This edition was specially dedicated to Mother's Day and while I am not a mother, I do feel like my make up needs to be multiplied. So, I trawled through a few blogs about it and realised there wasn't a choice in the matter. I had to have it!

It was sold out, so I sent Kim at Mivva message asking if I could backorder it and she very kindly complied! And today I came home to it. Happiness.

[Mivva Beauty Box - May 2013]

[Stripping the box down...]

[My mother will surely appreciate this sentiment...]

[Product Descriptions & Pricing]

[Mother's Day Card]

[Aupres Advertisement for Mother's Day Gift Sets]

[Mary Chia Voucher for a 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy]

[Discount Voucher for Skinlab]

[Garden of Eden's Jojo E Stamp Card]

[Contents of the Box]

["Terima Kasih" Mug]

I will readily admit that one of the reasons I wanted this box so badly was because it came with a mug. All the reviews showed different mugs...but I was not prepared for this. Certainly a disappointment from the design to the size. It's basically just a fraction bigger than an espresso cup. Sad!

[Somang Danahan's RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream - Sample Size]

It's actually really useful for them to have the product description guide because it gives a decent overview of what the product does. This looks quite interesting and I shall definitely give it a go.

[Claire Organics' Handmade Soap - Full Size]

This scent is Mulberry (I almost typed flavour, which is a testament to how good it smelt]. It has a very alluring aroma and while I don't usually use bar soaps, I will definitely make an exception for this. What's also awesome is that when I opened the box, this was the scent that hit me and I actually closed my eyes and inhaled it. Lovely!

[Garden of Eden's Jojo E - Sample Size]

This is a product that's akin to Palmer's and Bio Oil I think as it's targeted to the pregnant lot. However, it's also for dry and/or itchy skin and stretch marks so it would definitely be good to test out on my body which has somewhat dry skin.

[O'slee's Rosehip Hydra-White - Sample Size]

This is literally a powdered face cleanser! How fascinating! I'm really curious about this. It says on the back that you just later some powder with water and wash you face as you normally would. Can't wait to try it!

[Nature's Lab's Antioxidant Body Scrub - Sample Size]

I LOVE SCRUBS! I think I have around 6 which I use intermittently and this looks very nice. The grains don't look excessively coarse, which is good, since I have mildly sensitive skin. 

[Aupres' Package - Sample Size]

This comes with a voucher for a facial massage and 3-pc sample set for your skin after a consultation which is awesome! 

[Aupres' Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum; Aqua Active Sleeping Mask - Sample Size]

I've never tried anything by Aupres, but the stuff definitely looks inviting. I'm really quite enthused about these. 

This box cost RM38 and it's more than abundant value for the money! I'm not sure if the products sent were targeted to my anti-aging needs (which I mentioned in the Beauty Profile they recommend that you fill in on the site), or if that was purely a by-product of Mother's Day. Either way, I'm not complaining. There's definitely a majority of stuff in here that I am genuinely excited about receiving and I have no regrets!

You can subscribe for them Monthly, Quarterly or Annually and with the latter two you get additional points which can be redeemed against future boxes.