Mascara Madness

Clearly I have been obsessively acquiring mascaras, so I figured it's time to actually show that I use them! And to give you an overview of how good they are and how they compare with each other. This is an overview of six different mascaras.

For the record, I curled my lashes prior to mascara application in all these pictures, and added only one coat of mascara.

Now, as a control group, these are my lashes sans any product:


Mascara #1 - Guerlain's Maxi Lash:

[Guerlain's Maxi Lash]

[Guerlain's Maxi Lash]

This is a really good volumising mascara. It works well in defining and adding "bulk" to the lashes so that they look fuller but just short of false. It can be built upon so one coat could work with lighter shadow for a day-worthy look or even for work.

Mascara #2 - Clarins' Instant Definition:

[Clarins' Instant Definition Mascara]

[Clarins' Instant Definition Mascara]

I was genuinely surprised by how much I loved this mascara. And it's not just because I had NO expectations for it...but because it really is quite fantastic. The bristled are very densely packed, allowing it the kind of reach you need to really define the lashes and add volume and length to them. It is definitely one I would purchase again. Yay for Clarins' foray into makeup!

Mascara #3 - ModelCo's Fibre Lashxtend:

While I was in KL and stalking beauty boxes online, I found that Glamour Magazine UK was giving out free mascara with their July issue (which was released first week of June...I don't understand either), so I got a friend to pick a copy up for me. Apparently they were giving away a choice of four different items, but she instinctively understood that I wanted mascara and picked the last available copy up for me. 

[ModelCo's Fibre Lashxtend]

[ModelCo's Fibre Lashxtend]

I also didn't have my hopes up for the likability of this mascara, but I was pleasantly surprised! I really does extend the lashes in the prettiest way and it's not heavy at all in doing so. They still look natural enough to wear during the day but just give you that oomph that you need.

Mascara #4 - Bare Minerals' Flawless Definition: 

[Bare Minerals' Flawless Definition]

[Bare Minerals' Flawless Definition]

This is a really decent daily mascara to use. It's nothing fancy and nothing all that fabulous, but if you want something run of the mill, this would be it. Definitely nothing I would hunt high and low for, but if it suits my laziness by being the closest thing to me, I wouldn't shun it.

Mascara #5 - Urban Decay's Lush Lash:

[Urban Decay's Lush Lash]

[Urban Decay's Lush Lash]

This is an interesting mascara that has very dense bristles. They sit so tightly together that you can feel them tugging at your lashes, i.e. coating them REALLY well. It's a really good mascara so if you're interested, do try it out. 

Mascara #6 - Lancome's Hypnose Drama:

[Lancome's Hypnose Drama]

[Lancome's Hypnose Drama]

I really love! The only issue I have with this is that it the formula can clump on your lashes if you are not just that little bit more delicate and precise with it. However, as a mascara it is amazing. I really do love I do with all Lancome's mascaras. It add enough volume with one swipe to open your eyes and make them pop and it's just very exciting because the wand is so prettily shaped!

The Glamour Beauty Edit

This box came in the mail this morning and I'm really excited about it! While it is technically a beauty box, it doesn't flow along the same concept as the rest of them. This is from Latest in Beauty, and they function on a very different premise. They do themed boxes, such as Anti-Aging, etc. and this was a box based on a collaboration with Glamour Magazine to bring you some of the best products out there. The best thing about this is that you know exactly what you're getting and at an extremely good deal. There are a number of products in here that I really want to try out, so this is perfect for me!

[Latest in Beauty's Glamour Beauty Edit]

[John Frieda's Frizz-Ease]

This definitely looks interesting. It's also a post-hairwash serum to be applied to damp hair which is meant to lessen frizz and add shine. Can't wait to test it out!

[Revlon's Revlon Red (680)]

I will admit that I already have this exactly polish, but that means that I can also tell you that it really is an absolutely gorgeous fire engine red that goes on like a dream and lasts the way Revlon should! On a side note, this colour also goes matte quite well so try it out!

[Stila's Lip Gloss in Kitten]

The interwebzzz has been abuzz with rave reviews of this particular shade for years now but I haven't run out to go get it as yet so this is perfect! I've tried a number of their glosses and Stila really does make wonderful products. I'm quire sure this is not going to disappoint!

[L'oreal's 24h Gel Eyeliner in Golden Black (02)]

I've not really gotten into gel liners and I suspect the reason for that is because I am so completely devoted to my Shisheido Pen Liner because it is the best thing to have ever been invented. But, now is as good a time as any to start experimenting. I found it interesting that this wasn't a completely black shade and you can see from the picture that it has very tiny gold shimmer in it. I have a MAC gel liner that runs along similar lines so I'll compare the two when I get back.

