it now that I had a 10% off offer lying in my account which made it RM94.50. It's actually for "fine, flat and dry hair", and even though I don't really have an issue with any of those three, I've realised that most of the hair masks are too thick for the humidity in Malaysia. It's not healthy to wash your hair everyday, and the thickness of most masks tends to exacerbate the need to wash your hair daily because it gets greasy quicker. And everyone could use more moisture in their hair, so this seemed like a good product to try out. I haven't used it yet, but I'll review it when I do. It sounds extremely promising, and it comes with a pump! I love! It makes it so much cleaner and easier to use!

[Percy & Reed's No Oil Oil (RM75)]

This is along the lines of the leave-in hair oils like Caudalie's Divine Oil and Moroccan Oil. I used a bit of it to smooth out frizzy hair and it worked like a charm. I haven't used it enough to provide a detailed review, but my first impression is that it is a tab bit greasier and doesn't sink in as nicely as the Divine Oil or Moroccan Oil. It's definitely not a bad product, just that there are better options out there. However, I do need to try it out a bit more before providing a comprehensive review.

[Freebies with Offer]

I think the offer was that you would get a free bag for every RM150 spent on Percy & Reed products, and I am not disappointed at all! I have no regrets!

[Percy & Reed's Complementary Bag]

Look how pretty the bag is! I know you want it muahaha!

[Percy & Reed's Complementary Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo]

This, too, is a product I've been eyeing for a while and I wasn't aware it would come with the bag, so I'm glad I didn't pick it up. It's a travel sized product so it's perfect for trying out. Exciting times!

[Clinique's BB & CC Cream & Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream Samples]

These samples will be reviewed over the course of my BB & CC Cream reviews during the next month.

So, after leaving Sephora with a mix of the euphoria of shopping and the bitter taste of disappointment, I wrote them a very stern e-mail detailing the absurdity of the lack of information. They promptly responded, informing me that they would investigate the situation. It's a good thing the beauty advisor was so surprised by the error that she made a copy of my email in order to send it to management. 

They responded to the situation rather promptly, referring the manner to Singapore (Sephora Malaysia is owned by the same people), and they got in touch with me to apologise and make amends. They offered me the makeover by Dior on any date of my choice and told me they would be sending me the Porefessional samples via mail from Singapore. Exciting? Very. 

I made an appointment for the Dior makeover for the following Wednesday at their Starhill outlet, and was met there by a Dior makeup artist from their Pavillion outlet. How was the makeover? Hmm...

I loved the products he used, but I'm a little skeptical about the fact that his idea of colour contouring and the "magic 3" method of contouring involved only blush, and blush on my chin no less! 

When you see it from a far, it looks decent (except for the lack of under eye concealer):

[Post-Dior Makeover]

[Up Close]

I don't think it's visible in pictures, but the blush on the chin looks REALLY weird. It's just not normal. I've never in my life seen this technique, and there is a reason for it. In real life, this shit is not acceptable. 

However, the makeup artist was really nice and seemed to have a lot of experience, and I suppose the chin-blush would work for editorial pieces or runways. But no. In the harsh light of day, that shit is quite wonky. In any event, some of the stuff he did was very intriguing. For example, he used Dior's eye BB cream to create a cream base which wouldn't crease! It was amazing. You just need to mix it with the eyeshadow of your choice and it works fabulously. Now I want it!

I also want the Dior Cleansing Water he used. It's amazing! AMAZING! However, the Enabler was with me and she mentioned that she preferred Clarins' One Step Cleanser to the Dior Cleansing Water, so that might be worth a shot. 

Of course, we were in Sephora, so other than the samples he gave me, both of us ended up buying nail polish. It couldn't be helped. Butter London was having a promotional item! You will understand when you see it!

[Sephora Loot]

[Benefit's Porefessional Sample]

[Dior's Dior Addict Eau Delice Sample & Deluxe Sample]

These were sent over by Sephora with the makeup artist to appease my anger. And they did! The perfume really is quite nice so I'm very happy!

[Dior's Cpature Totale Multi Perfection Eye Treatment]

I really do love eye cream and this felt quite nice when he put it on so I extorted a sample from him.

[fresh's Umbrian Clay Samples: Cleanser/Mask, Mattifying Serum & Lotion]

Had to be done. fresh has absolutely amazing products (I am not refusing to press the "Shift" button, their company name doesn't have a capital letter in front of it). A while ago the Enabler and myself got a sample of their Rose serum and were quite ecstatic about it, and she mentioned that their Umbrian Clay range is supposed to be better. Couldn't be helped! I can't remember exactly what these were (so, I haven't used it), but I think it's a cleanser, mattifier and serum (Enabler, please correct me and tell me what letter on the lid stands for what). 

[butter London's Backstage Basics Kit (RM89)]

I don't think it's physically possible not to want this! Look how pretty! The kit itself was RM89, and then you pick out any polish of your choice for RM54 and insert it into the slot provided. OMG!!! So, so worth it! What made it even more worth it was that I had a 10% off voucher too, so yay! If you haven't tried anything from this brand, do it! 

