No, not in the manner that this phrase is regularly used. It's shopping when I really shouldn't be. Now, this is going to be a long post on stuff I really should not have bought, but did anyway. This continued through my public declaration of a ban on expenditure as I think I might have to start going to a support group.

In any event, just some general knowledge. Let's talk about Oniomania. It's in the link address of my blog and it's a disease. Yes...psychologists/psychiatrists have given me an excuse for my behaviour with another nonsensical diagnosis. Oniomania is an addiction to shopping. It falls under the Impulse Control Disorder category in the DSM...or it will when DSM-V is out (is it already out?). What a load of crock. Seriously. But I'm cool with using it to my advantage.

So, let's talk about the effects of my illness: Compulsive acquisition/Hoarding.

First off, I went to 1Utama the Thursday after I got back...I really shouldn't be allowed to walk around 1Utama unattended. Bad things tend to happen to my wallet.

After going to Aveda and buying something when I shouldn't have, I felt my willpower slipping and I went to take a look at MAC. No, I didn't leave empty handed.

[What's in the bag?]

[MAC's Lipliner in Ablaze (RM62)]

If you don't love this colour, it's possible that you're coloure blind. Imagine putting this under a semi-sheer pink lipgloss! Just imagine it! USE YOUR IMAGINATION! It's gorgeous! I'm attending a wedding tomorrow and I might actually try that out. I couldn't walk away from this. I don't have that kind of strength of character. Plus, it's a limited edition item. I need it. For things. Because.

Then, I wandered into Isetan...because I do these things. The night before I was watching YouTube videos and came across Origins' VitaZing which is a tinted moisturiser. I asked the lady about it, but she showed me their BB Cream instead. It's also called VitaZing so I have no idea if it's always been known as a BB Cream, or its just packaged as such here. Anyway, I tested some out on the back of my hand and it was phenomenal! It's also oil free, so for those of you who have such needs (like myself), this is definitely something interesting to check out. So, I asked her for a sample of it and she gave me two:

[Origins' VitaZing BB Cream]

It's also got SPF 35 which is definitely a good thing, so I'm quite excited about trying this out. I'm actually stashing a whole bunch of BB Creams right now in order to do a fortnight-long review of them. I can't wait! I have a feeling this is a serious contender for favourite.

Then I wandered over to the Clarins counter because I have recently become quite a fan of theirs. In London, when I went to Harrods and demanded samples, the dude there gave me a sample of their Orchid Oil for the face and I took it but dismissed it almost immediately. Then I went online when I got back and read up on it and I was intrigued. It's apparently really good for oil control and hydration. Who would have thought? I try it out and it made my skin feel very happy so I went over to Clarins to check it out. 

The lady at the counter was really nice and she told me that the Lotus Oil was actually far better for my sort of skin, but they don't have samples of the stuff in Malaysia, so she suggested that I purchase a trial sized set for combination/oily skin. 

[Clarins' Truly Matte Discovery Kit (RM69)]

I can't find the receipt, but I'm pretty sure it was RM60+ (found it!) which is pretty decent for a Clarins' trial kit.

[Clarins' Pure & Radiant Mask]

This contains pink clay and clay is good for oily skin because it helps to draw the oil out and mattify the skin. Over time, it also helps to clear out pores such as blackheads and whiteheads and lighten the appearance of pores. I love clay masks!

Then there is the Hydra Matte Lotion which I forgot to take a picture of. It's a toner and looks exactly like the Mask above.

I like how the name of this just makes it seem like it is everything in the world in one tube. I've yet to try it out, but it's a moisturiser that's more of a gel. I'll review it when I test it out.

[Clarins' Lotus Face Treatment Oil]

It's also a good thing that I turned up at the counter because she explained to me exactly how to use this. You're meant to put a drop (or two max!) into your palm and then add toner to it, rub the two together between your palms to warm the mixture up and then pat it on your skin. 

On a side note, toners serve two separate purposes depending on how they are used. If you pour them onto cotton and then swipe it over your skin, it works as a second line cleanser, meaning that it picks up any residue that your cleanser may have missed out. The other purpose is as a light mask. If you pat the toner on with your fingers, without rubbing it, it works as a mask which absorbs more deeply into your skin. This is why in using this oil, it is important to pat it on and because a toner gets more easily absorbed into the skin, the oil will bind with it and be far more effective.

I've also not tested this out, but I shall! And I shall report back!

She did also give me a couple of samples:

[Clarins' HydraQuench Cream-Gel]

This is essentially an oil free moisturiser.

[Clarins' Gentle Refiner]

More exfoliators!!!

Clarins has also revamped their loyalty programme, and it's now available at no charge and allows you to accumulate points towards redemption. 

[Clarins' Membership Booklet]

Then, a couple of days later, there was a trip to SaSa in e@Curve. This was definitely not planned, but they were having an enormous sale and I couldn't help but walk in.

I think they were clearing out everything...maybe they are closing down. Who knows?

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I've recently gotten into hair masks, but that was only part of the reason I got the masks.

[Color Combos' Hair Masks [RM10/pc]

The actual price on these is usually RM19.90, but they were on sale, so they were essentially Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Can't say no to that. More importantly though, I used the Cherry Blossom Conditioner for the longest time and until today it is one of my favourite conditioners, so the mask HAS to be infinitely better! I've also used their Orange Sapphire Shampoo and I really did love it. For the quality on these products, the price (even at full price) is unbeatable. 

And then there were more masks:

[Skinlite's Assorted Masks [RM10])

RM10 for 4 masks. So happy! I've recently implemented a pampering night once a week, so these were a must. Fun times! 

2 days later, while waiting for the Babi to turn up, I was hanging around Caring. Also, not a good idea. But I landed up with these:

[Maybelline & Revlon Lipsticks]

I love how their packaging is almost the same. It's extremely sleek and I'm apparently easily swayed by pretty things.

[Maybelline's Bold Matte by ColorSensational in Coral (RM29.90)]

This is meant to be a matte shade, but clearly there is shine to it. It should be interesting to see how it pans out on the lips. It really is a very pretty shade though. I couldn't help myself.

[Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Cherry Tart (RM28)]

The lip butters have been raved to death about and I figured it's time to finally try them. While they look a bit like I'm cutting myself when placed on my wrist, when used on the lips, it definitely translates very well. It's moisturising and has a very pretty sheen to it but it's definitely not an unnatural sheen. I love it and I want more! I will not buy more though...maybe I should. No. 

And that is the end...for now.


  1. what is this nonsense?! mac and clarins?!

    1. I know who you are okay! Don't judge hahaha

      Also...pots and kettles!

  2. that color combos hair mask.....RM 10 for one and you got another one for free?? seriously?!

    1. RM10 for 2 would have been insanity. I would have bought all of them! The original price of each is RM19.90, but they were on sale for RM10 each, so technically it works out to about 1 for 1. RM20 for 2 tubs. Still very worth it!

    2. >.<!!! OMO!!!! i thought 2 for RM10 T^T lol xD so gonna get them!! wish insanity was real anyway!* wakakaka

    3. Haha too true! They are definitely worth the buy. The amount if crazy for RM10 and it's really good stuff. Definitely get the Cherry Blossom if you end up choosing only one. It's more moisturising whereas the Orange Sapphire is more hydrating.

  3. Hi Dear~ can i know where u bought the Hair Mask?

    1. Hello! It's available at Sasa at RM19.90 per tub.