Isn't this one of the loveliest sights in the world? It is. It really is.

And it only gets lovelier when you know what's inside. *sigh* (Of contentment)

Now, Sephora is an evil corporation that sends out tempting e-mails and posts on Facebook in order to induce purchasers not to show restraint. And it works. A few days ago they posted on FB that they were giving out "Attractive gifts" with the purchase of Guerlain's new limited edition packaging. That's a double whammy right there. Who can resist?! So, I headed over today and fell in love. So much love. So much.

[Guerlain's Meteorites Pearles Illuminating Powder + Freebies from Sephora]

Yes, there are two. No, this is not purely my fault (though it is on some level). After buying it, I sent a message to my Sephora-partner-in-crime/Enabler who got jealous and wanted one too. Who can blame her?! 

[Guerlain's Meteorites Pearles Illuminating Powder - 01 Teint Rose (RM181)]

I had a 10% off thingy for Sephora so I got mine at RM162.90. Love it! 

Just look at it! How could I resist?! How can YOU resist?! It's absolutely beautiful.

When you open it up, the first thing that hits you is the gorgeous scent. Heavenly! The only way to describe it is to call it "The Guerlain Scent". The pearls are nestled under a thick sponge to keep them in place and prevent destruction. How thoughtful. I'm pretty sure you can actually use this sponge to apply the product, but who does that? Well, I might. But then it will contaminate the pearls when you put the sponge back there to protect them. So, no. Do not use the sponge. It's like a padded room for them!

*Sigh* Look at them! JUST LOOK! So pretty!!!! And smells so good! Guerlain should really branch out into candy too.

[I tried to remove the anti-theft strip, but the label came off with it. Well done anti-theft device!]

And now for the incidental loveliness:

This package contained ideas for what sort of make-up would be complementary to the powder. Useful because I quite like the lipstick shades and eye colours.

This is the general brochure for what/how the pearls should be used.

[Free gift with purchase of Guerlain's Illuminating Pearls]

MASCARA!!! Omg! 

[Eye & Lip Make Up Remover]


I've never gotten mascara in a tube before and it looks very exciting. It's quite a small tube but that's good for mascara since it's a highly perishable item. It looks very promising!

[Free gift with purchase of Guerlain's Illuminating Pearls]

[Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer]

Don't you just love how it looks? It comes with a pump. I'm very curious about this product. To date the only primer I've used is Make Up Forever's HD Primer of which I have no complaints but I can't really compare it to anything for obvious reasons.

[Free Gift with Purchase of RM350 worth of Gurlain Products]

[Pretty Make Up Pouch]

This really is a very pretty pouch for make up. It could double as a clutch in a pinch because it is of an extremely decent size and made of really good quality. I love the colour and the little tassel. 

[Goodies in the bag]

[Freebies with Purchase of RM350 Worth of Guerlain Products]

[Lotus Cleanser]

[Hydrating Wrinkle Plumper]

Since I'm going on 30 in a couple of years, might be a good idea to use this as a preventive measure! 

[Shalimar Perfume Sample in Diffuser]

The packaging on this was quite a let down. I would have been infinitely happier if it had been a clear vial. The blue is just ugly. I'm also not a fan of it because it is slightly sweet and has undertones of vanilla to it. Plus, I hate Salman Rushdie's writing and the name of this perfume just reminds me of his book "Shalimar the Clown".

[Sample Lipstick]

Look at the artwork! So cute!

They have conveniently provided the names and reference numbers of all the shades in these collections for perusal.

[Sample Lipstick in Champs-Elysees (165)]

[Guerlain's Champs-Elysees (165)]

LOOK AT IT! So beautiful! I suspect this is similar to Chanel's "Suspense" that came out in April. I'll swatch the two and post a picture in the near future.

[Swatch of Guerlain's Champs-Elysees (165)]

This was two swipes built up. Really smooth and really pretty.

I'm really excited about all this stuff! It's all so fun and use-able and makes me happy! Don't worry Enabler...the loot will be split between us! I didn't lick the lipstick!