[Marinara/Hummus Pizza Toasts]

[Excuse the horrifying pictures. This was not a planned segment, but I got excited while making these and decided that maybe it would be a fun addition to the blog.]

As most awesome things are rooted in serendipity, so was this! This was purely a product of greed and leftovers, and it inspired greed and scarcely any leftovers. Win!

Backstory time: 
On the 16th of May (I only remember the date because it was my brother's birthday), I made pizza from scratch, and therefore made a marinara sauce to top it. Naturally, there was a bit of the sauce leftover, and this is a terribly unfocused shot thereof:

[Marinara Sauce]

Then, last night I felt like eating black bean hummus, so I made some (Also a terribly unfocused shot):

[Black Bean Hummus]

You may be wondering why black bean hummus in place of the regular stuff, and you would be wrong to wonder such a thing. This is so much more awesome than chickpea hummus! I saw it on the Food Network, "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" if I'm not wrong, where it was featured as part of a Gouda grilled cheese sandwich, and I trawled the internet for the recipe which was well worth it. I'll do a post on making the hummus another time, even though all you need to do is dump the ingredients into a food processor and blitz it into submission. But it's fun to take photos, so don't argue.

Anyway, yes. Black bean hummus is the way to go. It is the hummus of the future! It is the hummus to rule them all!

The other reason this came into fruition is because 6 store-bought English muffins were lying there, ready to expire tomorrow. Therefore, it had to be done you see. 

So I sliced the muffins in half (There were 3 regular muffins and 3 wholemeal muffins; the wholemeal muffins were purely the result of a misunderstanding) and lathered the marinara sauce and hummus over them in no particular order (Separate muffins, mind you! I cannot vouch for how this would taste should the sauces be added together):

[English Muffins with Marinara Sauce/Black Bean Hummus]

Then, you just follow your natural instincts: Smother them in cheese:

[Mixture of Mozzarella and Emmenthal Cheeses]

[Pizza Toasts Ready for the Oven]

The oven was preheated to 180C and they were baked for 15 minutes on the top shelf to get these:

[Pizza Toasts Straight from the Oven]

Pictures don't do these justice. Trust me! They're well worth the effort, or lack thereof, required to make them. Plus, they're actually reasonably healthy. They would average about 250kcal per slice I would think. Based on the calculations of half an English muffin (66kcal), a palm full of cheese (roughly 120kcal - probably less), 1 tbs of homemade sauce (roughly 50-80kcal, depending on the sauce) it equates to around 250kcal. Not bad at all for something this yum. 

Make it at home, even if you're going to use the store bought stuff! Also, I have made regular chickpea hummus pizza before and it turned out pretty well, so there is no reason you can't replace the black bean hummus with it if you aren't feeling adventurous. 

In summary:-

English Muffin (White/Wholemeal)
Black Bean Hummus/Chickpea Hummus
Marinara Sauce
Cheese (Of your preference)

Bake at 180C for 15 minutes on top shelf