Yes, the beauty box fever extended to London. After obsessive Google-ing, I ended up ordered the two boxes which looked most exciting and that worked out perfectly because they were set to be delivered during the week that I reached London. Birchbox was one of these boxes.

The Birchbox is priced at £10 + £2.95 for shipping, so £12.95 for the box, which equated to roughly RM60. Very comparable to the prices in KL.

So the two boxes popped up 2 weeks ago on subsequent days with the post waking me up. I haven't had such a lovely feeling in so long. When was the last time the post (bills/bill collectors don't count) woke you up? Seriously. I love it! I popped out of bed when the buzzer rang and promptly knocked my face on the cupboard.

It was worth it. No bruises either. Success!

[Birchbox, UK - June 2013]

The box was A LOT smaller than I was expecting it to be, but you know what they say: Good things come in small packages.


I found these absolutely adorable! I think that each of these cards represents one of the countries that Birchbox operates in, but I'm not positive, and it's such a cute idea. 

[Pouch for Goodies]

I really do have an underlying obsession with storage and pouches (I have four on this trip with me), so I love that they've done this! Even the colour scheme is so pretty! If nothing else, this would be perfect for packing ballet flats away or into your handbag.

Now, I received this box almost two weeks ago, and the reason it has taken me this long to get to this post is because I really did want to test some of the stuff out prior to commenting on whether this box is actually worth the price paid.

[Model Co's Eye Define Eye Pencil in Black]

I really love that this pencil comes with an in-built sharpener. While theoretically it is perfect, I keep sharpening it without meaning to because I tend to twist the cap on eyeliners to get them off. However, once I get used to it I will be more than happy with it as a whole. Other than the coordination issues I am having, this is a REALLY good eyeliner. I've used it a few times, both to line my lid and waterline and it works perfectly. It's quite creamy, yet long lasting, which is the perfect combination. 

[Beauty Protector's Protect & Detangle Leave-in Conditioner]

I've always loved leave-in conditioners, but this weather has taught me how wonderful they really are. My hair has become increasingly dry and so I've been using oils and serums to try to calm it the hell down. I tested this out on dry and damp hair and the difference wasn't discernible between the two. It worked equally well to condition the hair and make it immediately noticeably softer. This made me very happy!

[Coola's Sunscreen]

This is a face sunscreen, but I've not tried it out because I'm using Lancome's BB Cream which already contains SPF 50. 

[Noble Isle's Bath & Shower Gel]

This smells divine in the container but I've also not tested it out. 

[Color Club's Wanderlust Nail Polish in Pardon My French (6201)]

This was actually a really nice polish. I've never even heard of this brand, but two coats provided an opaque coating on the nail which went on extremely smoothly. I am just not a fan of this colour but if you're looking for a pastel purple in this shade, this would be a very decent choice. Apparently it retails for £10...Ciate retails for £9 and I think their wear in terms of duration is just that little bit better. 

[Color Club's Wanderlust Nail Polish in London Calling]

I thought this was a really good idea. They gave an additional polish in a gift box to pass along to a friend for introductory purposes. I much prefer this colour to the purple though. It's a lovely pastel, mint green and it makes me very happy (even though I've painted more of my finger than my nail). If anyone would like to be "introduced" to Birchbox let me know and the purple polish is yours!

Overall, I think it's definitely pretty good value for money. I've received things I would probably never have picked up, but I quite like. For me, the highlights are definitely the eyeliner and leave-in conditioner.