It is no secret that bacon is my favourite food group. Pizza is my second. So if you put the two together, the natural occurrence is my presence. Along with Babi No. 2 (you know who you are).

So, it all started as with an offer on for Pan Crust Bacon Pizza at RM16.90 instead of the usual RM28. How can one resist that?!

So, we were all excited and we went there and looked at the picture of the pizza in the menu:

[Grumps' Pan Crust Bacon Pizza Menu Picture]

Look at all that bacon!!! It's like heart disease waiting to happen, but well worth it!

When it came:

[Grumps' Pan Crust Bacon Pizza]

Shall we play "spot the difference"? I was quite depressed (or hungry...I can never tell which) by this point. But it's still pizza...and it's still bacon...well, some of it.

Verdict: OMG!

This is a really good pizza. Misrepresentation aside, I love it! It has good and proper bacon on it, and the crust thin and crispy and absolutely delicious in its own right. The cheese was of excellent quality and the sauce was perfectly balance. I half expected it to be a little too salty because bacon has that effect (in the best possible way), but it really wasn't. It's a really good pizza, but I probably wouldn't pay RM28 (maybe RM25 tops) for it because it barely feeds 2 people who are pretending to be on a diet. But at RM16.90, it's a steal! And it's on offer again so if you want it, grab it over at Webuy now!

[Crispy crust loving...]

As a side note, I've been to Grumps a couple of times before and it never disappoints. The food is generally of terrific quality and flavour, leaving you satisfied through and through. If you're in the neighbourhood, check it out. They also are patrons of RedCard and you get 30% on your bill if you use it.

Grumps Cafe
Lower Ground Floor, SSTwo Mall
Tel: 03 79318898
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun - 10am-10pm