I've tested everything in this kit out, and I love! So much!

[butter London's Old Blighty]

Look how pretty! It's not just a red...it's a rest with brown undertones making it a gorgeous red! The Enabler got a peach shade which was extremely pretty as well.

[Butter London's Backstage Basics (RM54)]

[Nail File]

[Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover]

[Base & Top Coats]

[Base Coat]

I really need to talk about this, because it is the prettiest base coat ever. It could be used for a French manicure in order to achieve a gorgeous nail colour with white tips. I want to hoard this in my life!

[Top Coat]

Then, a few days ago I received a package from Sephora. I was under the impression that the stuff the makeup artist gave me was what they were planning to send over, but apparently not.

[A thick, padded envelope of this sort can only mean good things!]

I was a little surprised at the sheer bulk of it because they told me they would be sending me 2 Benefit Porefessional Samples. Absolutely not complaining though!

So, what was inside?

[Spoils of War]

[fresh's Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment]

This made me quite ecstatic because everytime I go to Sephora, I see this next to the cashier and wonder if I should buy it. Thankfully I refrained from doing so. It' doesn't have much colour pay off, but it really is quite moisturising.

[Natural Lip Colour]

[fresh's Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment]

[Burt's Bees' Lip Shimmer in Watermelon]

[Natural Lip Colour]

[Burt's Bees' Lip Shimmer in Watermelon]

It's not as moisturising as the fresh Lip Treatment, but it gives a nice subtle colour to the lips (lightening it a shade or two in my case), and it has that lovely minty feeling that wakes you up a little.

Both these balms are quite nice in that you can use them even if you're not wearing makeup. Some tinted lip balms are too pigmented and look unnatural without makeup. This is not the case with these. I'm so happy!

It really is "tinted" It gives a nice sheen to the lips and isn't sticky. It smells like sugar so it's really quite a pleasant product.

[fresh's Samples]

So exciting! For informational purposes, I did try out a drammed sample of the Rose Hydrating Gel Cream a while back, and I fell in love. It is absolutely AMAZING. If you are looking for a nice oil-free moisturiser, get this! I haven't tried the other two, but am stoked to do so!

[First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser & Ultra Repair Cream]

I reviewed these not long ago and these would be perfect for a one or two day trip!

[Ole Henriksen's Samples]

This is another brand I've been rather curious about so I can't wait to try these! 

[For Beloved One's BB Cream]

BB Cream!!! Can't wait to try this out! It's not a brand I've heard of, and everything is written in Chinese on the back, so it's time for a little Google investigation. Nevertheless, this definitely fueled my BB Cream obsession and I like it!

[For Beloved One's Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly]

Similarly, this is a really interesting product. It has tea tree so if used as directed it should heal or prevent acne as well as leave skin moisturised through the night. I'm very grateful to Sephora for actually giving me samples I would never have picked up on my own to try. 

[Flower by Kenzo Deluxe Sample]

I love this perfume! I think it's the only perfume I've ever repurchased and it is absolutely stellar. It's not something that completely fades away over the course of the day so that definitely is a plus point alongside the divine, fresh scent that you get from it! Perfect size for travelling with :D

And...there's more! Now, we come to the Benefit pouch they sent over!

[Benefit's Beauty Bag]

I love this! It's going to be my new in-purse pouch! It even has a mirror! Yes, I didn't want to blind you with the flash, but the zipper-attachment is a tiny mirror. How cute is this?! 

[Inside the bag...]

[Benefit's Porefessional]

The samples I was told I would be receiving. This is supposed to be an amazing product which I'll be doing a comparison against similar products with.

[Benefit's Fake Up]

This too has gotten good reviews, so I'm curious to try it out. This is the Light shade though, so some bronzing will surely be in order.

[Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream]

I'll actually be getting a second sample of this because I picked it for my order from Sephora US, but I have tried this out and I love it! It absorbs extremely quickly into the skin and it feels smooth and tightened. It definitely does help with puffiness, but not so much dark circles. It's also not greasy at all which will definitely aid the persistence of concealer. Love this!

All in all, I can only say that Sephora has more than made up for their slip up and I am extremely grateful for it.



  1. Great post and what a happy turn of events...but you're right, blusher on the chin is a no-no.
    Having such a good time going through some of your old posts, Arpita. Perfect mix of hauls and food. A girl after my own heart!

    1. So glad to hear it! We definitely need a cult of our kind! I actually spent the next two days Google-ing this technique and see no good sign of it. I'm mildly traumatised.

  2. Hi there, I would like to know which sephora you got your butter London from, as I bought one of the backstage basic and the girl told me that I'll have to buy the 'nail polishes of my choice' separately! :(

    1. Hey! I bought it in Starhill and I had to pay for the polish separately too. They're very bad at explaining things properly. What colour did you get? I always have a tough time choosing just one!