This is a place I've been to on a number of occasions for really good Nonya food that tastes as home cooked as it comes in KL. If it weren't for Groupon I wouldn't have discovered it a couple of years ago, and I've yet to have a bad experience where the food is concerned. The only problem I have had is that everytime I go there, they don't seem to have sambal pork. This is beyond disappointing as sambal and pork are my two favourite things! Put them together and there's magic happening!

This cafe is tucked away in a relatively discreet location (even though it is very clearly visible from the highway, with it's lovely red shade), along the same row as True Fitness in Desa Sri Hartamas. You have undoubtedly seen it while driving past, but never really gave it a second glance because it really is impossible to guess that the treasures to be found within are well worth the adventure of locating parking in the area.

I should have, but didn't, take pictures of the interior and exterior (noted for future purposes), but the interior is very charmingly done up. It has a very quaint feel to it as it has outdoor furniture and faux grass to make it feel like you're dining on a lawn. The environment really is very inviting and relaxing.

I went with one other person, so we didn't order too extensive a variety...just 3 dishes and a slice of cake for dessert. The dishes here definitely run smaller than the average restaurant, but that's because they don't skimp on quality ingredients through the aid of MSG or other preservatives. Most of their sauces are made in house to ensure freshness and quality, and this is the reason why I never get sambal pork!

Without further ado:

[Ten28ight - Buttermilk Pork]

This has to be my favourite dish of the night. It's usually made with fish or chicken in most places in KL, but this is exceptionally good even with a comparison of just the sauces. It's more or less a blend of buttermilk, chilli, curry leaves and a few other spices and it is a must have if you are paying this place a visit. So, so awesome! 

[Ten28ight - Stir Fried Kailan with Garlic]

The vegetables were extremely fresh, and the gravy perfectly seasoned with that wonderful toasted garlic flavour that makes the world a better place. This isn't an exceptional dish, but it's as well executed as vegetables get.

[Ten28ight - Soya Sauce Pork]

This was supposed to be "taw yew bak" (Which is one of their specialities, and I've had it before and wanted more!), but they were out of something or other for it, so they made a pork trotter dish with lean pork meat instead for us. It's definitely satisfying comfort food, but pales in comparison to the buttermilk pork. Still, definitely worth an order if the taw yew bak isn't available. The meat was tender and fell clean off the bone. It had soaked up enough flavour to coat the cuts in the lovely dark sauce while still leaving the flesh clean and fresh tasting. Lovely!

And then of course, my favourite Vanilla Mille Crepe in KL:

[Ten28ight - Vanilla Mille Crepe]

Better than Food Foundry? Infinitely! Why? Not just because the layer of icing sugar over the top is omitted, but because the cream tastes less manufactured and much more...creamy...for lack of a better word. So delicious! It's not as dense as most badly manufactured mille crepes (Ochado comes to mind), with its light and airy texture that makes polishing it off a breeze. 

Now, all these years I thought that the orange thing on top was merely an inedible garnish. Apparently I have been sorely mistaken! It's a boysenberry, i.e. edible! How do I know this? The owner was around today and  expressed her horror that most people think it isn't edible and leave it out, a fact of which am guilty. So, I ate it and it was interesting. I've never tried a boysenberry prior to this. It has a slightly bitter, tangy taste to it that is definitely an interesting contrast to cut through the cake. It's worth trying if for no other reason than to experiment. She was also nice enough to bring us an extra berry for my dining companion:

[Ten28ight - Boysenberry enveloped in its leaves]

[Ten28ight - Boysenberry unveiled!]

Did you notice her nails? I did! Love the colour!


So, it was a lovely evening. The food was so worth the issue with parking and there is no doubt that I'll do more reviews on the place. I've always loved the food, and the quality hasn't slipped over the years. Happiness. Our meal including 2 plates of rice and 2 glasses of water cost us just over RM50. At present, they still accept the RedCard which provides customers with 30% on kitchen items (i.e. excluding desserts, drinks, etc.). The damage at the end of it all was just over RM40. I'd say it's definitely worth it! 

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe
10, Ground Floor Crystal Villa 2, Desa Sri Hartamas 22B/70A
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat - 12nn-8pm
[Ten28ight is along the same row as True Fitness, Hartamas]