[Lancome's BB Cream (AED180)]

While waiting for my flight to London from Dubai, we were roaming around duty free (naturally), and over the couple of days that I was in Dubai, the Enabler was raving about Lancome's BB Cream. Also, I am weak and easily give in to temptation.

So, of course, I ended up buying it. Didn't really take much convincing. On a side note, I don't use sunblock because I am lazy and this is SPF 50, so it's a necessary product. Don't argue.

Anyway, I have been using this for the last week in London and I am quite enamoured with it. I haven't even touched the other two products I bought with me (MAC's Studio Fix Powder + Foundation and Bare Minerals' Ready Foundation). This really is something worth the impulse purchase. I wish I had two.

The BB cream comes in a nicely sized squeeze tube:

[Lancome's BB Cream]

[Lancome's BB Cream]

The BB cream only comes in one shade, but it blends really well into the skin. You just need to give it a minute or two to settle in. It goes on very smoothly and evens out the texture more than satisfactorily. However, the cream is definitely not a match for my shade so I've been using MAC's mineralized powder to set it along with concealer.

It's a BB cream, so it does what it's supposed to, which is to even out skin tone and give you a more pleasant coating on your face. However, it doesn't work as a replacement for foundation if you have problems like mine: Dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. 

I tried it without a primer and it did settle somewhat into the lines under my eyes, so I would suggest you use one. I'm currently using Clinique's Pore Minimizer and it works wonders in preventing settling of this sort. It's also not thick enough to have the kind of coverage that would negate a concealer. It is definitely buildable, and if you have just puffiness or very light dark circles, then it could definitely work on its own, but for my level of insonmia-induced darkness, a concealer is very necessary. 

Just a necessary side note: Every concealer (and there have been many) I have used has settled into those lines under my eyes, but the Pore Minimizer I'm using (even under the eyes) works really well at preventing this from happening so I'm quite ecstatic about it.

Back to the BB Cream. So I've been layering a bit of concealer over the cream and then setting it with the mineralized powder. I'm pretty sure any setting powder would work but this is just what I have on hand. I would suggest using a powder that's the right shade for you to balance the colour difference between the cream and your skin out. It works wonders in looking extremely natural.

As for the durability of the BB cream, I'm quite happy. However, there is a caveat to this point. My skin is far more balanced in London than it is in KL, so there is less oil to affect the way this product functions. I'll update the review with how it fares there when I get back. But for now, it is working perfectly. I've worn it for 14 hours with no touch ups and had it last with minimal displacement. I'm reasonably sure this is partially the magic of the primer, but so far so good. 

I do love this product and it seems like it would be a very good addition to my daily routine. As a general rule, I don't wear makeup daily because it takes too much effort. This cuts down the process significantly so it might induce me to start doing so. Also, SPF! As good a reason as any. I'm neither a fan of wrinkles nor skin cancer, so it might be time to start getting on board with SPF.