[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Ground Coffee]

When I was in Singapore in May, I paid a regular visit to TCC, which never fails to disappoint, and I noticed that they were selling coffee beans and ground coffee. Perhaps I never noticed this before because I didn't have an espresso machine, but my senses to such things have been honed now! My Spidey-senses were tingling with anticipation because it's hard to deny that TCC does really good coffee, in all its glorious forms!

Now, they had three different blends available, but I picked this over TCC's personal blend for arbitrary reasons. Also, I know the coffee purists are going to be banging their heads against the wall over the fact that this is pre-ground coffee, but I am far too lazy to invest energy into buying and using a grinder every morning. I have other addictions that need feeding too!

So I picked this up (a donation to my addiction by my brother), and decided to put it to the taste test. The first thing I noticed what that the grind was slightly larger than most ground coffees, e.g. Illy:

[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Grounds in the pouch]

[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Grounds]

[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Grounds Post-Tampering]

As is quite visible, the colour of the coffee is a rich deep coffee brown and it smells thoroughly divine! It's the kind of aroma you want to wake up to brewing every morning. 

[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Shots]

As you can see, the separation of shots shows that the size of the grind has no real effect on the shot once it is pulled and it smells only more divine once it reaches this trifecta.

[TCC's Brazil Cerrado Shot]

Look at the rich, champagne-coloured crema! Mmmm coffee!

Now, I love coffee ridiculously much, but I am not one who is capable of discerning different hints of berries, etc. in the flavour. I'm also not a fan of espresso on its own and am more of a latte lover because I feel that the sweetness in the milk once its properly steamed brings out different notes to the coffee and complements the bitterness far better than drinking a shot of espresso masked with sugar will ever do.

So, this shot (yes, I tried it) was very light and had a reasonably delicate flavour (as delicate as the bitterness of coffee can be), it's good for a lighter cup because the caffeine content doesn't appear to be very strong. I probably would buy it again since it retailed at S$14 which isn't bad at all for 250g of nice coffee.