Yes, that is where I am! On holiday! Finally! I love it!

So, I left KL on Mon for Dubai and spent two days there before hopping on a flight to London, where I will be until the 29th of June. Just for the record, these are the two essentials I brought with me, and I will be reviewing them once the trip is over:

[Sephora's Makeup Palette]

Due to luggage restraints and an attempt at a light load (which was far from successful), my endeavour was to take one palette for eyeshadow, since the alternative would be three drawers' worth, and so this may have been the best thing for it. I got it during Sephora's 20% off sale for (some of their) White Card members.

[Sephora's Makeup Palette - Eyeshadows]

Look at all the colours! Aren't they gorgeous?! They're extremely pigmented and so far they've lasted really well without creasing. Of course, this is with a good base (which I am definitely going to review soon because I love it!).

[Sephora's Makeup Palette]

In the interest of attempting moderation, I bought the smaller palette, but there is absolutely nothing I'm missing here. It comes with 12 glosses (left), and a combination of blushes, highlighters and bronzers (right). I will admit however that I've only used the blush out of these wings and I love them! However, because the palette is a little on the small side, and I refuse to compromise on my blush brush, I've just been swirling it in the first three strips of blush and gotten quite a lovely mix.

[Sephora's Makeup Palette - Lip Gloss]

These are quite pigmented and very creamy. I love the array of shades but I'm not really a lip gloss fanatic so I'm not overly excited about these.

[Sephora's Makeup Palette - Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer]

These colours really are quite nice and versatile since they come in a combination of matte and shimmer. They're well suited for a one-stop kit for a trip abroad unless you have issues which are too deep-seated to resolve with makeup.

The other essential I'm testing out was also something I bought during the 20% off sale at Sephora and I've always been so tempted to get it. I finally had the perfect excuse!

[First Aid Beauty's Fab Faves To Go]

Look how pretty! It's a set of the three essentials: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.

[First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser]

This is a cream cleanser.

[First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Pads]

These are mild exfoliating toner pads which I was very intruigued by. 

[First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream]

This is a rather thick moisturiser which is definitely not oil-free.

I've been using these products for around 4 days now and I have a pretty decent idea of how I feel about them, but I'd like to use them for a little longer before giving a more informed review of them. 

Definitely exciting times!

What makes it more exciting is this:

[Kate Spade's Travel Notebooks]

How awesome are these? They are by far the nicest travel planners I've seen and they have pages for recommendations, expenses, notes, pictures, etc. Quite a terrific travel companion! 


  1. Being the queen of Sephora hauls, would you advise that I consider any of their Christmas palette sets? I usually don't care for most of the colours in a palette but it's just nice looking at the way they all sit together. I have the worst lids for eye makeup and can usually only get away with a little liner. I can't seem to carry off any decent eyeshadow look without looking like I stepped out of a boxing ring but eyeshadow palettes offer the most dazzling rainbows but I know that if I bought one that it would just sit and gather dust. I'm so jealous of girls like you with nice deep lids and all the possibilities in the world for shadow.

  2. Oh you must! I've been eyeing a few myself! These are a few which I've been eyeing myself and I think would be amazing. You should definitely look into them. <--- Kat Von D has the most underrated shadows around. The pigmentation and staying power on them is spectacular!

    I really do think you're wrong where eye makeup is concerned. Colour is the best thing ever. It's all about working with your personal shape. A friend of mine had the same complaint but it's because she was watching videos of people with different shaped lids and trying to replicate it. I'm far from anything professional but you're welcome to come over and play with makeup and we can figure out the best way to go about the eyeshadow to suit the shape.