And so it begins...

Another chapter in what is doomed to be compulsive acquisition. But it doesn't come any more exciting than this!

Two of my favourite things:
1) Receiving mail
2) Receiving gifts
When you put to the two together, it really does feel like it's your birthday...and on this front, every month, multiple times! I suppose this is rather Alice in Wonderland-esque. The next few months are going to be a frenzy of Unbirthday gifts it would seem! I love it! I know some of you may think it sad, but you would be wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself gifts. If you think there is, then you don't love yourself enough and you don't deserve beauty boxes anyway.

Now, what exactly happened?

I was browsing the net for the price of something or other (skincare-related) when I came across a blog about a beauty box. I'm not even sure as to how I have never heard of these prior to a fortnight ago, but I hadn't and I feel like the internet has been abstaining from my affections. The betrayal is unspeakable. Why isn't there more information on these things out there?! What madness is this?!

Before I go any further, for those of you who have been kept in the dark like me, beauty boxes are "boxes" (sometimes pouches) filled with a mixture of different sample/full sized beauty products which can range from shampoo to eye shadow to nail polish to skin care to lotion to shower cream, etc. Unspeakably awesome!

So naturally, I explored further and found the link site and proceeded to sign up for a 3 month supply of beauty boxes from Box Culture. 2 days later, more obsessive Google-ing of the contents of these boxes over the last month revealed that Malaysia, in fact, has 6 different companies offering such things. I was speechless...and palpitating with excitement! So I've been stalking these sites insanely for the last few weeks and needless to say, I have already signed up for 4 out 6 of these boxes. 3 of them are for a 3-month supply (Box Culture, Bag of Love and Mivva) and the other is for just the month of June (Wonderbox) to check it out. The remaining two are Vanity Trove and The Lilac Box. Why are these not on the acquisition list, you may be wondering...

Well, Vanity Trove's June box was sold out and their July box is dedicated to Kose, which I am not terribly excited about, so I shall wait till August rolls around. The Lilac Box looks so, so, so amazing, but they don't seem to have the option of pre-ordering for months. They tend to sell them as boxes become available because they don't do a monthly thing. It's purely based on quality. Once the boxes available are up to scratch, they go up for sale and the next box appears to be on the horizon for end of June so I simply cannot wait!

So, Bag of Love and Mivva tend to send out their boxes during the first week of the month, and I was meant to receive both deliveries today. I spent the entire day mildly distracted wondering whether my packages had arrived, and whether they were feeling lonely all alone at home, waiting to be torn into and appreciated. So when I came home and saw this:

You can only imagine the whirlwind of emotion running through me! I was a little let down, but not really. Mivva is lovely because I saw their May box and wanted one badly (for reasons you will discover later on) but I only discovered them after they had already been sent out and sign ups were long closed, so I sent them a message asking if I could back order it which they very accommodatingly complied with, and so I was supposed to receive 2 boxes from them. Alas, one of the packages was a dress I had ordered online. It's absolutely beautiful so the disappointment was short lived. So, one package was from Bag of Love and the other was from Mivva. Both of them are the boxes sent out for June, and I shall review them separately because there is just too much awesomeness to put them all in one post along with my gushing!


  1. I totally know what you mean. These Beauty Boxes are like a gift to ourselves. I love getting good mail (not bills) and getting it as a mystery set of beauty products is really fun. Makes me feel like it's Christmas every month.
    I just got the June Mivva box, am waiting for the June Bag-of-Love edition and have ordered my first CosmoBox. I want to get a 3 or 6 month subscription but am just trying these different brands out first. I'm just a little sad that Mivva is going to start charging RM10 extra for single month subscriptions beginning next month but I understand, it's tough trying to maintain a decent profit with all the packaging and shipping costs. I'll check out what the other beauty box companies are like before I commit to a 3 month order for Mivva. I am also on the notification list for the next Lilac Box. Haven't really thought about Wonderbox yet as I can't decide whether I like their previous boxes. What do you think?
    Thanks so much for your great reviews. They really helped me.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the reviews and finding them helpful! There are definitely wayyyy more to come hahaha. I'm a little too excited about The Lilac Box as well, and I have already told them I must have it without exception! They're really nice and really accommodating and they truly do seem like the best box out there.
      I think a monthly subscription to begin with is the smartest move too but some of them don't give you points for it...and I am a point hoarder in all its various forms. Wonderbox seems like it could really go either way, but it does give out points for single box purchases, so I did order it for the month of June just to see how it places. I'll have to receive it and see how it is before suggesting that you get it. Let me do a review at the end of the month, then decide maybe?