This was an event held by Origins in order to promote their long-standing ideology of mixing masks to achieve the best results for your personal skin type. As I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Origins, it was from them that I first heard of this concept. It makes so much sense, yet it has never occurred to me. This idea is particularly relevant for our climate and inclinations. We are bombarded by head and humidity, yet we are frequently surrounded by air conditioning. It definitely makes our skin a little wonky. In comes Origins!

So, this event was advertised on their FB page due to popular demand and was open to the first 20 who called in to register. This is a testament to the fact that I spend way too much time on FB. But, that is irrelevant! Success! 

The event was held at their outlet in The Gardens this morning (27/07) from 11 am to 12:30 pm. When I got there (on time miraculously!), the greeting was exceptionally friendly and the registration for remarkably quick. The advisor at the counter guessed that I was Arpita (not really a stretch since I was the only Indian there) and warmly greeted me, which was quite nice. Since this wasn't a free event, a registration fee of RM50 was instated, but it was reimbursed through an RM50 voucher redeemable on the day, in-store.

Upon payment, I went to take my seat and was approached by another advisor who explained that this would be a descriptive talk about Origins and its masks, and offered me a mini facial after the event. It was all very convivial and happiness-inducing.

The talk started a little late due to the fact that some attendees weren't punctual, and the group education manager went over some interesting facts about Origins. For example, they are a part of the Estee Lauder group, and every year they study thousands of different products in order to pick 10 ingredients to introduce or infuse into their lines. Of these 10, 6 are retained by Origins and the other 4 distributed to their sister companies. Fun stuff, no?

After the introductory talk, there was demo on the use of these products. They picked two ladies from the crowd prior to the event starting and cleansed their faces, they were then brought up in front of the crowd, and a scrub was used on them.

[Faces being scrubbed using "Modern Friction"]

While this was ongoing, the rationale behind scrubbing was explained. Through removal of the dead skin cells, it allows deeper and more effective penetration of the mask to remove impurities.

After cleansing, the first mask was applied to the lady on your right.

[Applying their "Clear Improvement" Charcoal Mask]

The charcoal mask is primarily used for the T-Zone (forehead, nose, sides of the nose and chin) area for most people, unless their completely oily. The norm is for the T-Zone to be oily, while the sides of the face (cheeks and jawline) remain somewhat dry, and this was the case for the lady above. In order to effectively tackle both these issues, the "Out of Trouble" mask for problem skin was applied on the areas outside the T-Zone.

[Application of their "Out of Trouble" Mask]

The second lady was slightly older and so in preference of a problem-tackling mask, a hydration mask was used, with Clear Improvement applied to the nose area solely.

[Application of their "Drink Up Intensive" Mask]

While Drink Up Intensive is actually an overnight mask, for those who toss and turn, it still works if it is washed off prior to sleep. However, the effects are definitely not going to be as drastic. 

[Waiting the requisite 10 minutes]

It's a good thing that the speaker stipulated that you shouldn't go beyond the recommended time on a mask, particularly a charcoal or clay mask, because it ends up stripping things from your skin that it shouldn't be. 

Of course, I couldn't leave without buying anything, so I took advantage of the offer they have had ongoing for a couple of weeks now. They had a set of two masks and some samples on sale. There are two distinct sets, that which the first demonstration utilised (RM210) and that which the second demonstration utilised (RM225). Since I don't really have a severe acne problem, and I am in the aging age group now (sad, but true), I went for the latter option. While RM225 is the exact price for both these masks, the perk is that you get three decently sized samples to try out.

[Mask Duo Set]

During the mini facial, they basically cleansed my skin ("A Perfect World" cleanser), toned it ("Make a Difference" toner), used a serum ("Make a Difference" serum) and moisturiser ("Make a Difference" moisturising gel) just to expose me to those products. All of which were absolutely lovely! Their "Make a Difference" range is for hydration, and for the moisturiser it comes in both gel and cream formulations to suit different skin types. The cleanser (A Perfect World) aids the fight against the early signs up aging such as fine lines. The cleanser truly does smell and feel divine. I feel like I need it now! 

[Mini Facial Product Usage & Pricing]

Upon paying for my purchases (yes, I only bought the set of masks even though I desperately wanted the cleanser and scrub), they gave me my door gift.

[Door Gift for Attendees]

It's a very nice reuseable bag. It's actually perfect for documents and my laptop. Intriguing! But it's not empty! There's stuff in there. It also has to be said that I extorted some samples from them. 

