[Bag of Love - July 2013]

Yes! I was in the office stalking the Bag of Love page again today (as I do daily) and waiting for people to post pictures of their bags so that I would know what to expect. I don't do well with anticipation. And when I saw them I was overjoyed!

Mimi was kind enough to account for the fact that Friday is a public holiday in a number of States and so we wouldn't receive it within the week if she sent it out today, so she took the pains to send it out earlier. In the preview, we were informed that there would be two boxes outside the bag which were part of this month's collection, and that could have only meant one thing: Skincare sets! Could life be more exciting?!

And so I came home and immediately opened up my package. I always surprises me how exciting everything is even though I always know what's inside because I open it due to my compulsive page stalking. Everything is always far more exciting when you are the recipient! 

So, what else is in the bag?

[Bag of Love - July 2013]

The bag itself is of excellent quality (as it always is), and it has a little gold panel with "Bag of Love" inscribed on it. It's a little cutesy for my taste, but that's not going to stop me from using it for toiletries. It really is a nice, spacious bag.

[Product Description Sheet]


I really do appreciate the fact that anything that has the potential to spill was tucked away into a little plastic package inside the bag to prevent any leaks and/or the ruin of the bag itself.

Now, let's get to the meat of the bag!

The boxes outside the bag both come from very highly rated Asian companies - The Face Shop and Etude House!

[Etude House's Moistfull Aloe Skincare 4-Piece Set]

This comes with everything you should use after a cleanser. It's used in the following order according to the product information sheet:

"On a cleansed face, pat on Soothing Skin on the face with gentle patting. Let it absorb completely into the skin. Follow this with the First Essence and then with the Soothing Lotion. Finish with the Soothing Cream."

For those who aren't familiar with aloe vera, it's a terrific skincare product because it heals and nourishes. In essence, if you own an aloe vera plant, you could use it as a toner and moisturiser and this set seems to capture the essence of that theory.

[The Face Shop's Chia Seed Trial Set]

Once again, this is a set which is harnessing a product which has recently burst onto the scene as a super food: The chia seed. It's a very interesting seed because when it's placed in water, it plumps up to twice or thrice its size and retains that water and I'm guessing that's what this set aims to do - Retain the moisture in your skin. I'm really excited about testing this out. I quite like all the stuff I've tried from The Face Shop in the past. This comes with a Watery Toner for use post-cleansing, Watery Lotion for use during the day and Moisture-Holding Seed Cream for the night. Interesting indeed!

[L'Oreal's Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo for Unmanageable Hair]

I've already got a bottle of this from one of the beauty boxes I've received last month and it's quite a decent product. If anyone would like to try it out, let me know and you're welcome to have this since I have a spare.

[Ju Ju Aquamoist Facial Cleansing Wash]

I've not heard of this brand or product so I'm not sure what to make of this. I do hope it's good!

[Kanebo's Freshel Pore Cover BB Cream]

I knew it! I had a gut feeling about the receipt of a BB Cream this month! Perfect timing too since I've been obsessing over the stuff for the last two months. As yet, I've amassed primarily western BB creams, but I've heard so much about the Asian BB creams being better. This is the perfect opportunity to put it to the test! Over the next month, my blog will be beset by multiple BB & CC cream reviews - I promise at least 10 of them - so stay tuned. This will surely be among them! 

I love the fact that it's everything in one...or claims to be...I have to test it out to know for sure. However, what is awesome is that they have multiple types of BB creams and I got this! I don't need particularly high coverage foundations or BB creams because my skin isn't the worst skin in the world. I don't get breakouts often (*touch wood*), and my main issues are uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. Both of these can be sorted with a light to medium coverage product and I thoroughly despise the look of thick foundation/BB cream, so that works out well. As I was saying, there are a number of different varieties for this product and we got the Pore Cover version which is perfect! Can't describe how excited I am! 

It does state, however, that this is meant to be used after sun block and before makeup, so it may be a product which functions more like a pore minimiser along the lines of Benefit's Porefessional and Clinique's Pore Minimizer. I'll test it out and do a review on this.

Further, the limited shades which BB creams come in freak me out a little because they are either too light or too grey-toned to be appropriate for my purposes, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what was in the tube:

[Kanebo's Freshel Pore Cover BB Cream]

It blended out with minimal effort and sank into the skin very quickly. If this is, in fact, meant to be base, it would be great because of how quickly it sinks in so that you can get on with your routine. Really can't wait to put this to the test!

As you can see, I'm clearly ecstatic about the BB cream, and I feel much the same about the next product:

[Polka Dot...by Splassh Nail Polish in Shade 029]

This packaging really does remind me of Topshop's polishes. I love polka dots! How cute is this?!

When I first saw it, I thought it looked very similar to a Butter London shade I had just purchased...but then when I put them side to side, I realised that I might be somewhat colour blind:

[Butter London in Old Blighty; Polka Dot by Splassh in 029]

Can I justify it by saying they both have brownish undertones? Haha We'll just pretend! The polish from the bag is a slightly more pink shade, and an absolutely gorgeous one at that! I'm in love! This is definitely going to be the next colour. 

What about the formula of it? Amazing! It goes on extremely smoothly and doesn't leave streaks. With two coats (as shown above) it is perfectly opaque and very true to the colour in the bottle. These polishes run for RM7.90-RM8.90, and compared to Butter London which runs at RM50+, it's bloody amazing. I feel the need to get more! Time to stalk polishes I guess.

Was this bag worth it? Unbelievably so! Kudos to Mimi for another brilliant bag put together! I love so much!

If you want to sign up for a Beauty Box that doesn't disappoint, go with Bag of Love. A few of the others tend to be rather hit and miss. 

The Bag of Love runs at a price of RM39.90 per month (inclusive of postage) and they have Monthly, Quarterly or Annual subscriptions available. Quarterly subscribers will receive a mystery gift with their bag, as well. 


  1. more nail polish!! I can take your extra shampoo from you :)

    1. I don't have nail polish! Look at the colour! It's gorgeous! Yes, I've already put it in the set of stuff for you. At this point, I can send you a beauty box too hahaha. It's the same range as the hair mask, so works out well.

  2. Dear Arpita, I'd love to try the L'Oreal's Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo please ^_^

    1. Sorry promised to the person who commented above! If she consents, then it's yours!

  3. Do try the Ju Ju Aquamoist Foam Cleanser. It's not fancy but it left me so squeaky clean and soft all day. A complete surprise. I didn't even have to apply any moisturiser. I'm super sensitive to cleansers but this one is actually a real winner and I will be adding it to my next shopping list. I hadn't heard of it either but this is what samples are for. The Bag of Love's samples are really hitting some home runs with me. The Clairol shampoo is better than all my existing ones. I actually LOVE it and I don't even have coloured hair.

  4. Oh really?! It looks so inconspicuous that I would never have guessed. I'll definitely give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks for tipping me off!