[Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash]

As I have mentioned before, I have a torrid love affair with Soap & Glory, but this falls foul of that relationship. I am not a fan...at all.

My sentiments are not shared by the majority and I think I know why. People seem to love smelling like food. Citrus, vanilla, sugar...Horror! The only food-scented product I have ever truly loved is The Body Shop's chocolate body wash which goes on sale every Valentine's Day. Other than that they don't work for me. Why? Because it makes me feel like I'm awaiting an ant infestation. One of the main reasons I never eat anything with my hands is to avoid any smell sticking to it, so this is a little bit of a nightmare for me.

Don't get me wrong...I didn't buy this without sniffing it first. I did and what I smelt was more citrus than sugar, and I quite liked it. I think it's the first body product which departs from Soap & Glory's signature scent that all their products are adorned with. And yes, I truly do love that scent. But this...when you actually use it, it's not so much citrus, but more sugary, which makes me feel like I am rubbing diabetes into my body.

On the plus side, it feels nice and it foams up quite nicely in the shower, so if it weren't for the scent I might actually love it. As it turns out, however, I am far more of a fan of Soap & Glory's Clean on Me. It smells lovely and perfumed, and it is a little more moisturising than this because it actually contains body lotion. 

If, however, you like sweet scents, this might be a brilliant product for you. As far as usage goes, it is quite a good product and I will finish it off. I just wouldn't repurchase it. The good (or bad) news is that the scent dissipates within an hour of use, leaving you clean, so that's a good thing where this product is concerned. However, no so good if you love the scent. Which I was a little upset with Clean on Me for. If that scent stuck, it would have been my permanent bath product but I didn't repurchase because it feels good, but the scent doesn't linger at all. In any event, it's around RM29 so definitely worth checking out. This, however, is RM48, which is not so cheap. But you will truly love it if the scent is your thing.