[The Decleor Concept Box by The Lilac Box]

Yes, this is a beauty box and it's by the most exciting beauty box company out there - The Lilac Box. The funny thing about The Lilac Box is that its run by three guys. Yes...men...picking products for women. And doing an unbelievably awesome job of it too! I will admit that I haven't bought a traditional beauty box from them as yet...and that's because I only discovered them after their last box was released. The fourth box is due for release very soon, so I'm stalking their FB page religiously.

Anyway, they released this box as a brand new concept in three ways:

1) The box has a new design
2) It is a concept box dedicated to a single brand
3) There's an event to go with the unboxing

When they announced that the box would be released for purchase at the end of June, I was in a panic. I was in London during the time and wouldn't have been able to access my account to sign up for it (because of the newly implemented security measures requiring code confirmation), so I sent them a msg on FB and they were extremely kind in indulging my addiction by promising to keep a box for me till I got back and was able to register and pay for it. Why was this a necessary measure on my part? Because their boxes get sold out within a maximum period of 2 days, and my soul would have died a little had I not gotten this!


The next point of note is that this box is dedicated to Decleor. I am all too aware that very few people get excited when they hear "Decleor", but they are wrong! So, so wrong! A couple of months ago I started lusting quite drastically after their products for multiple reasons, primarily because they have some seriously amazing stuff. And this is why missing the boat on this might have been the death of me.

Okay, end of the dramatic bits. On to the exciting ones.

There was an event!

Yes, an event! Well, three actually, but who needs technicalities. Over three Saturdays in July (13th, 20th, 27th), they have and will be holding the "unboxing" event in conjunction with Decleor. Yes, the boxes were not posted out, but handed out at the event in order to have multiple women communally reinforcing their addictions. I believe Charles Manson employed such tactics as well. I love it! 

Let me just cut ahead and conclude that this was the best idea ever. Seriously. Not only is it just plain fun, it's actually unbelievably useful. I learned a lot about the nature of the products, as well as how to appropriately use them which I'm quite thankful for. Now, let's actually talk about it.

When I walked into the room, I was greeted by extremely friendly people who introduced themselves as well as the whole concept. I was then handed a skin analysis sheet, a stamp card and the box, but told that I can't open the box. I didn't. I restrained myself. So what they did prior to the event proper was to have a few games and a skin analysis session in "booths" in order to make it more festive and rather necessary. I forgot to take pictures of all the booths, but there were puzzles and scent-tests, which were rather fun. And you got a stamp on your card for each activity that you participated in. Then there was the skin analysis. Yes, the shame! My skin is in horrifying condition apparently. My pores are congested and apparently my skin tone is uneven, which I have never noticed. But you can't argue with a machine that magnifies your pores and skin tone for scrutiny. Curse you technology! The moisture level of my skin is also a little insane. It's at 23.3% when it really should be at least 60-70% so I'm a little traumatised by this. However, after doing these tests, the consultant was really quite helpful in her suggestions for sorting my issues out.

What did she suggest:
1) Sunblock
2) Monthly facials (Preferably every 3 weeks)
3) Bi-weekly hydration masks

I've recently (very recently) implemented 1 & 3, but I should really get on with 2. 

[Skin Analyses]

[Product Information Booths]

[Decleor Product Brochure]

[Stamp Card]

The card is essentially a means of getting RM50 off RM200 spent and it's valid for just over a week which is enough time for it to sink in that you really want stuff. I quite like the fact that they didn't validate it for only the day so that you don't feel pressured into buying stuff. You have a week to test and play with the various items in the box before you take the leap.

[Supply Station]

[Headband, Pre-Moistened Cloths and Cotton]

And finally, after skulking around, dying to open the box and take a peak, the event began, and it started with an ice-breaking game where you were split into groups of 3 and made to watch a video of the history of Decleor. We were then given a crossword to fill in which related to the video. Unfortunately, I have mild brain damage and memory problems so we were stumped with 2 of the answers:


Sad! Because the winning team got organisers which were very pretty. It really was a good way of breaking the barriers of everyone down so good going on that!

And finally...unboxing!

[Zomg so pretty!]

So, what's in the box?

This was right underneath everything as a little surprise gift (which was pointed out to us haha). And just what I need too! Is next Wednesday good for a facial? I certainly think so! It's great that this can be used at any of the Decleor outlets around town, and the closest to me is in Tangs, 1Utama.

[Aromessence Rose D'Orient Soothing Serum]

[Aroma Cleanse Cleanser and Toner]

[Cleansing Milk]

[Aroma Cleanse Toner]

[Hydra Floral Masque]

[Hydra Floral Moisturiser]

[Body Lotion]

[Post-Wax Double Action Gel]

[Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum]

[Aroma White Brightening Mask]

Yes, this is a ton of stuff for the price of the box and they informed us that Decleor actually picked out their very best stuff for the box. Yes, I believe it.

Of course, we didn't use everything in the box during the event. I mean, it's not likely they're going to wax you and make you use the post-wax gel now, are they?

It started off with the consultants handing out eye and lip makeup removers, followed by use of the Cleansing Milk in the box. Thereafter, they gave us a little bit of a foamy cleanser which contained papaya enzyme. It was safe to use for the eye and lip area as well. It was pleasant enough. This was followed by the toner.

Now for the exciting part: The mask! Or the masque...that in the yellow tube. Not the sheet mask. This was what I got really stoked about when I first checked Decleor out. It's such a cool masque! It starts off as a cream and as you massage it into your skin, it gradually turns into an oil! This is when you know to leave it alone for about 10 minutes. Let it sit and hydrate your skin. We then "washed" the mask off and moved on to the Neroli oil. They taught us how to give ourselves a pressure point massage on the face which was quite lovely. So, all you need are 3 drops of this oil for your whole face and you massage 6 primary points on your face - The cheekbone, the temples, the undereye area, the hollows of your cheeks, the point beside the protrude-y bit beside your ears, and down your next. These are basically lymphatic points which will help to drain toxins from your face. This was then followed by the moisturiser. 

All in all, it was spectacular. My skin felt amazing for the rest of the day. It was extremely soft and felt unbelievably pampered. It really felt like a self-spa session and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

But, there was another bit to it that just made me indescribably happy. They let us try out their new BB Cream:

[BB Cream]

I don't think this blog has yet encapsulated my current obsession with BB Cream, but yes. This little drop made my day. It was enough for a very, very light application, which wouldn't really work for me on a day to day basis, but the formula itself is quite spectacular. It spreads abundantly well, and sinks into your skin brilliantly, leaving a healthy and contented feel to it. It's also not at all heavy, and it smells good. I want it. I really, really want it. I need it. It's RM178 which is quite pricey, but I think it is rather worth it. Hmm...how do I justify purchasing another BB Cream. I must find a way.

I can't express how much I love The Lilac Box after this event and I'm truly looking forward to more events and the boxes. So much love!


  1. you are making me interested in lilac box! *sigh*
    have to save budget this coming month then. :P

    1. Hahaha tell me about it! I can't wait for the 4th box to be released. I strongly suggest you stalk their FB page because it gets sold out quickly!