As mentioned in an earlier post, the Enabler and myself were enamoured with the tea we drank at Laduree which incited us to actually purchase said teas to return home with. The packaging does nothing to dissuade these purchases!

[Laduree's Marie Antoinette and Melange Laduree Tea]

[Laduree's Marie Antoinette Blend Tea - 125g (£8.40)]

[Laduree's Melange Blend Tea - 20 sachets (£7.50)]

I have already described their flavour in a previous post, but I'll do a more in depth review, inclusive of visuals of the teas prior to and after brewing when I get back to KL. I think the whole purpose of getting the Marie Antoinette blend of tea in its loose form is because it just seems like a much more decadent tea and it simply urges you to sit and enjoy the ritual of tea and the process of brewing it in a pretty pot. I will! 

As for the Melange Blend, it is rather more full bodied, and the sachets are really no less beautiful and decadent, so I'm a bit excited about it. I just feel like I'd like to sit with a friend to sip on the Marie Antoinette blend with a pot between us, while I'd like to be alone, mulling over life with my personal cup of Laduree's Melange. They really evoke very different experiences from the packaging all the way through to the flavour. 

Laduree London (Harrods):
87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 0NA, London