[Origins' GinZing Moisturiser and Eye Cream0

My love for caffeine has long been justified by the health benefits which scientists keep attaching to it. Caffeine is the best. If you don't agree, you are wrong.

GinZing's entire promotional basis is this...that it is "Espresso for your skin". I love it. I always need more caffeine, and caffeine for my face sounds like the best plan ever.

Over the last week, I've been trying out the samples I got from them prior to London. Was the excitement justified? Oh yes...and more!

Now, this particular range of Origins products only comes with these two. There's no cleanser, etc. While the moisturiser is a regular cream colour, the eye cream is far more interesting:

[Origins' GinZing Eye Cream]

It is a slightly beige shade which led me to check whether it was actually tinted, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

As for functionality, these are quite impressive. Their effect is definitely more pronounced the first time you use them because it's a completely new sensation. After washing my face, I applied the eye cream and the moisturiser and immediately felt a tightening effect on my skin. Not the bad kind of tightening that terrible cleansers leave you with, but the lovely firming kind. It was very exciting! It truly does mimic the effect of caffeine in that it perks your skin up a little.

They felt very nice on the skin, and they did not exacerbate any oil production issues which is definitely a boon. While they don't claim to be oil control products, they work decently in that area, unlike Kiehl's (a bitchfest I will go on very, very soon)!

Would I buy these? Absolutely! Do I want to? I can't tell you how much. The only reason I haven't is because I have a obscene amount of skincare to get through before I can contemplate another purchase.

However, if you're looking for something new, this is definitely worth a shot. You won't regret it. If you're going to get just one of them, get the eye cream. I might be biased, because I love eye cream, but it's the more interesting of the two. The moisturiser is by no means bad, and it smells very strongly of fresh orange juice when you pop open the container which I absolutely love. Definitely a wonderful way to start the morning.

I shall digress into other stories about Origins now:

GinZing was my first foray into Origins and clearly I was extremely impressed. So I dropped by their counter in Isetan in 1Utama and got a sample of their VitaZing BB Cream which I haven't tried, but will...and will review. When I tried it in my hand I had a bit of a sensation of possible future undying devotion to it. It's oil free and it felt absolutely amazing. I so want it.

Then I traipsed over to the Origins counter in Parkson's in 1Utama and requested their free mini facial so that they can test all their products on you and try to make you spend thousands of dollars at once. It almost worked. I wanted everything. It was also here that I learned that using a foundation brush to put a mask on is by far the most effective method in the world and since I have several foundation brushes that are not being used, this is going to be their purpose in life. The lady at the counter also informed me that I could use two masks at once because I had combination skin, and so she placed their charcoal mask (Clear Improvement) on my T-zone, and a hydrating/moisturising mask (Drink Up) on the rest of my face. I love it! Prior to the masks though, she used a rice-based scrub (Modern Friction) on my skin and it really left my face feeling incredible. Apparently the rice-based bits (starch I'm assuming) is terrific for soaking up and drawing out excess oils which treats and prevents blackheads. This is definitely what I'll be buying from them in the near future. This and the BB cream if it works out well!

The products she used were:

Cleanser: A Perfect World (RM110)
Scrub: Modern Friction (RM120)
Masks: Drink Up (RM105) + Clear Improvement (RM105)
Toner: A Perfect World (RM110)
Eye Cream: Plantscription (RM190)
Moisturiser: Make a Difference (RM200) + GinZing (RM100) [There are two for the same reason as there are two masks...my skin likes to be difficult]

Origins is giving out free samples of GinZing in order to promote the product and to request one you can refer to their site:


which will prompt you to like their FB page in order to acquire one at any of their counters.