You just know this is a beauty box when you receive it. Most people would automatically know, but for those of us (or just me) who order stuff online instead of doing work in the office, it can be difficult to tell what's in the myriad packages lying in wait. But yes, the package has the shape and heft to ensure you know precisely what you're getting excited about.

[Mivva Beauty Box - June 2013]

Such a pretty box! It even came all bubble-wrapped, which is brilliant foresight, but I was too excited to open it. I am not one who responds well to anticipation.

[Colourific Painting Edition]

[Product Description & Pricing]

[Almost There...]

Oh the anticipation! 

[Mivva's June 2013 Beauty Box Contents]

[Face Chart]

Once the boxes went out, they announced on their Facebook page that they would soon unveil what the purpose of these are. I like such interactive activities!

[Contents of the box]

[Liese's Hair Dye in Creamy Beige - Full Size]

This was a real disappointment for me because I don't dye my hair. But the fact that it's a full sized product would definitely be a boon to those who do.

[Beautymate's Black Pearl & Calendula Whitening Nano Mask - Sample Size]

This is a really hefty package for one mask which is excellent! The only time I've tried anything calendula was with Kiehl's toner and I loved it so I'm quite excited about trying this out! I also love the fact that it's a peel-off mask because it aids easy removal and cleansing! It's also fantastic for travelling, i.e. on long flights.

[Skin79's Mini Lip Gloss - Full Size]

At least I think it's a full sized product. It's very beautifully packaged though!

My camera isn't picking up on just how pretty the rose design on this is. I am quite enamoured with it.

Unfortunately, there's no colour name/number written on the packaging...or there is and it's in Korean so I can't read it anyway. But look at it! It's a lovely shade of red with a tad bit of shimmer to it. Very pretty in the pot!

[Swatch of Skin79's Mini Lip Gloss]

And very pretty when applied! The texture isn't sticky at all. It really is quite moisturising and reasonably sheer but buildable. It's a nice shade which allows you to get that rosy tint to your lips that we all crave. It's a shade that would work well for all skin types too! 

[Enuca's Eye Essential Quad - Full Size]

[1 Cream Base & 3 Shadows]

This is an Italian brand that I have never heard of and I wasn't expecting much from the outer packaging, but opening it tells you a whole different story. It's so pretty! The cream shade is a shadow base while the other three are complementary shadows. Are they any good?

[Swatches of Enuca's Eye Essential Quad]

Absolutely! These were very lightly swiped to get this level of pigment and the shadows are very smooth and seem quite long-lasting. They also seem like they would do a good job of being blended so I'm really stoked about trying these out. I really do have a fetish for eye shadows! I'm very curious about the cream base as well. I've tried some before but they were an extremely oily consistency which didn't work out for me (combination skin, and all), but this seems like it would set better. I can't wait to test it out! 

This box was RM38 and overall, I'm really quite happy with this box, even with the disappointment of the hair dye. I'm quite pleased with the fact that I now have a 3 month subscription to it and I can't wait to see what's in the July edition!

You can subscribe for them Month, Quarterly or Annually and with the latter two you get additional points which can be redeemed against future boxes. 


  1. Hehe I'm really happy with this month's MIVVA!!! :) Pity you don't like this hair dye though, creamy beige was what I wanted >< haha.
    I got the Amethyst eyeshadow and absolutely love it. Blending it is such a dream :D
    So far MIVVA has not dissapoint. Good idea that you subscribed for 3 months! :)

    1. I'm really happy too! It's definitely a case of me not appreciating the dye because I don't dye my hair so the box is fabulous as a whole! You're welcome to the hair dye since no one in my house will use it either. Feel free to e-mail me your address and I'll post it out tomorrow if you'd like.

  2. I just tried the Beautymate Mask and I'm stoked. This was the first time I used a one-piece sheet mask product. All the other masks I've tried came in a tube.
    It was very easy to use and moist and my skin feels a lot softer today. Looks like I will be getting some more of my own now.
    Hope Mivva includes more masks in future. They are really fun to use!
    For the dye, I got the Raspberry Brown which I am happy about. Not that I dye my hair but it's not too late to try out something new. The dye alone is worth more than RM30!

    The lip gloss is so cute. Not so sure about the eyeshadow. I think I like your colours more. I got Sunset - brown and gold set so I'm not sure if it suits me.

    This was a fun box but I'm looking forward to more skin and hair product samples next time. Makeup can be kind of hit & miss because of the colour possibilities.

    1. Really? I can't wait to try out the mask, but I'm hoarding it for a long-haul flight I'll be on tomorrow. I love thick, peel-off masks! Thanks for letting me just made me even more excited to try it hahaha. I really hope they include more masks too. You can never have enough!
      I had no idea they gave out different colours for the shadows, but I'm really pleased with mine. They're all the colours I love since I really enjoy dramatic eye make-up. I'm sure the browns and golds would work since they tend to be quite neutral and go with all skin tones. Plus, these blend superbly! Try it out and send over a pic! I'd love to see it!