A few weeks ago, back when my current phase of nail polish acquisition kicked in, after leaving Sephora depressed at not having purchased any Ciate paint pots despite lusting after them to the extent of painting my right hand with five shades of pink, I walked past The Face Shop where they were having a 1-for-1 sale on polish! My issue is that when I exercise self-control in one store, I tend to run amok in the next. By running amok, I mean that I left with this:

[The Face Shop's Polishes]

In my defence, the prices made these purchases perfectly rational. At RM5.90 for 2 bottles (except that on the extreme right), I'm actually surprised I didn't get more. It's possible that I quite regret it. But just look at the colours! I love them! But, as the title suggests, I won't be reviewing them all today. There must be tales for other times. 

Now, because The Face Shop doesn't specialise in nail polish, as their name suggests (at least I assume that is not their primary target market), they don't give their polishes names. They are merely referred to by a product code beginning with an abbreviation for the colour scale. 

[The Face Shop's PK102, PK101 (We can safely assume that "PK" stands for "pink")]

Once again, let's not discuss my artistic acumen. Let us instead focus on the colours themselves.

[The Face Shop's PK101 - 2 Coats]

This colour is absolutely gorgeous! It has to be the pink in my possession that I adore the most! It is definitely more of a berry pink with purplish/bluish undertones to it and I think it complements my skin tone rather well. As for the formula, at RM2.95, I wouldn't really complain if it was streaky or flawed, but it wasn't! The consistency and texture of it is excellent and it went on smoothly enough for me to safely state that any imperfections in the manicure are solely due to my lack of coordination. I really am quite in love with this shade.

[The Face Shop's PK102 - 2 Coats]

This is more of a cotton candy/bubblegum pink and while it is a very pretty colour, I don't think it suits my skin tone/personality at all. The consistency of this polish, unlike PK101, leaves much to be desired. The streaking and lack of opacity are clearer in this picture:

[The Face Shop's PK102 - 2 Coats]

I do not like this shade as much as I thought I would. It's entirely possible that this is due to the fact that PK101 looks so much better on me. Perhaps I would like this more in a series of brights on my fingernails. I shall test this theory out. As for whether one should purchase this, why not? It's an extremely inexpensive option for anyone who is looking for this shade. I'd say go for it! Do it! Do it!

In some strange way, these two complement each other, no? Perhaps using PK101 on a French tip over PK102 might work in a nicer way?

All these polishes were purchased at The Face Shop in Paradigm Mall in April 2013.