[Bag of Love - June 2013]

This is truly one of the more exciting beauty boxes because all their bags are reusable and of extremely high quality. Seriously...my May Bag of Love went with me to London and came packed to the brim with an obscene amount of stuff and still maintained its integrity. I'll post a picture just to show how much stuff can actually fit in there. It's crazy.

Look how pretty this bag is as well! The two products on the outside of the bag are not included in the product description, so I think they might be little gifts. I love little gifts!

This bag is proving to be of the same quality. It's packed with goodies and still retains space for lots more. Even with the two extras in it, it has infinite space. It's like a beauty black hole and I love it!

[Crabtree & Evelyn's Avocadeo, Olive & Basil Skin Revitalising Body Lotion]

I've tried this on store before but I never bought it because it makes me smell like food. Utility wise though, it's fantastic! It really moisturises the skin extremely well and that moisture is retained quite thoroughly throughout the day. It's a very good product.

[Murad's Oil-Free Sunscreen with SPF 30]

More Murad! I've mentioned in my last two posts that Murad has been a line that I've been meaning to try, and I received Murad products from CosmoBox and WonderBox in their June editions, and it now seems like I have a good enough range to do a proper review on their line. I love it! As some point I'll switch over to all the Murad products and use them solely to see how they fare with my skin. Oil-free is always a boon for me and I'm extremely pleased with this.

[Cute little badge...]

[Peeking inside...]

[My precious...]


Bag of Love is always unbelievably generous with their vouchers and I quite love it. It allows for an additional set of trial products to go along with the stuff they already send you. It's difficult not to fall in love!

[Product Description Sheet]

[Definite Foundation Brush]

If I'm not wrong, Bag of Love launched in April of this year and in their first two bags, Definite brushes were given out as well. I'm a bit sad I wasn't aware of their existence back then because these brushes have really good reviews. This foundation brush is perfectly dense and very soft and because it's synthetic, it doesn't absorb your product. I'm jealous of those who have gotten the other brushes. I just hope they keep sending them out! 

I've been using Lancome's BB Cream recently and applying it with my hands. I've also never actually used a foundation brush for foundation application. In the past I've used Body Shop's Kabuki which is a truly excellent product for liquid application, but this really does seem promising and I'm going to give it a whirl.

[Cremolab's Hydration Trial Set]

Hydration! I need! And this is the entire range! Clearly I love trying new things and this is no exception to the rule! It comes with cleanser, toner, essence, gel and sunscreen. Everything you need. Can't wait to try it out!

[Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray]

Elizabeth Arden never disappoints with their perfumes and this is no exception. It has a light fragrance which is floral, but not overwhelmingly so and would be perfect for daily use. I'm a bit sad the sticker on it unraveled, but I can't complain. Perfume!

[Plastic packaging for potential spills...]

This is terrific! I'm glad they did this to prevent any leakages, especially since they are being delivered. Much appreciated!

Vaseline does really great body lotions and this is no exception. I'm not particularly fussed about getting fairer, but I like that it has SPF in it which doesn't leave a sticky residue. It absorbs well into the skin and leaves it smelling fresh and lightly fragrances. Definitely a winner, and a full-sized product to boot.

[Clairol's Professional Colour Radiance Shampoo and Intensive Mask]

This is the only bit that I'm not too pleased with. I don't have coloured hair so it's not a pair of products that I would use. Clairol is a really good brand though, so if you do dye your hair, this would be worth the shot. If anyone would like these, let me know.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the bag. I'm only displeased with the Clairol products, but if I were to colour my hair, they would have made me very happy. Still a brilliant bag, especially with the brush! I have quite an obsession with makeup brushes so I can't really describe the soaring joy in my heart upon opening the bag! 

I'm so glad I've got another bag in my subscription and it looks like I'll be continuing on thereafter. It's a steal at RM39.90, and they provide Monthly, Quarterly and Annual subscriptions. Quarterly subscribers will receive a mystery gift with their bag as well. I'm not entire sure if this is monthly or only for the first bag received, but if it's monthly, it would explain the Crabtree & Evelyn and Murad products. Or they could just be a result of the lovely lady that does this...because she is rather lovely and accommodating! 


This is how much stuff you can put into May's Bag of Love:

It's madness! And I love it! Honestly, there was so much stuff in it, but it still wasn't filled to the brim. You could actually fit all the makeup you would need on a week-long trip in this one bag. So much affection!