[Bastiste's Dry Shampoo]

I have recently acquired a longing to try dry shampoos out and all my research always yields results touting this as one of the best. I have already bought Percy & Reed's dry shampoo, so it would be interesting to see how the two compare. Excitement! Competition really does bring out the best in everything.

[Benefit's The POREfessional]

I've been eyeing this product for SO LONG that I think it's only fair that it came in this box! I'm currently using Clinique's product for minimising the appearance of fine lines and pores, so I'm curious as to whether this could be a good substitute. Very curious. I'm really starting to love these products as primers because they do work just as well and even better than for people with combination/oily skin. 

[Ginvera's Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel]

Another exfoliator! I cannot express how ecstatic I am! I also like how they specify on the packaging "30 Rubs to Smoother & Radiant Skin". It sounds so wrong, but so right! Since this came on the market, I've been eyeing it as well and I like that it's a sample size so that I am not trapped! It's really been a while since I've used anything by Ginvera, so I'm hoping they have upped their game. They've certainly jumped on the Green Tea bandwagon. Green tea works wonders for removing dark circles when placed on them by the way (as does any tea containing caffeine), so it definitely has positive skin benefits!

[The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Tweezers]

I love these!!! I have 3 pairs of tweezers which work all right but nowhere near as well as these do and I'm quite stoked! If I'm not careful, I won't have eyebrows tomorrow. The angled line of the edge allows for better precision and grip so they really are everything they are touted as being.

[JINNYlash's Strip Eyelashes]

I don't use false lashes, but these are very pretty. They even come with eyelash adhesive, so the convenience might cause me to use them. We shall see! These seems rather full and dramatic, so perhaps cutting them and using them on the outer half of my lashes would provide a very nice winged look. Hmm...I might have to try this out!

This box retails at £14.95 (including postage), and I think it really is well worth it. I love everything in here and I'm really excited about trying them all out. I think that teaming up with a beauty magazine made all the difference and it definitely functions as a pretty good started kit for anyone wanting to foray into trying different things. For the record, this isn't permanently available, so if you want it order it quick! I also feel like I need to mention how awesome it is that I received this today, when I ordered it last Friday night. Efficiency = Love.

Glossybox (UK) - June 2013

This was the second beauty box in the UK that I signed up for prior to leaving KL. 

[Glossybox, UK - June 2013)]

I really do love the packaging of this box. The colour scheme of light pink and black is absolutely gorgeous, and it incites one to excitement just looking at it! The box itself is of really good quality and I intend to keep it to store letters in (Yes, I am hinting). 

[Description of Contents]

[Don't you love the confetti?!]

Opening the box just bathes you in an air of decadence and naughtiness. I love it!

Let's see what's inside:

[Organic Surge's Super-Intersive Daily Moisturiser for Dry Skin]

Considering that I filled in a profile on my skincare needs, and I clearly stated that I had combination/oily skin, this was a rather strange thing to receive. That said, it is truly perfect for "summer" in London where my skin definitely needs the extra moisture. 

I've tested this out and it works better as a night, rather than day, moisturiser for me due to the nature of my skin. It is a rather thick cream though...almost a paste and a little goes a very long way. This is a full-sized product that is really very hefty. As for how good it is, I can't complain. I quite like it. It makes my skin feel supple and hydrated when I wake up so I think I'll be quite happy replacing what I'm currently using at night with this a few times a week.

[Figs & Rouge's Cherry Blossom Lip Balm]

I absolutely adore this! It's a very lightly tinted moisturising lip balm. The only down side is that it is slightly sticky, but it works quite well at keeping your lips prettily coloured and moisturised. I love!

[Nails Inc's Nail Polish in St. James]

Nails Inc. has been all the rage lately and I was quite interested to try this polish out. It's definitely nice enough and I really do love the colour so this fed my nail needs quite completely for the day. 

[Paul Mitchell's Curls Leave-In Treatment]

I haven't, and probably won't be using these because I don't style my hair. They are wasted on me.

[Helen E's Waterproof Protective Lip Liner]

This got me extremely excited! I've been looking for a new lip liner and this couldn't have been more perfect. It's very creamy and very pigmented and it really does stay on your lips as well as retain the shade of lipstick you put over it. I really do love this product!

Glossybox retails for £10 + £2.95 for postage and handling. At £12.95 it's a decent price for the products received. However, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't take into account the questionnaire I filled in on my needs and preferences because I believe I did state that I don't use styling products in my hair as well. Nevertheless, the products are all of extremely high quality so the box really is well worth it.