[Re-Gen Oil]

This is a product that is supposed to work along the same lines as Bio Oil and Palmer's. While I have previously used Palmer's and a ton of other nonsense for stretch marks, I have learned that they are all lies. Stretch marks are essentially scars, and while you can lighten them slightly, completely getting rid of them is almost impossible. These oils are meant to actually prevent, as opposed to cure them. So, they tend to be recommended for pregnant women to use on their bellies so that they don't get stretch marks.

Science lesson time! 

Stretch marks occur primarily due to rapid weight gain or weight loss because your skin is required to expand or contract very quickly and it doesn't have enough time to adapt to it. This is why it's recommended for pregnant women to use such creams or oils during their pregnancy, so that the rapid expansion in that area (yes, 9 months IS considered rapid where skin is concerned) does not lead to stretch marks. Likewise, if you are trying to gain or lose considerable amounts of weight, you should be using these oils to "lubricate" areas such as your belly, boobies, butt and thighs. The areas where most fat tends to accumulate. 

So, because I have given up on the stretch mark issue and have learned to love them (and possibly name them), I tried this oil out as an aid for dry skin. Now, while my face is combination/oily, my body has extremely dry skin and it likes to be difficult about sorting itself out in that area. So, a little help every now and then is required. While you will not see an effect for any of the other reasons you would use such oils immediately, dry skin is one of the few things it should have a minimal effect on almost immediately. So, I tested these out by putting it all over my left leg and leaving my right leg alone overnight just to test whether there would be a discernible difference (which there should be...and moisturisers have proven this).

Yes, I sat there after putting it on with one leg oily, and the other dry, hoping that this would be somewhat effective. It wasn't.

Not only did the oily refuse to completely absorb into the skin, it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I woke up to a slight layer of oil still sitting on my skin, and when I washed it off, there wasn't even a mild difference in my skin's texture or tone. There were still dry spots and there was no discernible moisture to the touch. Both legs felt exactly the same.

Such a failed product. So much fail!

If you're looking for a body oil, I'll be doing a full review of Caudalie soon, but get that. It is a miracle worker.