So when I got home and looked through all the stuff, I got all excited again. I can't help it. I should just rename myself "Consumer" to avoid any flawed views on my life. 

[Origins' Goodies]

[Purchase and Samples]

[Pack of Masks and Samples]

It's absolutely fantastic that the packaging is of fantastic quality and embossed printed quite nicely and subtly with the Origins logo. It would be great to take on airlines with you when they require all your liquids and gels to be packed in see through packaging for their inspection/spying.

[Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (RM105)]

[Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (RM120)]

[Checks and Balances Face Wash]

[Starting Over Moisturiser]

[GinZing Eye Cream]

This stuff isn't really sample's more deluxe sample size, or travel size. I love it! The eye cream is tiny and adorable and perfect for taking onto flights with you. I love! I've reviewed this eye cream in a previous post, and it really is something worth looking into if you're looking for an eye cream. 

What samples did I extort from them?

[VitaZing BB Cream]

I don't think I've discussed this one but I tested it out in store and I am quite madly in love with it. If you are looking into BB creams, this is quite a serious contender because it's moisturising and oil-free. I'm not going to comment too much because this is going to be a part of my BB Cream review month!

[Modern Friction Scrub]

Yesterday when I was psyching myself up not to go mad at Origins and buy everything, I told myself this was all I would get because it affected me in an emotionally dependant way when I tried it in 1Utama. It's a really amazing scrub because it uses rice to absorb the oils and cleanse the skin, leaving it very fresh and clean. I need this. It retails at RM120 and I thought that I would just buy this and not the set of masks. Yeah, that didn't work out. This is definitely on the to-be-purchased list along with the "A Perfect World" cleanser which retails at RM110. 

[Plantscription Moisturising Cream]

This is quite a good product as well as it is meant for aging skin. Even if you're not wrinkled or old per se (I'm 28...not old! Aging!), it's never a bad idea to start off with prevention. If you need a good moisturiser, this might be worth a try.

[Door Gift]

What was in the little box, in the bag? You know they always say that good things come in small packages...this has proven to be true!

[This felt a little like a Russian Doll situation]


No, I couldn't contain my excitement either!

[VitaZing BB Cream]

A really good sized (travel sized, in fact) sample of their BB Cream! There are two shades that it comes in. The shade that suits me is 01 Light Medium, so I'm assuming the other shade is a lighter shade called 02 Light. I think it is...I vaguely looked at the name at some point. I might be right...I frequently am. I don't argue with myself.

But, I digress.

Let me give you 3 reasons to just go and check this out:
1) It smells divine
2) It settles into the skin REALLY quickly and matches your skin tone extremely well
3) It's got a good, high, broad spectrum SPF

Just go try it! Trust me...even I don't argue with myself!

[GinZing Moisturiser]

I've also reviewed this previously and I am thoroughly in love with it. It smells like oranges and contains coffee. Need I describe it any better?

[GinZing Eye Cream]

I love the fact that I have two of these in different sizes and container! For those of you who aren't aware, I have an eye cream obsession. It's not possible to describe how much of an obsession, but it's there. This is almost a dream come true!

Overall, I honestly feel that the RM225 I shelled out was more than worth it. The event was quite a good introduction to the brand and their philosophies, and it was just fun with nice people. The swag never hurts, and there was an abundance of it. 

If you've never tried Origins, it's time you gave them a chance. Honestly, they have some absolutely amazing products and the best part about it is that they're not difficult about letting you try it all out. They're having a promotion at the moment where they will give you a free Mini Facial to introduce you to products in their line which are suitable to your unique skin type. They will then give you a sample of two to try for a few days. In my experience, if a company is willing to let you try their stuff before buying it, it's a testament to the fact that they're selling a decent, quality product. 

Earlier this week, prior to this event, when they started promoting the Mini Facials with samples, I headed over to the counter in Parkson, 1Utama and met with Pat, the lovely lady who is always very nice to me! She gave me a couple of things to try out:

[Samples from my Mini Facial]

[Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask]

I like that I have this in sample size so that I can lug it with me when I travel. Maybe I should put this on in the plane if I am ever seated near a child. Sounds like a plan!

[A Perfect World Moisturiser]

Since this is a cream-based moisturiser, it's not suitable for my daily use, but it is definitely brilliant for night use. Plus, this entire line contains White Tea. How can I resist! Now I just need to get my hands on the cleanser!

For more updates on Origins' events and promotions, check out their FB page at: