This was one of things I was most excited about going to Dubai for. You Enabler. It's meant to be. Like the Three Musketeers, but better.

I came across this tea online and got a little too excited about it and the hotel was extremely helpful in spurring this excitement on by efficiently responding to my email about the pricing and availability. They were kind enough to accept an email reservation for my preference.

So, we popped up around 15 minutes late (we're Indian), and they didn't make a fuss at all which I appreciated. It was a lot less crowded than I assumed it would be, possibly because it was a Tuesday, so the place was nice and empty. It was also absolutely beautiful, with a nice posh ambiance.

The hotel really was very beautifully done up so it just added to the experience. Spoiler alert: This tea is worth it only for the aesthetics.

So, we sat down and they had the table laid out with their tea menu and sugar sticks:

Look how pretty! I don't usually have sugar in tea, but this made it so tempting.

The menu did differ slightly from the blog reviews I had read about them, but it happens. 

So naturally, the tea arrived first. Unlike most places in Dubai, they do offer free refills of tea and they will even refresh your cup for you once your pot is finished. 

[Hamour's Breakfast Intense Bio & Earl Grey Teas]

It really annoys me when teas state that they are organic. ALL TEA IS ORGANIC! 

In any event, Raffles Hotel, Dubai is monogamous to this particular brand of tea and these are all the varieties available:

[Pascal Hamour's Range of Teas]

Anyway, the tea was decent enough. Not the best tea in the world but I don't have any actual issues with it. I do love their teaware though. The tea is very well presented with the glass pots and the gorgeous amber colour of well-brewed caffeine-laden tea. Love it! It was also fragnant enough to know that the tea was all very fresh which was lovely. On top of this, they offered me the option of milk which was warm or cold which is one of the first places I've seen to do that. Cold milk changes the flavour and properties of freshly brewed tea, so warm milk is definitely preferable. Yes, the milk was warm, but it was a little over steamed which meant that is was too frothy to be appropriate to perfection. Still, it was good enough. This is just nitpicking.

Then the eatables arrived:

[Raffles Hotel Dubai's Fashion High Tea] can't compete with that! Then, more eatables arrived:

[Raffles Hotel Dubai's Fashion High Tea]

I was a little sad that they didn't have plain scones...this abomination needs to stop. Plain scones are essential to the happiness of life. Why do people hate happiness? The menu also stated that they would be serving both blackcurrant and passionfruit scones. We requested for just passionfruit scones because blackcurrant...really? Insanity through and through.

So let's take this one step at a time:


[Chicken Liver and Pate de Foie Gras with Lavender Jelly Makeup Jar & Melba Toast]

[Home Cured Gravalax and Asparagus Lipstick]

[Air-Dried Beef, Grilled Melon, Mint and Black Pepper Skewers]

[Burrrata on Beet Root Bread Embellishment with Rocket and Pesto]

[Cucumber and Tomato Panini Sponge with Dried Tomato]

[Cornish Pastry - Filled with Lamb]

I found it a little strange that they placed the Cornish Pastry with the Scones, but I shall let it slide. The food was, unfortunately, less than stellar. Not only was it forgettable, it was not particularly pleasant to consume. It really is a shame. 

Then came the sweets:

[Rhubarb Brown Butter Tart Earring Box, ? , Oreo Cookie Blusher]

[Sticky Bun Encrusted with Pecan Nuts, Cream Choux Puff "Miss Daisy", ?]

[Milk Chocolate Mendiants, Spring Stiletto and White Chocolate Orange Blossom, Praline Tart Tropezienne]

Some of this stuff is questionable. I'm having quite a bit of trouble placing the items with the menu. It would be nice if they were more clearly equitable as they were on the blog reviews. Disappointment ahoy! The desserts were not as good as they looked which was a bit sad. This is definitely one of those times where flavour was compromised in place of aesthetics. It didn't have to be this way! 

[Passionfruit Scones with Cornish Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam]

This was definitely the highlight of the entire set. The scones were delicious. They came warm and the passionfruit flavour was very subtle. There weren't great globs of the fruit in the scone, but rather incorporated seamlessly into the pastry to form a lovely, crumbly, warm mess of deliciousness.

And you have to love how they served the clotted cream in a tube:

The jam was just the right consistency and level of sweetness and it complimented the cream and crumbly scones perfectly. Really yum! 

Verdict? No.

Just go there for scones. At AED199 for two, just skip the set. You can steal my pictures and pretend you went. But go for their scones. They're really worth going back for. 

Raffles Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road, Wafi, PO Box 121800, Dubai
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun - 8am-2pm [According to their website, but I don't think this is right. We went for tea at 2pm]


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  2. I can't get over the 'toothpasted' version of clotted cream. It's very vogue-ish but I'd be afraid that a dainty tube wouldn't serve me my cream quickly enough. I LOVE clotted cream and need to sit down and eat it by the spoonful.

    It's disappointing, however, to hear that most of the nibbles did not match their aesthetic potential. This seems to be a real issue with dessert where people think that they can get away with anything as long as it is pretty. The shame of it! We need to revolt against this and demand a better feed *stamps foot down in protest*

    Thank you, dear Arpita, it is a pretty tea nevertheless and I will take you up on your generous offer and 'steal' your afternoon tea to show all my friends how glamourous and decked out my own afternoons are. Forgive me while I go and photoshop you out and myself in.

    1. Hehe this reminds me of my friend in London who eats clotted cream on its own. I can't even blame her! When I was a child, I used to eat butter (which might explain a thing or two)! I completely approve of your affection for clotted cream, which I wholeheartedly share!

      This is the very definition of "too good to be true". These pretty things are always a lie. They're mostly downright inedible. Unfortunately, I'm always sucked in by pretty things. Especially if you're going to make something edible shaped like a shoe. How can I possibly refuse? If nothing else, it might have been fun to throw it at someone. Shall we start a picket line outside the hotel and throw fondant/chocolate shoes at them?

      There is no other basis for Photoshop, other than this very purpose! Do it! Do it! One day, we might have to team up to have a proper Afternoon Tea which we have put together. Do you enjoy Afternoon Tea sets which have an even balance of sweet and savoury, or do you lean more towards to sweet or savoury?

  3. Regarding the shoes, I'm game if you are. I have a couple of tubs of old fondant lying around and we could use those. I also happen to have some handy shoe cutters. I've been preparing all my life for a fondant picket and just needed to have the perfect partner in crime!

    In terms of afternoon tea, I'm not fussed on there being a balance on sweet or savoury but as I do bake myself, I do demand there being a fairly decent commitment to taste and not just to aesthetics alone. The problem is this concept is lost on too many tea services. It's as if between laying the table cloth and organising the cutlery, somebody always forgets to book the chef.

    1. I like that plan! There's definitely need for a new cause on this planet, and this should be it. If the coffee clan in Malaysia has gone on an all out war against the swill some places serve as coffee (*ahem*Starbucks*ahem*), I think we are definitely in line to do the same under these circumstances.

      Don't you find that the cupcakes here are always flavourless except for "excessively sweet"? From Bisou to Cupcake Chic, it's all just sugar with nothing else to it. I'd rather have a plain, delicious muffin that leaves me sighing in contentment than an elaborate cupcake that I am suffering through because it lacks any depth of flavour.

      I think the best full-on afternoon tea I've had in KL so far has to be in BIG Publika...but of course they're lovely little tea corner has been shut down. Their food actually has good flavour to it and it's an abundance of food, no less. They still do offer their afternoon tea though, which I am glad of, along with the addition of a cream tea set, which is fantastic!

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