This afternoon, between 1:30 and 4:30 pm, The Lilac Box organised an event hosted by Sothys with a theme that can scarcely be beat! PYJAMA PARTY! The Enabler and I attended it together.

Honestly, what better way to break the barriers of inhibition and propriety by getting girls together in their midnight best, all set to primp and prep their skin in the most popular and conventional means of female bonding? The only difference? There were two boys present!

So, you walk into Sothys exclusive Penthouse Suite and the entire atmosphere feels like you're walking into the Playboy Mansion...but far more exclusive!

Once we registered, we were handed our goodies.

[The contents will be revealed later...]

What do women do when they receive gifts? Strip down to get into bed of course! Presents definitely make us more amenable to such behaviour! It's just pure evolutionary functionality kicking in!

[Can't have PJ's without socks...]


In a roomful of women, this sort of behaviour was encouraged!

Then, we stepped into the wonderland which was the "bedroom" for the day:

[So unbelievably cosy!]

It was a dimly lit room full of colourful beanbags by Doof, and an absolutely lovely atmosphere! Everyone was so excited and chattery, but it didn't take long for us to sink into the beanbags and start feeling far more sedate. Well, I did at least. It wasn't long before I was drowsy with comfort and sleep. It's a good thing that even though I took a mug with me to reconstruct my bedtime routine, I didn't actually drink the white tea I had taken with me because I may very well have passed right out.

[Sothys' Product Display]

[Skincare Table]

[Bedside Tables]


The entire layout of this was so well thought out that I can't fault it. In fact, this would be a brilliant and luxurious plans for a bachelorette party. There are full length mirrors along one wall, so it could be a skincare/pole dancing pyjama party!

[Getting comfy...Too comfy...(Picture Courtesy of the Enabler)]

Yes, ignore the fact that I really did go barefaced to follow the theme! And since bringing my actual hedgehog would probably have been frowned upon, and she may have gotten a little huffy, I opted for the stuffed version which the Enabler got me a couple of years back. It's all soft and adorable and perfect for snuggling up with. It's good to note that even though we were both verging on passing out, she did not in fact snuggle up to me unlike our trip to London. 

[Puffy's Doppelgänger - I haven't mentioned it yet, but yes, I do have a real hedgehog and she looks remarkably similar, except that she always looks more suspicious and is far less cuddle-able]

So, things kicked off around 2+ with a brief introduction to Sothys by the very bubbly and enthusiastic hosts.

[Apologies on the lighting in the pictures. My camera is old and doesn't take good pictures when it's dim. New camera is forthcoming so hang in there!]

[Introduction to Sothys]

Followed by a welcome note by  Chuang Yik from The Lilac Box:

And even a mini French lesson from Ky-Gan from The Lilac Box:

[Painstakingly breaking down the "language of love"]

[What you need to know to understand your products...]

After we became quite proficient at expressing our affection for Sothys and The Lilac Box (rightfully so), we were treated to a breakdown of how to get proper Beauty Sleep. To summarise, you should essentially be winding down your night by 9 pm (I see the irony in my writing this entry at 10 pm), and be in bed and in deep sleep by 11 pm. 11 pm - 3 am are the prime hours during which our skin repairs itself (11pm-4am according to Chanel; and 11pm-2am according to the TCM lady - But you get the gist. Be asleep by 11!). 

[What you should and should not eat...]

We were then treated to a cleanse-exfoliate-mask demo through use of a volunteer in the audience, and they explained the steps to us as they went through the process. 

[Working on the Volunteer]

[What your routine at least once a week should look like]

As a general rule of thumb, you should never exfoliate and mask on different days because you are wasting the ability to get the best out of both those activities. What you should be doing is masking right after you exfoliate. Now, in the last week, I've basically been told by both Origins and Sothys that you should cleanse before exfoliating and while I asked the rationale for that today, my question wasn't answered and it seemed like too much work to ask again. I was wayyyy too comfortable to exert effort! Instead, I shall employ the effort I love exerting: Google-ing, and get back to you guys on this. However, this appears to be the consensus, so we shall stick with the story.

So, your routine at least once a week should be as follows:

Double Cleanse (Cleansing Milk/Oil if you have makeup on & Cleanser)

Why are there so many toning events involved? Because toners helps to prep the skin to absorb whatever you put in thereafter. This, of course, does not apply to alcohol-based toners. It is never a good idea to even own a toner with a high alcohol content because it will strip your skin of essential nutrients and dry it out. So, get a gentle toner which will do wonders for prepping your skin to absorb the maximum amount out of what you put onto it thereafter.

