So, I popped by Aveda in 1Utama because The Lilac Box (another beauty box company which I will be introducing on my blog next Saturday) had a special treat for its subscribers/fans whereby you make an appointment at any Aveda outlet and they will do a free analysis of your scalp, style your hair, and take you through a "tea ritual", ending with providing you with a sample product for your hair.

Their "tea ritual" consisted of giving me a shot sized paper cup of peppermint tea. I've said it before and I will say it again, peppermint tea is not is a tisane. Therefore it is a lie. But I bought into this lie. Because it was really good peppermint tea.

[Peppermint Tea for the "Tea Ritual"]

Let me back track a little and actually talk about the experience with Aveda. I didn't make an appointment (because I am a terrible person), but I went on a weekday at an hour where people are supposed to be at work (so was I actually...shhh!), so they accommodated me by letting me go through with it anyway. Apparently my scalp is very healthy, which I'm happy with and I refused the hair styling because I'm trying not to kill my hair with unnecessary nonsense like heat from straighteners or curling irons. I'm also using minimal stuff on my hair. Literally minimal. Up until London, all I was using was shampoo and conditioner. Now I've started using a hair mask at least once a week and using some leave-in oils (I'm currently trying out Caudalie, Moroccan Oil and Percy & Reed and will review them).

The environment was very pleasant and it seemed quite sedate even though it was smack-dab in the middle of a mall. Maybe it was the peppermint tea that was making me sedate...hmmm...

[Consultation Counter]

[Hairstyling Counter]

So, she sat me down and began discussing my routine and products used in order to get a sense of what my hair needed:

[Scalp and Hair Analysis Sheet]

She was extremely nice and knew a lot about what she was talking about, which made me quite happy. I get very annoyed when I know more than a consultant does. It's not right! I didn't take a picture of the device they were using, but it was very cool. It takes close up shots of your scalp in order to examine the state of your scalp and hair follicles. Exciting stuff!

So she spent a few minutes examining a number of areas on my scalp to ensure accuracy, and other than a few minor issues such as a flaky patch or two, I have good hair. Yay hair! 

She seemed a little more excited than me by the fact that I was refusing the hair styling because she was pleased that I was looking after my tresses. I like such people! I share her enthusiasm!

And so, prior to leaving, she gave me a sample of a conditioner for me to maintain curl in my hair:

[Aveda's Be Curly Conditioner]

I've yet to try it, but I'll review it once I do.

And yes, I also ended up buying the peppermint tea.

[Aveda's Peppermint Tea (RM58)]

They do their own brand of tea! Or "tea"! I like it! These are a box of 20 teabags and they are of extremely good quality. Sleep and relaxation is not something to skimp on, so this is definitely worth a shot. I'm actually drinking a mug of it now...I thought it would be fitting...and I'm getting sleepy. At 11:30pm?! This is unheard of for me! 

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the entire experience and I will definitely be heading over to Aveda to pick up a few products when my stash of hair stuff dwindles. 

For those of you who are interested in a consultation as well, The Lilac Box has succumbed to requests for an extension on this and it is now available until the 24th of July, 2013. For more information, like them on FB: !

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