Well, this isn't actually a post about tea per se, it's more of a post about vessels for the delivery of tea! I get very excited about paraphernalia of this sort, so bear with me:

Firstly, I went to Isetan in 1Utama and happened to wander into the household section (by wander, I mean purposefully seek it out), and I saw their mugs...and I couldn't resist!

A week or so prior to that, I went to SSTwo Mall and was dragged to Mr. DIY by Babi #2, assuming I would be bored out of my mind, and ended up with a jelly tray and a tea infuser.

[Floral Mug from Isetan, 1Utama (RM11.90); Flower Pot Tea Infuser from Mr DIY, SSTwo Mall (RM7.50)]

It's not physically possible to resist such things! Don't they pair perfectly together? The mug is one of those slightly oversized ones which is wider than the norm, and they had a taller mug with polka dots on it which I restrained myself from getting. The month is still young. 

I also saw this:

[Ladybug Mug with Lid from Isetan (RM19.90)]

My mother has a long-standing love for ladybugs, so I couldn't resist getting this for her. Isn't it absolutely adorable?! 

[SiliconeZone Mug Lid]

This was a gift a while back, but the packaging was so pretty that I didn't have the heart to use it...but that would be a shame. My Enabler bought this for me from Dubai to feed my obsession and it's by far the coolest mug lid I've seen because it has three functions!

As you can see from the picture above, it works as a means of holding the tag of the teabag out of the water while covering the lid of the mug securely in order to effectively brew the tea. Thereafter, the teabag can be squeezed between the lid to extract the remnants of the tea!

What an absolutely fantastic thing! The main reason for why the tea tag holding bit is so important is that even if you leave the tag of out of the mug, the moisture from the tea tends to travel along the thread connecting the teabag to the tag and you will inevitably have problems. This is such a brilliant solution. It makes me so happy!