Now, our lovely hosts did reiterate the fact that you can do this entire 20 minute process in the shower if you are not one who wants to waste that meagre 20 minutes. You could cleanser your face, exfoliate and add a mask, then clean the rest of your body and wash your hair, and before you know it, it's time to wash the mask off. If you're in a hurry, this is definitely something you could incorporate into your weekly routine. 

However, things which heal your body are always far more effective when you are calm and at rest. So, get out of the shower after exfoliating, tone, put on a mask, play some soothing music (I strongly recommend The Doors - Riders on the Storm], pop a Xanax (KIDDING!), have a cup of peppermint, chamomile or white tea beside you that you can smell a little, close your eyes, lie back and think happy thoughts. I assure you the 10-15 minutes spent will make you infinitely happier. Yes, this is a form of meditation. Even the Dalai Lama says that there is no form of meditation better than sleep, so why can't masking be the same? 

Once the event was nearing the end, they had a Q&A of 6 questions with 1 prize per question given out to the group of ladies present. I won something! 

[Sothys' Morning Cleanser]

This was for the question about what you do before putting a mask on. Clearly I was listening! 

Then, more excitingly, they announced best dressed and I was up against a competitor in tartan. Yes, I don't believe it either. It's tough to beat tartan! But I won! Hehehe

[My Crowning...]

[Queen of Sloth]

I love it! Surely if there's something I should win it's a slackwear competition! And I got a lovely goody bag from Sothys to go with my tiara and sceptre (a necklace and earrings in the bag too!).

Once that was over, we were treated to an assortment of food that's good for you (as pictured in the slide above).

[It wouldn't be a slumber party without edibles!]

Unfortunately, I had to take off without milling around to meet the others or have any tea because work couldn't be avoided forever! 

So, what swag (yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the only appropriate way in which to use that word) did they adorn us with?

[Itinerary and Special Promotions]

[Gift Bag worth RM480]

[10% off those insanely comfy beanbags by Doof - I'm trying to restrain myself from getting one but I feel like I need it]

[Sothys Voucher]

[Sothys' Vitality Cleansing Milk]

[Sothys' Vitality Lotion]

[Sothys' Purifying Foaming Gel]

[Sothys' Micro-Gel Peeling]

We were each given a bit of the Peeling Gel to try out on the back of our hands, and needless to say, it worked splendidly! It left my skin feeling soft to the touch and very clean. For the record, this product is insanely interesting because it changes from a gel to an oil when you first rub it in and when you add a bit of water, it turns to a cream! If, as we experienced, you do not have enough gel to start with, it won't transform into a cream. It's a very good indicator of whether you're using an appropriate amount. 

[The Pyjama Queen's Loot]

[The Royal Jewels]

[Sothys' Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion]

[Sothys' Shower Gel]

Both of these are full sized products. The body lotion itself is worth RM420 and the Shower Gel is worth RM118. I'm really excited about both of these because they smell Sothys' products all tend to! Thank you!

All in all, it was an informative and interesting afternoon. The theme was absolutely fantastic and it certainly tied the event in very nicely. It was a fun group and all I can say is, The Lilac Box truly never disappoints! Thank you guys so much and of course, a huge thank you to Sothys for organising and hosting such a party!

If you're interested in events of this sort, you need to be a Subscriber to The Lilac Box, and take note that at 10 am this Saturday (03/08/2013), they are launching their 4th box! I've yet to get a proper Lilac Box, as I only discovered them after their 3rd box had launched. I did, however, sign up for their concept box and it was amazing. If that and the reviews on their last 3 boxes are anything to go by, you need this in your life! So, stay tuned and remember that this is the only appropriate time for you to ever stalk 3 men at once!

For more information on The Lilac Box, you can visit the following sites:

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  1. Great recap! It was like being there. Those Lilac Guys sure know how to throw a party. I did notice some nasty bananas in the foreground of one shot though.
    You totally deserved your win, Queen Arpita.
    I am SO jealous of all your goodies.
    P.S. I know what we'll both be doing this Saturday morning...ready, set...GO!

    1. The really do! Their dos always surpass expectations! Can't be helped that bananas are great for the skin least there were no raisins! There were some really yum cherries there too but I didn't get a good shot of them.
      Thank you! Pyjamas are my forte hehehe.
      I'm counting down the hours till Sat! Fingers crossed!