[Bumble & Bumble's Gentle Shampoo & Super Rich Conditioner]

Now, of course the internet has been all ablaze about Bumble & Bumble's products. Especially because the internet likes to go against sound economic theory and equate price with quality. 

Bumble & Bumble seems to have amazing products...alas, they aren't available here! Yes, this is very sad! Very sad indeed! So when I went to London, the only thing that was vaguely sitting on my mind was their dry shampoo since it's the least problematically portable item. But the reviews for it were questionable, so I refrained from getting it. I did, however, go look longingly at it in Boots and Selfridge's an infinite number of times. And it was on the day before I was leaving, on my final trip to Boots (I went every single day to pay homage...I even went to 6 different Boots in one day in search of a concealer. Definitely a tale for another time), that I was perusing the Bumble & Bumble counter in Boots on Oxford Street when the lady manning the counter asked if she could help me, then struck up conversation by telling me she liked my eyeshadow. I am easily swayed by flattery. 

So I asked vaguely about the dry shampoo but I knew they had it because I had spotted the can a mile away, and I shameless asked if they had samples (yes, I knew before she answered me that they didn't...but I had to ask anyway). But she did tell me that they had shampoo samples and she could give me one of those instead. Why would I say no? After asking about my concerns for my hair, and after a 30 second monologue regarding how dry it was, she whipped out this shampoo and conditioner duo for me and I thanked her profusely.

I brought it back and I truly had no expectations for this. I hadn't even contemplated forming an opinion on it, and this is possibly the best way to go into product trials...but also maybe not, because now I really want these. Badly! Thankfully they aren't readily available to me.

[Yes, I did read the directions...]

The first thing that really hits you when you rip the shampoo sachet open is the scent. Oh my god that scent! It was amazing! I literally stopped what I was doing and sniffed the sachet like a cokehead. They really need to bottle it as perfume. It's such a refreshing and mood altering scent! 

I don't know if it's me or the product but I only had enough in that one sachet to shampoo my hair one (my usual is twice). However, the shampoo lathered up quite nicely and it was not a particularly thick formula so it slid on quite well and bathed my hair in its gorgeous perfume! The conditioner was equally as lovely, and I'm still using it because I'm learning to not condition my entire head. Better late than never. It's a thick, creamy conditioner which coats the hair nicely in order to nourish and hydrate it. 

The end result? Love!

They really do live up to all the hype, but at US$24 for an 8oz bottle of shampoo and US$25 for an 8oz bottle of conditioner, it might be for the best that I can't get hold of their stuff here. Now, the search will begin for something which matches these exacting standards, and hopefully I'll gain softer, more moisturised hair in the process! 

UPDATE: I continued using the conditioner for a few days and it was absolutely fantastic!